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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Judgement Tournament Pack Published

Judgement Tournament Pack Published

Judgement is a game designed with tournament play at the forefront of our minds. A preference for symmetrical maps, three pick & ban options and a clean, clearly defined, rules system all lend itself to competitive play. It has been 6 months since the game's retail launch and our wave 2 Kickstarter is drawing to a close so the team put their heads together to publish a formal Judgement tournament pack.

The team behind Judgement have a rich history of running tournaments, rankings systems, Masters events and tournament series over the last 20 years. We put our heads together and designed a tournament pack that is fair, easy to follow and with flexibility allowing tournament organisers to come up with a format that suits both them and their players.

Like all our published rules and documents, we will revisit the tournament pack over time as we gain more experience running Judgement tournaments ourselves, as well as receive feedback from organiser and players around the world.

The Judgement Tournament Pack Volume 1 is available for download from the print and play section of our web site.

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