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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Hero Reveal: Bale & Sarna - The Mischievous Duo

Hero Reveal: Bale & Sarna - The Mischievous Duo
Throughout the ages, goblins had remained in the shadows, struggling for millennia to find meaning once Edarr had fallen. They continued to worship darkness in all its forms, living in their subterranean lairs, stealing snippets of knowledge from the surface races whenever they could. Occasionally, extraordinary goblins would make their way to the surface and mix with the other races, just like Bale and Sarna. Continue reading

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter Sculpt Revealed.

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter Sculpt Revealed.

“Wake up! Jaegar!”

The sound of skin slapping skin echoed through the chamber as the the younger goblin desperately tried to wake the master hunter from his sudden and inexplicable slumber. Jaegar had complained of not feeling well for the last few hours of the hunt, however it was still a surprise to his offsider when Jaegar fell off his mount in a trance from which, so far, she had been unable to wake him. Chiekz nervously looked around to see if any other goblins were in the vicinity. If she returned without Jaegar, suspicions would be raised, and those suspicions could place her in real danger if one of her tribe stirred things up enough. At best, she would be grounded, unable to hunt for a period of time while investigations took place. A hunter as renowned as Jaegar didn’t just fall of his mount… well, not until now.

With panic about to set in, Chiekz was relieved to see some movement from Jaegar’s otherwise limp form. It was hard to know how long it had been since he fell unconscious; at least an hour, she surmised. With a start, Jaegar came to, instantly scrambling to get away from her. His eyes were wide and he gasped for air like someone who had been held underwater for an uncomfortable amount of time. Jaegar looked around the chamber frantically, and at the same time checked his body for, as it seemed to Chiekz, injuries. After a few moments, he seemed to calm himself down, before giving a tentative wave Chiekz’s way.

“Boss, you ok? What happened?”, Chiekz asked enquiringly.

“Yeah, I’m good I think. How long was I out?”

“About an hour”, she replied.

Jaegar’s mount walked over to him slowly, before nuzzling into the side of the goblin’s face. The beast also seemed relieved to see his master awake. A few minutes of silence passed while Chiekz gathered their things, all the while warily keeping an eye on her mentor. Goblins were not tolerant of physical or mental weakness, and a hunter collapsing while on the hunt was not something that would be viewed with anything other than derision. The physical part could be overlooked, however Chiekz could see the mental anguish across Jaegar’s face, and that is what worried her the most. She had never seen him like this, and they had been a hunting team for years. Jaegar was like an older brother to her, aside from the fact that they were also sometime lovers.

“Chiekz, I need to tell you something, however it has to stay between us.”, Jaegar said, barely above a whisper.

“Of course Jaegar”, she replied as she walked over to him.

Jaegar then relayed the details of what had happened to him from the moment he collapsed, to the time he regained consciousness. He did not leave out any details. Everything was vivid to him, etched into his consciousness forever. The cerebral cortex of his brain was alive, stimulated beyond belief, particularly for a goblin. Chiekz sat in silence and listened intently to the wondrous tale. Jaegar was lost in his story, describing mighty heroes, sentient beings, and an incredible battle that he had apparently just taken part in. His voice would range from the barest whisper to a loud booming sound that echoed off the chamber walls. He energetically moved around the chamber to physically demonstrate a particular scene. Chiekz did not stop him once, holding back the many questions that she was dying to ask.

Eventually, Jaegar stopped talking, his story told. The act of telling seemed to have calmed him, and also restored some of his former confidence and power. Chiekz did not know what to make of it all. Duty told her that she should report the fact that her mentor had lost his mind, however she was saddened about having to be the one to destroy the reputation of such a legendary goblin. All she had to do was convince Jaegar that she believed his story until they returned to their tribe. The trek back home was undertaken in relative silence. Jaegar was immersed in his own thoughts, and Chiekz was trying to keep her thoughts to herself, for fear of saying something that would tip her mentor off.


“He told me that after the battle he spoke with the other heroes. He asked how he was brought to the place of shadow and what it all meant. He was told of demi-gods and their struggle for power, and a growing number of chosen that walk among the mortals of Athien. And of how the chosen are called forth at the behest of the demi-gods to do their bidding.”

Chiekz paused at this point. She fought to hold off tears.

“He has lost his mind, Jonzield. Jaegar’s insanity has consumed him. I fear for him.”

Chiekz broke down in uncontrollable sobs.

Jonzield sat, pensive, mulling over the tale that Chiekz had just told him. His impassive visage hid an underlying growing sense of excitement. If what the girl said was true, well, that held huge repercussions for goblins, and indeed for all the races of Athien. Obviously, he had to keep this turn of events secret. If the masses heard of such a tale, they would put Jaegar to the sword, or worse. Jonzield was a sage, an elder that provided a common link between several tribes, however even if he threw his support behind Jaegar, Jonzield was not convinced he could stay the tribe’s fear and anger. No, this had to go no further until he had such time to speak with Jaegar personally.

“You have told no one of this, child?”, he asked without hint of malice.

“No, master Jonzield. I came straight to you as soon as I could leave Jaegar without suspicion”, she replied hastily.

“Good.” A thin smile parted Jonzield’s lips briefly, revealing jagged yellow teeth. “Come, drink of this. It will help calm you and bring on a restful sleep.” The sage revealed a small vial from within his robes, removed its stopper and offered it to the hunter’s apprentice. Chiekz looked at the vial briefly before extending her hand.

“Thank you, my master.” She paused briefly, vial at her lips, before clearing the thought and drinking deeply. A warm sensation extended from her mouth to her throat and throughout her limbs, instantly relaxing her.

Jonzield reached to his side to grab a small bell. Holding it deftly between thumb and index finger, he rang it for a few moments. One of his goblin attendants entered the chamber. Chiekz lay writhing on the ground, froth forming on her lips, before convulsions started to wrack her body. The attendant kept her eyes on Jonzield, trying to ignore the grunting sounds coming from Chiekz.

“Lox”, Jonzield said in a commanding voice. “Fetch Jaegar for me, and be sure he speaks with no one before me.”

“Yes my master”, Lox replied.

“Oh, and Lox. Please dispose of the body”. He gestured towards Chiekz's now still and silent form. Lox grabbed Chiekz’s feet and dragged her out of the chamber, leaving the sage to his thoughts.

“Yes”, whispered Jonzield. “We have waited a long time for an event such as this. Jaegar becoming a chosen… well, what a turn of events indeed.” A wicked smile broke across the ancient goblin’s face. He sat impatiently waiting for Jaegar. They had much to discuss.


We are very pleased to reveal the sculpt of Jaegar, our 1st model in the post Kickstarter era. Excitement for Jaegar has been building steadily ever since we released his illustration and rules, however the sculpt is poised to tip the hype over the edge. Jaegar introduces goblins and mounted models to the Judgement universe, and comes equiped with an interesting kit that stands him apart from all of our existing 28 heroes.

The 54mm scale has always been front and centre for Judgement and something we have believed in from day 1. The scale is what convinced us to create the game in the 1st place. It is our belief that skirmish miniature games are made for 54mm, and by creating Judgement, we wanted to show the miniature gaming world how fantastic a 54mm scale miniatures game could be. It is great to see the number of players, painters and collectors join us in our passion for 54mm scale miniatures, the latest of which is Jaegar, and we are over the moon to be able to present him to you.

For Jaegar's sculpt, we drafted James W Cain into the fold and, as usual, James absolutely nailed it. With 32 amazing 54m scale miniatures in our range already, we are emboldened to push the boundaries further, and mounted models are the first step. Without further ado, here is Jaegar the goblin hunter.

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter

As we still work through the final stages of our wave 2 Kickstarter shipping, we are exploring manufacturing options for Jaegar and hope to have prototypes of him in our hands within a few months. In the meantime we encourage players to proxy him in their games with his car already included in both our iOS and Android apps as well as being available in our Vassal module.

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter

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Name Change for our Favourite Goblin Hunter

Name Change for our Favourite Goblin Hunter

After much consideration, we have decided to rename Itchynads to a something more suited to the general tone of our game and its universe. The name Itchynads was one of historical significance for the design team and an attempt to display the lighter side of what we do. However the nature of in-jokes are that people on the outside miss the context and in that regard it simply looked like a name that just did not fit alongside the 33 other heroes and monsters we have released.

We are proud to announce that from this point forward, our favourite Goblin Hunter will be known as Jaegar, a play on the scandinavian word for hunter. Jeff and I always listen to feedback and have the best interests of Judgement at heart. Every single decision we make, on a daily basis, is made with the intent to enrich the experience of our players, and to help our game grow. The name change to Jaegar is just one of those decisions.

We appreciate everyone's feedback, both positive and negative, about our initial name and look forward to adding more goblins to our mighty hero lineup in the years to come.


Jeff & Andrew

Jaegar, Goblin Hunter

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Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

The MOBA fans among you will know that one of the best things about the genre is the sheer variety of heroes. With the completion of the wave 2 Kickstarter, the Judgement hero pool currently sits at 28. This provides a decent amount of variety for our players and has begun to introduce serious list building for competitive events, however we have said for some time we intend on releasing 3-4 new heroes a year and we simply cannot wait to get started.

Jeff and I agonised over which hero we would release 1st and in the end we decided to throw caution to the wind and go with one that introduced both a new race and a new hero type. Itchynads, the Goblin Hunter, is a mounted model that brings yet another completely new dimension to the game. You will see that we have kept the mounted rules simple while still managing to capture the flavour of how a mounted model would function within the Judgement ruleset.

Let's take a look at Itchy's card and talk through the main points.

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Mounted Rules

Let's kick things off by taking a look at the new rules for mounted models, which are a combination of the overt Momentous Charge and subtle changes to the hero's vital statistics.

Momentous Charge

When a mounted model charges an enemy model, they receive these bonuses for their current charge attack:

  • Add an extra dice to their attack pool, after all other modifiers
  • +1 damage

The two bonuses represent the extra impetus a mount would confer to the riding hero in an elegant fashion that does not slow down the combat process at all. Momentous Charge increases a model's chance of greater damage via an extra attack dice and then affords them an extra damage point on top of that, the latter representing damage the mount itself would do.

Vital Statistics

Fitting for a small, nimble race, Goblins have AGI 5 and SPD 5, however you will notice that, in Itchy's case, his mount provides a bonus SPD taking it to a remarkable 6. As an aside, Goblin heroes are normally on 40mm bases, however all mounts are on the standard 50mm bases which bumps up the base size for Itchy. Attack wise, Itchy has both melee and ranged weapons however his RNG 7 crossbow attack is his main. Finally Itchynad's health is slightly higher than standard Goblins, once again due to the fact he is a mounted model.

Level 1

Itchy's is the second Monster Slayer hero, after Brok. A powerful ability that provides solid insurance trying to get that 1st turn monster kill. Strip Soul means Itchy is the 1st hero in the game with the ability to strip a bound Soul via a Combat Manoeuvre, from 7" range no less. 

Retarius is another powerful ability and one of the best de-buffs in the game, something that can currently only be removed by Styx's Nullify ability. And finally we have Adapt, a Fate powered Active Ability that sends Itchy's damage consistency through the roof.

Level 2 & 3

Disruption places Itchy at the top of the de-buff hit list with an extremely powerful aura that stops enemy models shaking effects. Think of fireknocked down and poison and you get the gist of how strong this is.

Finally, at level 3, our favourite little guy learns the Marksman ability, allowing him to aim even if he performs an advance action during his activation. On top of that, he also gains the Amour Shredder ability of ignoring 1 RES.


It is extremely satisfying, for a design team, when a hero perfectly captures the original intentions, in both illustration and rules. We can categorically say that Itchy does that, and we are very happy to add heroes from the Goblin race to the Judgement universe. Itchy's card will be available for download from our print and play section shortly, as will his paper doll.

We can also announce that James W Cain has been commissioned to do the sculpt and the great news is that James will be starting in the next week or so. We will post pics of the sculpt as they come to hand.  We hope you are as excited about Itchynads as we are and look forward to hearing your feedback after you have the chance to try him out in a few games. :)


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