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Dor'gokaan sculpt revealed! Dor'gokaan sculpt revealed!


Sharn, Orc Guardian: GenCon Pre-release hero

Sharn, Orc Guardian: GenCon Pre-release hero

We are currently experiencing a very special time for Judgement, with the game moving from Kickstarter to retail, growing its player base, and now in the wonderful world of releasing new heroes that can have such a positive and massive affect on the meta. The fact we have seen such huge growth in the game recently has enabled us to do something like a special pre-release model at a major convention, in this case GenCon, and we cannot think of a model more fitting than Sharn. She encapsulates so much of what we strive for with Judgement. A strong female hero, a realistic and dynamic pose, and a sculpt that will appeal to gamers and artists alike.


Sharn's illustration was masterfully put together by Shane L Cook, who is a pleasure to work with and continually astounds us with awesome concept art for the majority of heroes in the Judgement universe. 

Sharn, Orc Guardian

Sharn illustration by Shane L Cook

We wanted to capture the fact Sharn is always in the thick of the action, taking hits for her allies and revelling in the most dangerous areas of the battlefield. As with many of our sculpts, we also wanted to capture her in the middle of executing her signature plays, leading with her shield (Shield Slam) and following up with her mighty hammer (Hammer Smash). 


We would like to introduce a brand new sculptor into the Judgement family. Dave Whitaker has come on board and Sharn was his first assignment. Safe to say that Dave did an amazing job. He has been a natural fit into our process and worked with Shane from the outset from concept, to illustration and finally sculpt, and it shows. We are super excited to have Dave on the team and look forward to working with him on a lot of projects in the coming months and years. 

Sharn Sculpt

There is ample evidence Sharn loves bearing the brunt of anything her enemies want to throw at her. Lots of wear and tear on her cloths, and armour, coupled with the odd flesh scar resulting from brutal battles she has partaken in over time. You may notice the one part of Sharn that remains pristine is her hammer, which also looks decidedly dwarf-like! Her hammer is in fact the ancient dwarf artefact "Dream Crusher", a relic she stole earlier in life with the help of her unlikely companion and ally, Rakkir.

Sharn sculpt

Sharn sculpt

Sharn sculpt

One of the main features of Sharn is her parvise shield, and it is a dominant part of her in-game kit, so it was important to make it impressive on the model. Once again Dave killed it. The shield looks amazing.

In-Game Statistics Card

Sharn Statistics Card

The defender class is full of awesome heroes that bring something unique to the battlefield, beyond just protecting their allies and contesting objectives. With Sharn, we wanted to capture the effectiveness of a parvise shield, and what better way to do that than by making her mobile hard cover! She can also use her shield offensively with Shield Slam, which is a devastating combat manoeuvre in the right situation. Get Behind Me is also a very characterful active ability which will see Sharn quickly become a favourite among ranged hero allies. Offensively, Hammer Smash is a powerful model displacement ability that is empowered by "Dream Ender", her stolen dwarf artefact. Perhaps her strongest ability, in the right situation, is Beguile which provides a very strong control aspect to Sharn's kit.

GenCon Pre-release and Retail Launch

Sharn will be available for pre-sale at GenCon 2019, which runs from the 1st-4th August. Sharn will then be available via retail on the 1st of September. Individual GenCon purchases will be limited to 5 at a time. Note that while we are doing a decent 1st run of Sharn, he numbers are limited, however if we sell out we will be doing another run early in 2020.

Our GenCon booth is #2861 and Twitch stream partner, and amazing artist, Shoshie, will be painting Sharn, across Friday and Saturday, in the Judgement booth!

You can catch the full Sharn reveal video below

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GenCon: Hero Pre-release & Special Guest Shoshie in our Booth!

GenCon: Hero Pre-release & Special Guest Shoshie in our Booth!

GenCon is looming large on the horizon and Judgement will be making its debut there in 2019 since we were fortunate enough to be given a booth in Entrepreneur's Avenue. Jeff and I are super excited to make the trip to Indianapolis, on the 1st weekend in August, and hope to meet as many Judgement fans as we can across the 4 days.

Earlier today, on stream, we made two huge announcements for GenCon.

Shoshie Painting in our Booth


Shoshie, of ShoshiesMinis, one of the most popular miniature gaming streamers in the world, will be painting in our booth on both the Friday and Saturday of GenCon. Shoshie is a renowned artist, and instructor, who held classes at Adepticon earlier in the year. We are very excited to have Shoshie as part of our booth at GenCon where she will be painting the new con pre-release hero!

Shoshie's Gnomes

Shoshie's Gnome bust made the 1st round cut in this year's Crystal Brush which is a fantastic achievement in itself. We are pumped to see what she can do with the new Judgement hero. :)

GenCon Exclusive Hero

That's right folks, we are pre-releasing a Judgement hero at GenCon!  We have been working on the new hero for the last few months, under a veil of secrecy, so the sculpt and rules are completely finished and ready to go. We are manufacturing an initial run that will be available from our GenCon booth, and will not be producing any more casts until 2020. Combined with the imminent release of Jaegar, it means our hero pool will grow to 30 heroes in the next few months!

Shoshie will be in the booth, on both Friday and Saturday, painting the new hero so if you are there, drop by and say hello, pick up a new hero and get some tips from one of the best!

We will be revealing the new hero's illustration, sculpt and rules, on stream this Sunday night (North America time) so tune in to join in on the hype.


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Judgement will be at GenCon 2019!

Judgement will be at GenCon 2019!


Absolutely massive news today with Judgement being selected as one of 36 lucky applicants to receive a dedicated booth in Entrepreneur's Avenue for 2019 GenCon at Indianapolis. We are over the moon with the news and humbled to be considered for such an honour and opportunity. Judgement's presence at GenCon will enable us to introduce the game to tens of thousands of potential new players, artists and gamers and will give us the chance to network with some of the major players in our industry.

We will be posting more information about our preparations in the coming months however we just had to get the news out there to let you all know. GenCon 2019 is GO!

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

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