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King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report

King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report


The King of the Grove series is in its second year and is starting to gain momentum with local (Australian) players. Today we ran heat 2 and 10 players converged on the Rebel Outpost hobby store on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The format was 3 rounds of 3v3 pick & ban on the Cobblestone map, and once the dust had settled, Steve "Fury" Drury emerged victorious with 3 flawless victories. New kid on the block, Harry James, took out 2nd and veteran Byron te Velde, who is competing in the Adepticon tournament in Chicago in 2 weeks, sailed into 3rd place.

Top 3

The top 3 from left to right. Harry James (2nd), Steve "Fury" Drury (1st), a Jaegar cosplay by Jeff Galea and Byron te Velde (3rd).

You can view the full results of the tournament here.

Rebel Outpost is a fantastic tournament venue with plenty of room and a great atmosphere for the players and we will definitely return in the future for more Judgement action.

Tourney pic 1

 Tourney pic 2

Hero & Warband Statistics

There were several interesting Warbands with a definite skew against Soulgazers in this tournament. In fact, there were only 6 Soulgazers, across the 50 heroes which made up the 10 Warbands. As to be expected, Aggressors were the dominant class with Defenders and Supporters/Hybrids also well represented.

Class breakdown


We had an impressive 22 of the 28 eligible heroes used in the tournament with the mighty Thorgar the most popular with 5 of the 10 players fielding him. Interestingly the class breakdown of the top 5 most used heroes were 2 Aggressors and 1 Supporter, Defender and Hybrid.

  1. Thorgar (5)
  2. Bastian (4)
  3. Thrommel (4)
  4. Rakkir (4)
  5. Kvarto (3)
  6. Brok (3)
  7. Nephenee (3)
  8. Kogan (2)
  9. Saiyin (2)
  10. Marcus (2)
  11. Skye (2)
  12. Zhonyja (2)
  13. Skoll (2)
  14. Kruul (2)
  15. Haksa
  16. Barnascus
  17. Loribela
  18. Svetlana
  19. Piper
  20. Istariel
  21. Zaron 
  22. Styx

The heroes that were not picked in any of the 10 Warbands were:

  1. Gendris
  2. Xyvera
  3. Viktor
  4. Doenrakkar
  5. Allandir
  6. Zaffen

Current Standings for the King of the Grove Invitational

Top 8 players in the King of the Grove leaderboard, at the end of the year, will be invited to compete in the invitational final. The current top 8 are:

10pts - Tobias "Desert Spiral" Ford (auto-qualified)
10pts - Steve "Fury" Drury
9pts - Byron te Velde
9pts - Harry James
9pts - "Loud" Chris Davis
8pts - Lloyd Mirto
7pts - Anthony "Tort" Tortorici
6pts - "King" Kyle Elbourne

The full leaderboard and rules for the series can be found here.

Our next event in the series is being held at The Hall of Heroes store in Campbelltown in Sydney's South West on the 27th April. Details for the event will be posted shortly.


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CanCon - King of the Grove Tournament Report

CanCon - King of the Grove Tournament Report

The Judgement crew ran a King of the Grove Series heat during the CanCon convention, and had a healthy 12 players fight it out over 3 rounds. Once the dust had settled, Tobias Ford emerged victorious winning all 3 games, and in the process securing his seat at the end of year KotG invitational. The format was 5v5 with Pick & Ban on maps 5, 2 & 3. 

Final Standings

  1. Tobias Ford
  2. Christopher Davies
  3. Lloyd Mirto
  4. Colin Hill
  5. Anthony Tortorici
  6. Peter Bates
  7. Byron te Velde
  8. Justin Shearer
  9. Evan Ferris
  10. Kyle Elbourne
  11. Clinton Kenn
  12. Shane Patmore

Hero and Class Spread

23 of the 28 heroes were represented with a good mix of classes and races.

Hero and class spread

Class spread



Big thanks to all the players for a great event and we look forward to running the rest of the King of the Grove heats. We will be making an announcement about the dates and locations of the heats in the coming weeks.

KotG Round 3

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King of the Grove Goes National

King of the Grove Goes National

Expansion and Auto-Qualifiers

The inaugural King of the Grove tournament series was setup to bring together the  Judgement early adopters in the Sydney area. Heats were held throughout the year, with players accumulating points and the top 8 meeting for the finals in November. Now that Judgement wave 2 has hit the scene, and the game is in a completed "version 1" state, we are looking to expand the series to allow more players, from various meta, to take part. We hope that in the future there will be KotG series held in various countries, however for now, due to Jeff and I living in Australia, we will have to concentrate on getting it established as a national event down under.

In 2019 we are expanding the King of the Grove tournament series to include heats in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We are also introducing auto-qualifier spots for the winners of certain heats to provide adequate qualifying opportunity for players outside of Sydney, where most heats will be run. 

The 2019 Series

Initial details for the 2019 KotG Series have been posted and will be fleshed out as we progress through the year. For now, we are pleased to announce that CanCon is the 1st KotG heat for the year and is also an auto-qualifier providing a seat at the final for the winner. This year we will be shifting our focus to run as many heats as we can in retail stores. This will allow us to give something back to the stores that support us by stocking Judgement, as well as showcasing the game to potential new players who are in the stores when we run heats. Supporting retailers is something we are passionate about and it the best way for us to grow this great game.

Despite the competitive nature of the KotG series, as we did in 2018, all heats will be run in a friendly manner and be encouraging to new players that want to tip their toes in the Judgement waters. Jeff and I are really looking forward to the 2nd KotG series and cannot wait to observe the evolving meta as we build up to the full 30 hero draft finals! 

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King of the Grove Series Final Report

King of the Grove Series Final Report


The inaugural King of the Grove tournament series has drawn to a close with the final, featuring the top 8 players from the 5 heats across the year, run yesterday. The players battled it out over 3 rounds of 5v5 utilising the full 28 hero draft mode for Warband selection. Once the dust had settled Colin Hill remained undefeated displaying mastery of both the draft phase and in-game play to sweep all before him. The final was a very close affair between Colin and Steve Fury, with Steve fighting back from the brink to almost snatch a memorable victory before Colin managed to close it out and take the 1st year's title.

The final standings look as follows.

Rank Player Wins Souls Levels
1 Colin "Bobliness" Hill 3 15 17
2 Steve "Fury" Drury 2 13 18
3 "King" Kyle Elbourne 2 12 18
4 Andrew "Guns" Galea 2 10 12
5 Ben "Chunky" Hayes 1 9 13
6 Anthony "Tort" Tortoricic 1 9 11
7 Byron te Velde 1 8 12
8 Maggie Bailie 0 3 13


Full results for the day, including the round matchups, can be found on the Tabletop Tournaments web site. Games played on the top table were also streamed live all day on our Twitch channel, and they will be re-broadcast on our YouTube channel in the coming days.

As mentioned early, all 12 games were played using the draft mode for Warband selection, which across 28 heroes is a game within itself. The feedback about draf mode, from the competitors, was overwhelmingly positive and it stands as a unique feature of our game that presents the challenge of "live" list building and completely removes discussions around Warband imbalances and "cheese", since everyone is given the opportunity to outwit their opponent via the draft before the game begins.

28 heroes

This pic displays the 28 heroes lined up for a draft before the 1st round. They are not all painted yet, and there is one proxy as we wait for Kogan however the site of 28 Judgement heroes lined up is a sight to behold!

Here are some more pics of the day.

Colin vs Steve

Colin and Steve Fury face off before the final!

Below is a pic of some of the earlier rounds.

Early rounds

Draft Mode Statistics

We will be publishing more in-depth analysis of the draft statistics however here is a teaser of the most prominent things to come out of the 12 games using the 28 hero draft mode yesterday.

Top 5 Most Picked

 Rank Hero Pick %
1 Thorgar 83.33%
2 Istariel 75.00%
3 Skoll Bonestorm 66.67%
4 Brok 58.33%
4 Barnascus 58.33%
4 Haksa 58.33%

Top 5 Most Banned

 Rank Hero Ban %
1 Bastian 83.33%
2 Rakkir 75.00%
3 Doenrakkar 66.67%
3 Saiyin 66.67%
3 Kogan 66.67%
3 Kvarto 66.67%
3 Xyvera 66.67%

Top 5 Win Rates

Heroes that played in 5 games or more only

 Rank Hero Win Rate %
1 Zaron Bogdan 80.00%
1 Kruul 80.00%
3 Brok 71.43%
4 Skoll Bonestorm 62.50%
5 Sir Marcus 60.00%
5 Thorgar 60.00%

Top 5 Most Overlooked

Heroes that were neither picked or banned across the 12 games. There were 4 heroes each game like this.

 Rank Hero Overlooked
1 Svetlana Oaklost 8 times
1 Piper 7 times
3 Loribela 4 times
3 Skye 4 times
3 Gendris 4 times
3 Zaffen Ironhelm 4 times
3 Viktor Clerval 4 times

High Priority Picks & Bans

These were the heroes that were either picked or banned in the 1st phase of the draft. So either banned 1st, or picked 1st by either player.

 Rank Hero # of Times
1 Sir Marcus 7
2 Doenrakkar 5
3 Brok 4
4 Barnascus 3
4 Zaron Bogdan 3
4 Styx 3
4 Thrommel 3
4 Kogan 3
4 Skye 3
4 Viktor Clerval 3

Judgement Hero Overall Ratings

For a bit of fun, we put together a formula that provided a rating for each hero based on how much they were picked, their win rate and a weighting based on whether they were picked or banned in the 1st round of drafting. I.e. high priority picks and bans. 

 Rank Hero Rating
1 Sir Marcus 22
2 Brok 21
3 Thorgar 19
3 Barnascus 19
3 Zaron Bogdan 19
3 Doenrakkar 19


Looking forward to 2019!

We have big plans for the series including branching out to other Australian states in 2019. The Judgement CanCon tournament is the 1st heat of the 2019 series with full points up for grabs for competitors. Watch out for more news around the heats for next year and we encourage all Judgement players to get involved.

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KotG Final - 1st Rd Draw & Rules Update

KotG Final - 1st Rd Draw & Rules Update

The inaugural King of the Grove tournament series final is being held on Saturday the 17th of November at the Judgement studios (i.e. game creator Andrew Galea's house!). The 8 qualified players will play 3 rounds of 5v5 using a 28 hero draft to determine the winner with games streamed via Twitch all day.

The 1st round draw is as follows:

  • Steve Fury vs Maggie
  • Andrew "Guns" Galea vs Ben "Chunky" Hayes
  • Anthony "Tort" Tortorici vs King Kyle Elbourne
  • Byron "Salty" te Velde vs Colin "Bobliness" Hill

Rounds 2 and 3 will be determined using the Swiss chess system.

Rules Changes for the Final

We have decided to bring forward 2 rules changes that will feature in the January 1 errata for the KotG final. Note that these are not official until January 1 2019 however players are free use them in their games if both players agree.

The Suicide Rule

In high level play, there are been a propensity for player to kill their own heroes voluntarily to deny their opponent an impending Soul. This was normally achieved by ending an activation within melee range of a monster or even moving through treacherous terrain. This caused a negative experience in the game as well as contributing to game length, two things we, as game designers, are keen to curb. With that in mind the following rule will be in play for the KotG final, with a view to making it official in the January 1st errata.

"When a hero dies, during its owner’s turn, by damage suffered from a monster or treacherous ground, the closest eligible enemy hero will harvest the dead hero's Soul."

Death Clock Amendment

Standard death clock rules dictate that when a player runs out of time they automatically lose the game. This works fine until such time when both players are running very low on time which introduces a scenario where each player feverishly works through their activation hitting the clock over to their opponent. It is messy, stressful and not fun for anyone involved, 3 terms you don't want to associate with a game. :)

After a lot of discussion with our players and deliberation on several options the following Death Clock rule will be incorporated into competitive play.

When a player runs out of time on their death clock:

  • play is suspended immediately and the player then has 1 minute to complete their current activation (use a phone or similar to set the 1 minute timer)
  • at the end of the current activation, the player's opponent gains a Soul bound to their Effigy
  • from this point forward the player whose time has run out will continue to get 1 minute to complete each activation, and their opponent will get a Soul bound to their Effigy at the end of each activation

We are confident this is the fairest way to end a game when 1, or both, players have run out of time and should alleviate the issues with the current system.

Bring It On!

Jeff and I are really looking forward to celebrating what has been a fantastic year for the game with some of our early adopters. We are keen to grow the King of the Grove series in future years both nationally and internationally and more importantly crown the inaugural champion. 


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King of the Grove Final

King of the Grove Final


The King of the Grove is a tournament series based in Sydney Australia for our local early adopters. Players were awarded points for their placing across 5 heats throughout the year. The final, being held on Saturday the 17th of November, is an opportunity for the top 8 players to fight it out for the title of King of the Grove 2018 champion. 

From humble beginnings, we are hoping to build up the tournament series to include heats from other states in Australia and one day internationally. For now we will celebrate what has been an awesome year for the game of Judgement as it finds a foothold in an ever increasing competitive market full of fantastic games.

The Players

Here are the top 8 players at the end of the 5th heat. The number in parenthesis denotes the number of heats the player has competed in.

  1. 34pts (5) - Andrew "Guns" Galea
  2. 30pts (4) - "King" Kyle Elbourne
  3. 28pts (5) - Anthony "Tort" Tortorici
  4. 28pts (3) - Colin "Bobliness" Hill
  5. 17pts (3) - Steve "Fury" Drury
  6. 14pts (2) - Byron te Velde
  7. 11pts (2) - Maggie
  8. 11pts (3) - Evan "Doombull" Ferris
  9. Ben "Chunky" Hayes

Unfortunately Evan "Doombull" Ferris is unable to make the final so an invitation has been extended to, and accepted by, Ben "Chunky" Hayes. 

The Format

All games in the KotG final will be draft mode, using all 28 heroes in the game. Draft mode is a true test of a player's skill containing a game within the game as each player battles it out with their opponent to actually put their Warbands together. The draft mode format also results in many different combinations of heroes with greater diversity, and of course it inherently means there are not mirror matchups since a hero cannot appear in both player's line ups. The official draft mode was published recently, the format for 28 players is below.

Initial Roll

Players roll a D6 to kick off the game. The winner of the initial roll off chooses whether:

  • to have 1st or 2nd turn, and the table side they want to play from


  • being player 1 or player 2 in the draft

The loser gets to choose whatever their opponent (the winner) does not select.

The Draft

Do see the new draft rules in action, check out episode 40 of The Judgement Show.

Player 1 Ban
Player 2 Ban 

Player 1 Pick
Player 2 Pick

Player 1 Ban
Player 2 Ban
Player 1 Ban
Player 2 Ban
Player 2 Pick
Player 1 Pick
Player 2 Ban
Player 1 Ban
Player 1 Pick
Player 2 Pick
Player 2 Ban
Player 1 Ban
Player 1 Ban
Player 2 Ban
Player 2 Pick
Player 1 Pick

Player 1 Ban
Player 2 Ban

Player 1 Pick
Player 2 Pick

Leaves 4 heroes in the pool after both Warbands have been selected

3 Rounds to Determine the Champion

An 8 player final means we will have 3 rounds to determine the winner. The 1st round draw will be random and will be determined live on stream the week leading up to the tournament.

Live Streamed

A feature match, from each round, including the final, will be streamed live throughout the day, including expert analysis from Murray Lloyd and Jeff Galea. Tournament kicks off at 10am Sydney time on Saturday the 17th November. 

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