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Beasts of War Studios Visit

Beasts of War Studios Visit

Judgement's creator, Andrew Galea, spent the last two days in the Beasts of War studios filming a series of videos about the game. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a first hand look behind the scenes of one of the most popular hobby shows in the world. On top of that, we are going to have world class produced videos featuring Judgement!

Beasts of War studio shot

This is a shot of the main battle report studio, where there a no less than 7 cameras catching all the action.

Day 1 was all about game play, which involved Andrew locking horns with some of the Beasts of War crew, before we dived into producing two battle reports. The first was a straight up 3v3 on the cobblestone map 2, and the 2nd was 3v3 with pick & ban on the cobblestone map 4.

Action shot of one of the games

This photo is an action shot from one of the games.

Justin getting things set up

Beasts of War's Justin getting things setup before we started filming

Day 2 was all about the origins of Judgement, the story behind the game and its heroes. It was a vivid reminder of how rich the background material for Judgement is, and how much scope there is to expand the game's universe in the future. It was an awesome experience being able to chat about our passion and vision for the game.

Beasts of War main studio

A shot of the legendary main Beasts of War studio. It was an awesome experience being a part of the show.

The release schedule for the Judgement episodes are as follows:

  • 21st June 2018 - General overview of the game
  • 29th June 2018 - A break down of a turn 
  • 9th July 2018 - 3v3 battle report
  • 24th July 2018 - The background of game's universe
  • 30th July 2018 - 3v3 pick & ban battle report

Beasts of War has been around for 8 years and they have sure accumulated some cool stuff over the years. Here are a few shots of the cool things in the studio.

Star Wars

Winter themed table

Tie Fighter

We are already looking forward to the next opportunity we have to visit the Beasts of War studios. Shout out to Warren, Sam, Justin and the crew for providing such a memorable couple of days, and we look forward to seeing the videos!

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Kickstarter Success, Sculpt Update & Andrew's UK Tour

Kickstarter Success, Sculpt Update & Andrew's UK Tour

Kickstarter Success

The dust has settled on our 2nd successful Kickstarter campaign which will see the Judgement range expand to 28 heroes and 4 monsters. A hero pool of that size provides tremendous variety in Warband design, and we are looking forward to an exciting tournament season in 2019 once the Kickstarter ships and the new models hit retail. 

Sculpt Update

We are working on getting the wave 2 sculpts complete with Svetlana Oaklost, Skye, Gendris, Viktor/Al'garath and Vujasha yet to be done. Svetlana will be completed in a few days time while the sculpting of Viktor & Al'garath is underway. Here is a few more sneaky images of the Svetlana sculpt WiP.

Pledge Manager and Late Pledges

We will be running the pledge manager once all the sculpts are complete and will also open up for late pledges at that time. We hope to have the sculpts completed by the end of May so will launch the pledge manager around the 1st of June. We will keep everyone informed with regular updates so you can sit back and relax until  then and enjoy the sculpts as they run off the production line!

Kickstarter Payment Errors

There were a decent number of backers whose Kickstarter payments were rejected by their credit card companies. Thank you to the backers that have resubmitted their payments, for those that have not yet it would really help us out if you could see to clearing the payment sooner rather than later. :)

Andrew's UK Tour

Judgement creator, Andrew Galea, is going to be in the UK during the month of June and will be spending time meeting existing Judgement players and promoting the game to new ones! There are currently three events scheduled for Andrew's trip:

Promises to be a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity for those interested in learning more about Judgement to learn it from the game's creator, and for existing players to challenge him!

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