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Name Change for our Favourite Goblin Hunter

Name Change for our Favourite Goblin Hunter

After much consideration, we have decided to rename Itchynads to a something more suited to the general tone of our game and its universe. The name Itchynads was one of historical significance for the design team and an attempt to display the lighter side of what we do. However the nature of in-jokes are that people on the outside miss the context and in that regard it simply looked like a name that just did not fit alongside the 33 other heroes and monsters we have released.

We are proud to announce that from this point forward, our favourite Goblin Hunter will be known as Jaegar, a play on the scandinavian word for hunter. Jeff and I always listen to feedback and have the best interests of Judgement at heart. Every single decision we make, on a daily basis, is made with the intent to enrich the experience of our players, and to help our game grow. The name change to Jaegar is just one of those decisions.

We appreciate everyone's feedback, both positive and negative, about our initial name and look forward to adding more goblins to our mighty hero lineup in the years to come.


Jeff & Andrew

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter

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Judgement 2019 Release Schedule

Judgement 2019 Release Schedule

For many people, Judgement is a new game that has just hit the scene, however it has been nearly 4 years since the initial concepts of the game were discussed among the game's designers back in 2015. In 2017, we launched the game via our initial Kickstarter, which unlocked 15 heroes and 1 monster. We followed that up with our wave 2 Kickstarter in 2018, expanding the hero pool to 28 and introducing 3 more monsters. Along with our new 2 player starter box and a bunch of accessories, the 1st edition of Judgement is considered to be done. We are in full retail mode and are now focused on growing our player pool around the world.

With that in mind, we have decided to publish our release schedule for the coming year. Before we even start we have to state a sizeable caveat around this. As much as the game is growing and we are blessed with a solid core of players from around the world, Judgement is still a very small player in the table-top industry. We are not flushed with cash, by any means, and will rely on future sales to fund these releases, particularly since we are not planning any Kickstarter campaigns for the foreseeable future. 

The Judgement 2019 Roadmap

January - March Quarter

Shipping the Wave 2 Kickstarter

Despite our best intentions, the shipping of our wave 2 Kickstarter will continue into early next year, particularly for our EU backers. We plan on having this completed within the month of January.

New MuseOnMinis Plastic Tokens

Following up on the release of plastic measuring widgets by MuseOnMinis, we look forward to the release of a new plastic token set by Muse. There will be 3 separate products released to cover all the elements of the game, Core, Wave 1 and Wave 2. The tokens will be launched at Adepticon in late March before being available online via the Judgement and MuseOnMinis websites.


  • CanCon (Australia) - January 26th - 28th
  • Adepticon (USA) - March 27th - 31st

April - June Quarter

New Hero - Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, we are charging headlong into introducing a new race (Goblin) and hero type (mounted) with our very first release in the post Kickstarter era. Itchynads brings a bunch of unique elements to the battle field and has proven to be a favourite among the play testers.

Here is his current card.

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

And here is Itchy's illustration which forms the basis for his sculpt.

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Shane L Cook has done a wonderful job with Itchynads, capturing his essence superbly. We have commissioned James W Cain to do the sculpt and are eagerly anticipating having something to publish before Christmas. In the video below, Judgement game creator, Andrew Galea, walks through Itchy's rules in detail.

New 5v5 Neoprene Mat

We currently have two neoprene mats for 3v3 games, the Cobblestone theme and Swamp theme, as well as a 5v5 Cobblestone theme mat. With multiple scenarios and terrain pre-marked on the mats, they have proven invaluable to playing Judgement. We have been planning a new 5v5 neoprene mat for some time, particularly since our current one does not have the terrain pre-marked. The new mat will not be a replacement for the current one however, it will be a brand new themed map with 6 new scenarios on it. We are looking to get the illustration done for the new mat early next year so we will publish that at the time.

The new 5v5 map will include rules for Shrines dedicated to the gods Eldir (earth) and Forin (fire), as well as rules for a new monster.

July - September Quarter

New Hero - Lord Fazeal, Undead Death Knight

Continuing our plans to push the game into different directions, the 2nd hero for 2019 will be introducing yet another new race, this time the much anticipated undead. Lord Fazeal is a death knight of renown and one of the 1st undead to walk upon Athien. Oh and yes, like Itchy, Lord Fazeal is also mounted. :)

We have commissioned Shane L Cook to do the illustration for Lord Fazeal, and we anticipate that will be done during January.

Effigy, Shrine and Soul Packs

We have seen some fantastic work, within the community, in terms of custom built Shrines and Effigies. We have built some ourselves for our streamed games. However we have had many requests to produce an official set of Effigies and Shrines, and this is something we have always wanted to do. So 3rd quarter in 2019 we intend to do just that. At this stage there will be three products:

  1. a generic Effigies and Shrines pack that contains 2 of each.
  2. an elemental Shrine pack which will include the 4 character Shrines that appear on some maps. Rules for Arden (air) and Wellin (water) are already released.The rules for Shrines dedicated to Forin (fire) and Eldir (earth) will be released with the new 5v5 neoprene mat in the 2nd quarter 2019.
  3. a Soul pack that contains 10 Soul models.


  • GenCon (USA) - 1st -4th August

October - December Quarter

New Hero - TBA

We have 2 possible heroes to fill this slot, so we are reserving our decision until sometime next year. Details of the hero will be released at that time.

New Monster - TBA

A new monster will be introduced with the 5v5 Neoprene mat. We will release the model before the end of the year.


  • PAX (Australia) - October

Our Best Efforts

The best laid plans can come unstuck however you have our word we will do our best to stick to the release schedule laid out here. If any changes to the release schedule have to be made, we will publish the updated schedule at that time. Jeff and I are looking forward to 2019, with much excitement, and to where the game will be come this time next year. If we can release all the products in this roadmap it promises to be an amazing year for all Judgement players around the world!


Jeff and Andrew

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Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

The MOBA fans among you will know that one of the best things about the genre is the sheer variety of heroes. With the completion of the wave 2 Kickstarter, the Judgement hero pool currently sits at 28. This provides a decent amount of variety for our players and has begun to introduce serious list building for competitive events, however we have said for some time we intend on releasing 3-4 new heroes a year and we simply cannot wait to get started.

Jeff and I agonised over which hero we would release 1st and in the end we decided to throw caution to the wind and go with one that introduced both a new race and a new hero type. Itchynads, the Goblin Hunter, is a mounted model that brings yet another completely new dimension to the game. You will see that we have kept the mounted rules simple while still managing to capture the flavour of how a mounted model would function within the Judgement ruleset.

Let's take a look at Itchy's card and talk through the main points.

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Mounted Rules

Let's kick things off by taking a look at the new rules for mounted models, which are a combination of the overt Momentous Charge and subtle changes to the hero's vital statistics.

Momentous Charge

When a mounted model charges an enemy model, they receive these bonuses for their current charge attack:

  • Add an extra dice to their attack pool, after all other modifiers
  • +1 damage

The two bonuses represent the extra impetus a mount would confer to the riding hero in an elegant fashion that does not slow down the combat process at all. Momentous Charge increases a model's chance of greater damage via an extra attack dice and then affords them an extra damage point on top of that, the latter representing damage the mount itself would do.

Vital Statistics

Fitting for a small, nimble race, Goblins have AGI 5 and SPD 5, however you will notice that, in Itchy's case, his mount provides a bonus SPD taking it to a remarkable 6. As an aside, Goblin heroes are normally on 40mm bases, however all mounts are on the standard 50mm bases which bumps up the base size for Itchy. Attack wise, Itchy has both melee and ranged weapons however his RNG 7 crossbow attack is his main. Finally Itchynad's health is slightly higher than standard Goblins, once again due to the fact he is a mounted model.

Level 1

Itchy's is the second Monster Slayer hero, after Brok. A powerful ability that provides solid insurance trying to get that 1st turn monster kill. Strip Soul means Itchy is the 1st hero in the game with the ability to strip a bound Soul via a Combat Manoeuvre, from 7" range no less. 

Retarius is another powerful ability and one of the best de-buffs in the game, something that can currently only be removed by Styx's Nullify ability. And finally we have Adapt, a Fate powered Active Ability that sends Itchy's damage consistency through the roof.

Level 2 & 3

Disruption places Itchy at the top of the de-buff hit list with an extremely powerful aura that stops enemy models shaking effects. Think of fireknocked down and poison and you get the gist of how strong this is.

Finally, at level 3, our favourite little guy learns the Marksman ability, allowing him to aim even if he performs an advance action during his activation. On top of that, he also gains the Amour Shredder ability of ignoring 1 RES.


It is extremely satisfying, for a design team, when a hero perfectly captures the original intentions, in both illustration and rules. We can categorically say that Itchy does that, and we are very happy to add heroes from the Goblin race to the Judgement universe. Itchy's card will be available for download from our print and play section shortly, as will his paper doll.

We can also announce that James W Cain has been commissioned to do the sculpt and the great news is that James will be starting in the next week or so. We will post pics of the sculpt as they come to hand.  We hope you are as excited about Itchynads as we are and look forward to hearing your feedback after you have the chance to try him out in a few games. :)


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