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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Judgement Patch Notes #1

Judgement Patch Notes #1

Herein lies the very first clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of January 2018.


Base Contact

A simple clarification around the proper use of tokens that a model is placed in base contact with, such as Shadow Orbs.

A model that is placed in base contact with a token must be placed so that the edge of the model's base is touching the edge of the token. The model's base is not allowed to be covering any part of the token.

Engaged & Engaging

The rules for being engaged or engaging were incorrectly omitted from the Core Rule Book.


A model is considered engaged when it is within the melee range and line of sight of an enemy model.


A model is considered to be engaging an enemy model when they have that enemy model within their melee range and line of sight.

Magic Attacks in Melee

Page 15 - Core Rule Book

There is no actual change to the rules for magic attacks in melee, however we felt it required further clarification. An easy way to remember this rule is that magic attacks in melee follow all the normal rules for standard melee attacks, except the hero cannot charge with the attack.

Some models possess magic attacks that are also melee attacks. Despite being a magic attack they can be used while engaged, however they cannot be used to charge. For all other cases they follow the rules for melee attacks. A model must use it's MAG stat for this kind of attack.

Pushing Models and Walls

Questions have arisen about what happens when a model is pushed into a wall.

Models cannot be pushed over walls. If they come into contact with a wall during a push, they immediately stop.

Ranged Attacks

Page 17 - Core Rule Book

Clarifications around a model making a RNG attack and receiving the aiming bonus.

A model that is placed during its activation, by any means, is not able to claim the aiming bonus in subsequent attacks.

Re-Rolling Dice

We have had a few queries around whether you can re-roll a single dice using Saiyin's Augury, and then re-roll the entire dice pool using a Fate. The answer is no.

A dice that has been re-rolled, by any means, cannot be re-rolled again, by any means.

Soul Spawning

There has been some confusion with the Core Rule Book's assumption there was more than one Soul pit on a map. 

On maps that have a single Soul pit, a Soul will spawn from that pit each turn, assuming there are not 2 or more un-bound Souls on the battle field already.

Thorgar's Enraged Slam

There have been a few questions around Thorgar's Enraged Slam ability, and the way it interacts with other rules, and heroes, in the game. Enraged Slam does operate outside the bounds of "normal" Judgement play, however we have always felt it was worth some pain to be able to have something as cool as 9' Minotaur gladiator rampaging across the battle field. This section is merely to clarify two things in particular.

Thorgar's Enraged Slam is not an advance. Therefore, parting blows are not triggered whenever Thorgar sets off on an Enraged Slam movement. Similarly, since it is not an advance, Thorgar can escape Doenrakkar's Stone Grasp ability. Any time an advance is specifically mentioned, it generally would not apply to Thorgar's Enraged Slam movement.



This clarifies the invisibility rule to make it more intuitive, preventing active abilities from targeting the model as well.

This model cannot be targeted by active abilities or RNG/MAG basic attacks from greater than 3" away. 


Bastian Oriel

Bastian has established himself as the pre-eminent Supporter in the game, and is a staple in many player's warbands. The combination of Heroic Ballad, Calming Waters and Prayer of Health make him the most Fate efficient hero in the game. We are very happy with Bastian's ability to support his allies. That was the design intention with him and he fulfils the role perfectly. Our main gripe with him was his combat prowess, particularly when you consider his 3" reach, was not be-fitting a supporting Lore Keeper. We also felt the Prayer of Health was simply too efficient in its original guise.

  • MEL dropped from 6 to 5
  • Prayer of Health changed from (1F) to (1A+1F)
  • Staff damage reduced to 1/2/3


We felt a slight adjustment to Brok was required to bring him back to the field once he reached level 3. 


  • Molten Metal cost changed from (1F) to (1A+1F)


We felt Kvarto's Telekinesis had too great a sphere of influence, particularly on 3v3 maps. We reduced its range and the distance it could place the enemy model. The 4" range also brings it in line with most other abilities of a similar nature.

  • Telekinesis range reduced from 6" to 4"
  • Telekinesis place changed from within 4" to completely within 5"


Piper sits in a pretty good place, and he plays true to our original design goals. The intention of Enhance Self was to provide a combat buff for Piper, however often it is being used to turn Piper into a Soulgazer that is extremely difficult to hit in the following turn.  Removing the Soul harvest buff returns the ability back to its intended use.

Once Piper reached level 2, we felt that Viper Venom was too easy to trigger. Changing it to (2S) also brought it in line with abilities used by other heroes. The wording of Duplicate Self was causing some confusion around whether the enemy's attack actually occurred. Therefore we clarified it to only ignore basic attacks and that it ignores the damage and combat manoeuvres resulting from the attack.


  • Enhance Self no longer increases Piper's Soul Harvest ability
  • Viper Venom changes from (1S) to (2S)
  • Duplicate Self now only ignores the 1st enemy basic attack that targets Piper. It has no effect on active abilities that target him. The attack action still occurs, and the attacker can execute combat manoeuvres that affect itself. 


Just another cleanup exercise with Augury. We incorrectly omitted an end of activation expiry for Augury in the original card, so that has been included. It was also unclear whether Saiyin could use Augury the activation she cast it on herself, so that was included as well.

  • Augury clarified so it has an automatic expiry, and so Saiyin can use Augury the activation she casts it on herself.

Skoll Bonestorm

Skoll has been the centre of many a discussion around his power level in the game. Some players swear by him, whereas others struggle to find a place for him. Our main concern with Skoll centred around the fact he was good at too many things. He could pretty much compete in all facets of the game, and this is not a healthy place for any hero to be in. We also felt his damage was a tad too high for a Defender, particular when you consider he has the highest health value in the game at all levels.

With these changes, Skoll now sits as a solid health-tank hero that brings a lot of utility to the table, including substantial damage against low DEF or knocked down targets.

  • Great Axe "Crit" damage dropped from 5 to 4
  • Soul harvest dropped from 5 to 3
  • Combo Strike "Crit" damage dropped from 7 to 6
  • Knock Out changed from (1S) to (2S)
  • Soul Burn cost changed from (1F) to (1A+1F)
  • Dual Wield text removed since it is now included in the core rules - and note that the 2nd attack now incurs a -1 attack dice pool penalty


Monsters Attacking Heroes

Page 21- Core Rule Book

The Core Rule Book presents different rules for resolving when monsters have more than one hero in their melee range, depending on whether the monster moved or was pushed. We want to standardise the way this is handled moving forward, so we have changed the rule for when a monster is pushed.

Replace the paragraph on page 22 regarding when a monster is pushed with:

If the monster is pushed, placed or thrown (assuming it has a special rule preventing it from being knocked down because of being thrown) so that it is engaging a hero that was unengaged by the monster. If multiple heroes are engaged by the monster when it is about to attack, the closest will be attacked. If they are equidistant, then randomise.


Ashtooth is the most difficult monster to kill, and hits like a truck. We feel a single Fate and level is not a good enough reward for bringing the big man down.

  • Bounty is increased from 1 Fate to 2 Fate
  • Poison combat manoeuvre changed from (1S) to (2S)


We feel Inferno's Bounty should be somewhere in between Gloom's 1 Fate and Ashtooth's 2 Fate...

  • Bounty dropped from 2 Fate to 1 Fate
  • Incendiary combat manoeuvre changed from (1S) to (2S)
  • Removed Fire Fist (+1 damage vs models suffering the fire condition)
  • Gains Glyph of Ember:
    • the hero that collects the Fate Bounty can add +1 to one of their statistics (i.e. MOV, MEL, RNG, MAG, AGI, RES or Soul Harvest) until the end of its next activation.

Dual Wield (weapon)

Page 30 - Core Rule Book

Heroes wielding two weapons are cool, and there are many iconic heroes throughout the fantasy genre that are legendary for it. Besides Skoll, we plan on having more heroes with the ability. In preparation we decided to add an entry for it in the Core Rule Book. Note that we have added in a rule that the 2nd attack now incurs a -1 attack dice pool penalty, just to smooth the power curve a bit.

Each time a model with dual wield resolves an attack action with “weapon”, it can immediately make a 2nd attack using the same weapon, against the same target, or another target enemy model. The 2nd attack incurs a -1 attack dice penalty.

Only the 1st attack of a charge receives the +2 attack dice pool bonus. Dual wield can only be triggered during a model’s activation, and cannot trigger another dual wield attack.


Page 23 - Core Rule Book

We have discovered a few inconsistencies with the way non-hero models are treated in the rules, such as models that are summoned. I.e. Zaron's Child models. We are making a slight change to the contesting and claiming of Shrines, to clean this area up.

Replace the 1st point of the "Controlling the Shrine" section on page 23 of the Core Rule Book with:

  • 1 or more of their hero models are within 2” of it.

Summoned Models

There are plans for more heroes that summon models in the future, this clarifies one of the finer points on how they operate.

When a summoned model kills an enemy hero, by any means, the hero that summoned the model harvests the enemy hero's Soul.

Below we provide complete clarifications on several points for the only summoned model currently in the game, "Zaron's Child".

Summoned models are not hero models. They are friendly models to the hero who summoned them, and their warband, but not heroes in their own right. Therefore anything in the rules that references a hero model, does not apply to summoned models. 

Summoned models:

  • do not contest, nor can they claim, Shrines.
  • do not help or hinder Soul Harvest skill checks.
  • do provide ganging up bonuses.
  • do provide distracted bonuses.
  • do provide a firing into melee penalty.
  • do perform parting blows.

The End

Download the latest Wave 1 Hero PDF here

Download the latest Wave 1 Monster PDF here

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A Race Against Time

A Race Against Time

The universe in which Judgement exists, its history, details and story, are just as important to its creators as the game itself. A game's narrative provides depth to the heroes, and gives an opportunity for players to become more familiar with their favourite characters in the game. What is a hero's motivation? What is their life like outside the battle grounds of the shadow plane? And what does the future hold for them and their home world?

These are all questions that can be answered within a game's narrative. We have done an enormous amount of work creating a rich tapestry of background material, and continue to work on it on a daily basis. It is from this tapestry that new heroes will be created, new storylines established and eventually, new editions of the game developed. For me, a game without a strong narrative lacks something, and from the outset, I always wanted Judgement to provide something interesting and meaningful to those players that appreciate such things.

So today I present a new fiction piece that provides greater insight in two heroes. Kvarto the human pariah, whose unusual appearance has raised many questions from players whenever we meet them, and Bastian, the mysterious lore keeper whose purpose hints towards something greater than a being a pawn in the games of the gods.

- Andrew "Guns" Galea

The cold wind howls through the cavernous streets and the rain pelts down, almost horizontal. Flashes of lightning provide brief glimpses of the day’s refuse tumbling across the cobblestones. Rubbish piles up against an old wooden table-top, propped up against a building’s outer walls in a narrow alley way, a makeshift shelter from the harsh elements. It is what lies behind the wooden barrier that most interests Bastian Oriel today.

Bastian focuses his inner sight to beyond the barrier, where he sees a hulking form rolling on its side in a vain attempt to get comfortable. The creature’s thoughts feed through to him. Still a few hours until sunrise, and a chance for some rest before another day dawns and the hope of a summons begins anew. Bastian becomes pensive. The creature prefers the plane of shadow over Athien these days, and few could blame him.

The metal helmet encasing the creature’s head is no longer a hindrance. Its skull, neck and shoulders have moulded to the metal tomb over the years since it was so brutally forced upon him. Once again it stirs, a low guttural growl emanating from deep within. It is becoming agitated. “BASTIAN! LEAVE ME!”, it bellows, its intentions clearly threatening. The sound of fist against metal can be heard, as the creature desperately tries to stop the lore keeper from probing its mind.

Bastian pulled himself away from the crystal ball set on the desk before him. Within the globe, a cloud of smoke quickly obscured the vision of the alleyway, before dissipating completely. He absentmindedly ran his index finger along the green gemstone where his left eye had once been, as he was prone to do when he felt the emotion that humans refer to as irritation. He had been scrying the creature called Kvarto for some time, however of late the beast had learned to sense the lore keeper's probings and was getting better at hindering his work. Bastian sighed. So many things to keep abreast of, and these days the landscape was changing almost constantly. Even a genius like him was being stretched.

The tear in the fabric of time was perhaps the most pressing matter Bastian had to attend to, however this Kvarto creature intrigued him; he knew that an important piece of the puzzle lay within the wretched brute. For while many of the summoned could alter the projection of themselves ever so slightly when taking physical form in Between, Kvarto was able to manifest himself along with his twin brother; a brother who had died shortly after childbirth. More impressive yet, not only would Kvarto’s brother appear as some kind of mutant appendage, he was also able to make decisions, speak independently, and even cast magic. Kvarto himself was a formidable opponent on Athien, a warrior of some renown. However, combined with his lost sibling's mind powers, he truly was a force to be reckoned with on the shadow plane. What most troubled Bastian was that he had no idea how Kvarto did it. Mighty heroes travelling to Bastian’s home plane were causing damage enough. However, if they were to learn how to manifest more powerful versions of themselves, the damage could reach catastrophic proportions. So far, only the lore keeper knew of Kvarto’s secret. The rest of the summoned assumed he was the same mutant beast on Athien as they saw on Between. Until they discovered otherwise, Bastian had time to solve the puzzle and prevent others from unlocking a power similar to Kvarto’s.

Anger rose within Bastian. While he toiled relentlessly to stop the damage, the demigods continued to play their game, oblivious of the threat they posed to the entire universe. Fools, the lot of them. Blinded by their desire to become gods, and for what purpose? Pfft. Being a god was not all it was cut out to be… The last thought calmed the old man, and even brought a rare smile to his face.

Already, greater gods and beings from other planes had become aware of the threat posed by the demigods. It would only be a matter of time before they started to descend to Between themselves, to sort things out. Unless, that was, he could bring about the demigod’s demise first. For the time being, he was forced to play the part of a summoned hero, enabling him to garner as much information as he could. He would try to put a stop to it all before things really got out of hand.

The mystery of Kvarto would have to wait for another day. A more pressing matter was at hand. Two of the summoned did not return from their last battle; one that was waged over 3 months ago. It was the biggest tear in the fabric of time that he had witnessed and, until he found them, Bastian would not be able to rest. Sigh…working within the confines of a mortal body was becoming tiresome. Dispelling his last thought, Bastian rose from his chair and began the ritual that allowed him to traverse time. He knew the two missing champions were somewhere on the time continuum. He would find them eventually. Hopefully today’s search would prove fruitful.

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