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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Battle of the Six Armies Run & Won

Battle of the Six Armies Run & Won

Six Judgement veterans, including the game's designers, gathered today to fight out the fun themed Battle of the Six Armies. We explained the tournament concept and players in a previous blog post, so today we will get straight into the results and highlights of the day's proceedings.

Rank Player Race Record Souls Levels
1 Jeff Elves 4/1 18 19
2 Evan Minotaurs 3/2 12 22
3 Lloyd Dwarfs 3/2 12 17
4 Andrew Orcs 2/3 11 17
5 Kyle United Nations 2/3 8 11
6 Steve Fury Humans 1/4 9 12


Once the dust had settled Jeff and his mighty elves won the event, dropping just one game all day against Kyle's United Nations Warband. Ironically, Kyle's two wins were against two of the power houses in the elves and minotaurs. The Doombull (Evan) was a firm favourite coming into the event and he looked unstoppable early, winning rounds 1 & 2, before coming unstuck against the elves. Evan still managed to steer the course into 2nd place, pipping Lloyd's dwarfs on the 2nd tie breaker (levels). Andrew's orcs had a rough start to the day but recovered late in the piece to post a more respectable 2/3 record. King Kyle, who was 2nd favourite before the event had a really rough start losing his 1st 3 games before posting 2 huge wins against the elves and minotaurs, however it was too little too late as he came in 5th. Bringing up the rear was Steve Fury, who to be fair was fielding what most people thought was the weakest Warband. The lack of damage in the humans was telling as the Fury struggled to close out games from winning positions.

The games were streamed across an 8 hour marathon via our Twitch channel, which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in a few days.

We actually ran a poll on the Judgemental Facebook group a few weeks ago, so thought it would be interesting to list where the people thought the races would place. The rank of races, with their votes in parenthesis, are listed below.

  1. Minotaurs (13)
  2. United Nations (9)
  3. Elves (8)
  4. Dwarfs (8)
  5. Orcs (6)
  6. Humans (2)

You can see that the public voting was pretty close, with the only real anomaly being the United Nations. Perhaps people underestimated how much Kyle was hindered by the fact he was not allowed to double up any single race in his Warband. 

At the end of the day, this was a fun tournament theme to celebrate having at least 5 of each race in the Judgement range following the pending launch of the wave 2 Kickstarter. Single race Warbands is not how Judgement is meant to be played, and the races are not particularly balanced against each other. In saying that, it was a load of fun and maybe sometime down the track we will run something similar again. Finally we would like to thank the guys for taking part in the event.

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Battle of the Six Armies

Battle of the Six Armies

The no factions element of Judgement, is a foundation stone of the ruleset. We love the fact that players of our game are free to choose any heroes they want to play with, for whatever reasons they may have. However, the wave 2 Kickstarter has seen our hero pool grow in size, to the point where we now have 5 or more heroes for each of the five races. Therefore, for a bit of fun, and to celebrate the imminent Kickstarter launch, we decided to invite a group of our players to partake in a mini-tournament where each of them represented, and exclusively played, one of the 5 races. Then, to even the numbers out, and to add a little spice, we included a sixth player, who would field a Warband comprising of one of each of the races. Here is the line up for the inaugural Battle of the Six Armies!


Andrew "Guns" Galea

Rakkir, Zhonyja, Haksa, Skoll, Kruul


Steve "Fury" Drury

Marcus, Bastian, Zaron, Victor, Styx


Jeff "Tirrith" Galea

Nephenee, Skye, Piper, Saiyin, Allandir


Lloyd "Former World Champ" Mirto

Zaffen, Thrommel, Svetlana, Loribela, Brok


Evan "Doombull" Ferris

Thorgar, Doenrakkar, Kogan, Xyvera, Gendris

United Nations

Kyle "World Champ" Elbourne

Zaffen, Saiyin, Marcus, Thorgar, Zhonyja

 The tournament format is 3v3 Pick 'n' Ban, and will be a full round robin, with each player playing against each other across 5 rounds. We will be playing 3 rounds on the traditional cobble stone maps, and 2 rounds on the swamp map.

The Battle of the Six Armies will be held on Sunday, 11th March, and we will be streaming a game from every round. So 5 games being streamed across the day, and each race will feature, on stream, at least once. You will also be able to track the results on!

We are all pumped for the event, and are looking forward to seeing how well each of the races performs on the day. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to share the day with you all via our Twitch stream. :)

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