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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021


Patch Notes #10

Patch Notes #10
Herein lies the tenth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning, we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, to stay true to its MOBA origins, and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of April 2020. Continue reading

Lich Dance Prelude - Part 2

Lich Dance Prelude - Part 2
Bastian woke suddenly, his chest heaving. Beads of sweat trickling steadily from his temples to his jawline. The gems embedded in his head tingled, as they were wont to do during times of stress. He was sure it was just a dream. However, the line between dreams and reality had admittedly blurred of late.

Dream or not, the risks of it being reality were too tremendous, so Bastian was determined to act, and soon. There were a lot of things happening in the world that had the potential for catastrophe, however, if Zaron succeeded in becoming the first undead to walk upon the mortal realm of Athien, well, that could end all life on the planet.  Continue reading

Lich Dance - Prelude 1

Lich Dance - Prelude 1
In today's origins piece, we revisit the Lich Dance series with a prelude story. This is the first of many origins pieces we will be publishing in the lead up to the Elves vs Undead narrative campaign being launched in January 2020. Continue reading

Demon Gate

Demon Gate


Light flickered across pages of an ancient tome, a candle wick burned down to about an inch off its base. Viktor had been at it for 18 hours straight, however he was still alert as ever, eyes bright and focused, mind sharp. The halfling’s previous genius level intellect, and god-like mental capacity, had continually improved since he had become one of the summoned. The journeys to Between affected the heroes in different ways, however universally they became stronger each time they were victorious in their service of the demigods. Viktor was still grateful that his theft of Aris Demonica, from the library of Bastian Oriel, the timeless one, had yet gone unpunished. He was sure that Bastian would come for him at some stage, and silently Viktor relished the opportunity to lock horns with the lore keeper on Athien, where the stakes were so much higher than Between. Quickly, he brought his mind back to the task at hand.

Extracting the true name of Al’garath had been relatively easy compared to his current pursuit. Yes, this one had proven to be very difficult indeed. Every waking hour for the past 50 days had been spent poring over the tome, and as yet, Viktor had been unable to make any major progress, until earlier today. The halfling finally learned the name of an ancient demon, a fire beast that swam the lava pits of the plane of fire, and as with all demons, having knowledge of its true name meant it was possible to summon it to do your bidding. Possible, yes, however there was no guarantee such a beast could be controlled for any length of time. Summoning demons was always a tricky business.

The demon Al’garath had thus far proven to be a powerful ally and, beyond the occasional eldritch burn, Viktor had been largely unscathed, however that provided no correlation towards any future summons, since all demons were frighteningly unique. Despite knowing his name for several hours, Viktor had so far resisted the urge to summon Dor’gokaan, because the halfling wanted to be sure he could safely dismiss him if things got out of hand. Hidden among the names of several powerful demons, the tome contained a spell of banishment which empowered the summoner to vanquish any named demon to its home plane. It could mean the difference between life and death should a summons go awry.

It took several hours more before Viktor, about to end the session, deciphered the final rune that gave him knowledge of banishment, the spell forever etched into his brain. With a sense of relief, he slowly closed the tome, fastened its metal bindings and placed it into a large rune-encrusted chest sitting in the corner of his laboratory. Viktor closed his eyes for a moment to settle his mind and make sure he still had the mental strength to risk a summons after nearly 24 hours without sleep. Even now, the power of his enhanced mind still surprised the halfling, as his everything came into sharp focus enabling him to begin preparations for the summoning ritual. 

Aris Demonica

The air crackled with energy as parchment flew off a solid oak desk that stood to the side. Viktor sat within a glowing star etched into the stonework floor of his laboratory. A swirling vortex of purple flame which began as a flicker, erupted into a blaze 12 feet into the air, licking the ceiling above. The flame originated in a second glowing star, much larger than the first which, all going well, was the intended destination of the demon. Beads of sweat formed on the halfling’s brow, trickling down the crevice of his right eye, pausing as it came in contact with the crows feet wrinkles that gave some indication of the halfling’s age.  Viktor’s concentration was unwavering as the roaring flame caused a noise loud enough to invoke a response from the ravens that nested in his loft. Then, silence, both within the tower and outside. It seemed nature held its breath in reaction to an alien intruding on the world. Athien herself knew that the demon did not belong here.

A low guttural growl broke the silence. Viktor opened his eyes and before him stood an immense beast like nothing he had ever seen. A gaping maw, its lips parting to reveal sharp jagged teeth, appeared where the demon’s stomach should be. Four appendages protuded from its upper torso, two that resembled arm and hands, another a crab-like claw, and the 4th splitting into two demonic eyes that peered around the room unnervingly. Grasped within one of the hands was a fantastic sword, runes writhing along its blade in an endless macabre dance. The creature focused its gaze on Viktor, hatred oozing with the knowledge of what had just occurred. “Dor’gokaan…” Viktor whispered. The beast instinctively lurched forward at the sound of its name, only to howl in pain as an invisible barrier burned its flesh the first time a part of its body cut the vertical plane rising from the star on the floor. Dor’gokaan retracted to the centre of the star, not taking its gaze off Viktor for a single second. 

Viktor smiled. The repercussions of today’s achievement playing out in his mind. He would now be the most powerful of the summoned and before long, Viktor was sure, he would have the power to challenge the gods themselves. Let Bastian come now, he thought, for death awaited him. 

The halfling spoke an incantation before clapping his hands together loudly. With a deafening pop, the demon vanished, leaving wisps of smoke tendrils floating in the air. Weariness suddenly overcame him so he stumbled to his cot and slid under the heavy furs. Sleep came swiftly.

Dor'gokaan card

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Recruiting Allies - Vujasha, Sea Witch

Recruiting Allies - Vujasha, Sea Witch

Summoned heroes, who were victorious, are able to remain on Between for a short time after the end of a battle. For the most recent battle, the battlefield was adjacent to a region of the shadow plane covered by swamp lands. Bastian did not want to give up an opportunity, so immediately after the enemy's Effigy exploded, he made haste towards an are deep within the murky waters.

Bastian held his staff before him, pulsing magic through it to warn him of treacherous ground as he trudged through the swamp, an area of Between he had seldom walked since being trapped on Athien. No doubt the sea witch was already aware of his presence and observing him from afar, no one entered so far into her domain without her knowing, however, up to this point, she had not revealed herself. 

Only moments earlier, Bastian had sensed an intruder had entered his tower, back on Athien. It seems the pesky halfling did not give up easily. Viktor was no fool, and with Al'garath by his side, he would be a dangerous adversary, however Bastian's current task was far more pressing, he could deal with Viktor's theft at a later date. Despite the irritation of having a book stolen from his personal library, there was definitely potential good to come out of it. The tome contained the true names of several powerful demons, which would enable the possessor of that knowledge to summon them to do their bidding. If Viktor planned on summoning a demon, such as Al'garath, on the plane of shadow, then that would certainly stir things up, and Bastian hoped it would awaken the old gods even further to the dangers the new gods now posed. They had lay dormant for far too long, relying on the god of time to deal with the demi-gods, since up to this point the threat was confined to the time god's home shadow plane.

Bastian stopped suddenly. He listened intently as his vision was quickly limited to a few feet by the emergence of a deep set fog.

"Why are you here, timeless one?", a voice whispered inside Bastian's head.

"I come to forewarn you, mistress of the sea, and beseech your help.", he responded. "The demigod's gaze has turned towards your home, and the mortal heroes will be waging battle here before too long, it is your souls they seek."

"Let them come, I will feed their souls to my children.", she hissed.

"The demigods have grown powerful, mistress, and their heroes are growing in number. It seems we are heading towards a cataclysmic event, I feel it is inevitable, however I ask you to thwart them as much as you can and delay their rise. I need more time."

"We serve the same master, timeless one, I will do as you ask.", she responded without a hint of mockery. 

"I knew I could count on you Vujasha", Bastian said, using her true name.

Bastian turned back towards the way he came, shortly afterwards feeling the pull of his ethereal chord as his time on Between was drawing to a close. The conversation was short, however he knew things would go smoother if he took the time to meet Vujasha in person. She was a powerful ally and one he would increasingly rely upon in the days ahead. Now to deal with that pesky halfling...

Vujasha, Sea Witch

Vujasha is the 3rd, and final, wave 2 monster and the final sculpt from the core wave 2 heroes, leaving just Barnascus to go. Vujasha's sculpt continues the trend of the Judgement team pushing the boundaries of the fantasy genre. As soon as Helge's illustration was completed, we knew she would be challenging to sculpt, however, if we did it well, the result would be phenomenal. The challenge fell to Tom Lishman and he once again came through with the goods. We are so proud to have such a thought provoking and multi-faceted sculpt, as Vujasha is, in the Judgement ranks.

Vujasha, Sea Witch

The monsters of Judgement are one of the unique aspects of the system, and we, as the game's creators, take them very seriously. We want to have the very best sculpts, rules and back stories for the monsters, just as if they were heroes, and over time some of them may just evolve into heroes, as the Judgement story unfolds.

Vujasha, Sea Witch

All the wave 2 sculpts, including Vujasha, are still available via late pledges for our wave 2 Kickstarter.

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Al'garath Sculpt Reveal

Al'garath Sculpt Reveal

Candlelight flickered across the pages of an ancient tome. A high pitched voice recited an incantation, then paused as the runes on the parchment glowed for an instant, before fading away, hence making the page safe to turn. A long, dirty finger nail, protruding from a small, gnarled hand, slowly lifted the corner of the page before carefully turning it over. Viktor adjusted the focus on his mechanical lens, his eyes were tired from some 18 hours pouring over the tome, however he was close this time, he could feel it. For 3 years he had searched the length and breadth of Athien to learn the true name of the demon that haunted his dreams, today he hoped that search would end.

Viktor's mastery of necromantic magic rivalled that of any native of Athien, however the natural weaknesses of his cursed race always held him back, something that would be more than compensated for, once he commanded a demon of the Abyss. The halfling had employed all his guile, cunning and magical prowess to thwart Bastian, and steal the book he currently read from the lore keeper's mythical tower. It would only be a matter of time before Bastian would become aware of the theft, Viktor thought, before pushing the thread out of his mind so he could concentrate on the task at hand. He turned another page, perhaps the hundredth time he had done it this session, yet still only part way through the book.

With a sharp inhale, Viktor paused, holding his breath. A cryptic message, woven into the words suddenly became clear to him, a pattern his subconscious had picked up on earlier, had now revealed itself to him fully. He exhaled slowly, scanning the page, and the next, and the one after, picking up pace as the algorithm required to decode the text became more familiar to him. Before long he was certain he had determined the true name of the demon, he stopped his natural urges to immediately begin the summoning ritual, and double checked his work. Summoning a demon, using an incorrect name, would be the end of him, without doubt.

Eventually, after checking a 3rd time, he leaned back in his chair, and slowly closed the book. The day had come when Viktor would finally be able to summon the demon, whose true name was now, and forever, burned into the halfling's brain. "Al'garath, you are now mine", the halfling whispered quietly to himself.

 Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

The Judgement team are buzzing with the release of the Al'garath sculpt today. Another masterpiece by the newest sculptor on the team, Stan Kolev. Stan, who has already done the impressive Svetlana and Viktor sculpts, has backed those up superbly with an truly amazing rendition of Al'garath. 

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Just like every model in our entire range, we have meticulously designed and sculpted a thematic scenic base for Al'garath.

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Remember that Viktor and Al'garath are sold together in a box set. The image below shows them both in scale.

Viktor, the halfling warlock and Al'garath, demon of the Abyss


Don't forget that late pledges for our wave 2 Kickstarter are available now ==>


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Judgement Patch Notes #2

Judgement Patch Notes #2

Herein lies the very second clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of April 2018.


Fate: Try Again

Using Fate to re-roll dices one of its most common uses, however it was not clear what to do when multiple re-rolls are triggered on the one dice pool. We have named the Fate re-roll as "Try Again" to help with distinguishing it from other re-rolls.

When used for Try Again, the model spends 1 Fate point to re-roll the entire pool of dice they just rolled. Any dice roll in the game can be re-rolled using Fate (except monster attacks). However, dice can only be re-rolled once, regardless of the re-roll source.

In some circumstances dice can be re-rolled by other means, for example by magical artefacts or hero abilities. In those situations, a player can use Fate to only re-roll the remaining dice that have not been re-rolled. For example, Kogan uses his Battle Cry ability to re-roll two dice from his attack pool of 5 dice. The active player has the opportunity to use a Fate to re-roll the remaining 3 dice that were not re-rolled via Battle Cry.

Forests and Line of Sight

We felt we needed to clarify how forests work due to confusion with how they work in other games.

Forests do not block line of sight to, or from, models that are within the forest, regardless of how big the forest is.

Healing an Effigy

Clarified that the health reduction on Effigies, by opponent's capturing Souls, cannot be healed.

Heroes can use certain active abilities to heal their Effigy during a game, since it is a friendly model to their warband. However only direct damage can be healed this way, damage reduction from captured Souls cannot be healed by heroes. Similarly, heroes are unable to provide temporary health to their Effigy, by any means.

Killing Heroes

Clarified the order of things when a hero dies.

The death of heroes is an integral part of Judgement. There are two stages that trigger when a hero dies.

Stage 1 “Zero Health”: Trigger any ability, or effect, that relies on a hero reaching zero health.

Stage 2 “Death”: Trigger any ability, or effect, that relies on a hero dying.

If multiple abilities, or effects, trigger on either stage, the active player decides the order the abilities, or effects, are triggered.

Dead heroes will always re-spawn at their Effigy next turn; there are no permanent effects incurred as a result of dying (see step 5 of the Communion Phase).

New Game Definition: Damage

There was some confusion around what a hero getting damaged actually means.

A model is considered to have suffered damage when the model has its health reduced by 1 or more.

Soul Harvesting

The intention was always that a Soul must be targeted to be harvested, however the word target, up until now, had been omitted from the rule book.

Souls that are not bound to a hero are unbound. A hero can harvest a target unbound Soul by successfully rolling a Soul harvest skill check while within 2” of it.

There were instances where players were including a +1 bonus for heroes that other heroes were Soul harvesting through, such as via Xyvera's  Unholy Harvest.

The following modifiers apply to a Soul harvest skill check:

  • Add the hero’s Soul harvest ability.
  • +1 for each friendly hero within 2” of the Soul other than the hero attempting the Soul harvest, or a model the hero is attempting the Soul harvest through.
  • -1 for each enemy hero and/or monster within 2” of the Soul.


Order of Application

As we increase the number of heroes in the game there has been a greater need to have a clear order of application blanket rule to resolve the timing on various triggers.

There are times where the interaction of rules and abilities results in tricky situations. The following section provides rules on how to deal with those situations. If a particular situation is not covered by these rules, we suggest you roll a dice to determine the order of execution.

Effects & Conditions

In a game, models can be affected by multiple effects and conditions. When this occurs, the effects are applied in the order in which they were placed on the model chronologically.

Re-rolling Dice

When two or more rules allow the re-rolling of dice, apply the following to determine the order.

The active player is given 1st option to re-roll any dice they are able to. This could include multiple re-rolls, such as using Augury (Saiyin’s ability) and then a Fate for the remaining dice. 

The non-active player is then given the option to force the active player to re-roll any dice that have not already been re-rolled. Even if the non-active player has the ability to force the active player to re-roll their entire dice pool (such as through the Gift of the Gods artefact), only dice that have not been already re-rolled can be re-rolled at this point.

Finally, if a monster has the ability to force a re-roll, its ability will execute last.


Aiming Bonus

Add a few more restrictions to what a model can, and cannot, do when claiming the aiming bonus.

Aiming Bonus: +1 dice if the attacker does not perform an advance action (aiming bonus), for all ranged attack actions this activation. Once a model claims the aiming bonus, they are unable to perform an advance action, attack action (using a melee weapon), or Effigy recall later in this activation. However they can use symbols to push themselves via the combat manoeuvre mechanic.

Heroes - Wave 1

Bastian Oriel

Bastian's nerfs from the previous patch placed him in a decent place, we just wanted to ease him back slightly with an increase to his staff's critical damage.

Bastian Oriel, Lore Keeper

  • Clarified Time Bender to explain what happens when the model dies with conditions on it
  • Staff critical damage increased to 4


Istariel has always occupied a decent level, however with the introduction of a few RNG based heroes we felt she needed a bit more of an edge. Her kit as a fire mage is pretty much perfect, however a little more damage for her Conflagration ability will keep her in the mind's of the demi-gods.


  • Conflagration damage increased to D3+2

Skoll Bonestorm

Skoll was arguably the player's choice for most powerful hero when wave 1 was released. This was understandable as he was able to pretty much excel at all facets of the game. Skoll was nerfed fairly heavily in the last patch, and while we felt he was still a strong choice, the fact he had been nerfed saw his use drop a fair bit. We don't want to swing back and forth with hero changes, however we did feel there were a few areas where he could be improved. The most notable is the fact, unlike all other defenders in the game, Skoll was not really able to "defend" his allies until he reached level 2 and gained access to Bulwark. We believe this was one of the main reasons other defenders were chosen instead. Besides that change we brought his Soul harvest ability in line with most other defenders.

Skoll Bonestorm

  • Soul harvest increased from 3 to 4
  • Bulwark swapped with Combo Strike, so is available at level 1
  • Bulwark can only be cast on hero models

Zaron Bogdan

Simple wording update to reflect the changes to the Leech ability.

Zaron Bogdan

  • Leech can only be triggered once per attack action.

 Heroes - Wave 2

This patch signifies the official release of the wave 2 hero rules. Wave 2 heroes are now officially part of the game, and will be treated exactly like wave 1.

We took the opportunity to errata a few of the heroes before they were locked in for 3 months, so we listed them first, along with the changes.


With no RNG heroes making the cut from wave 1, it had been a long time since the RNG heroes had been heavily play tested. Once they were thrown in to the mix we felt that 10" range on their weapons was pretty strong, particularly in light of the fact that 3v3 is now a legitimate long term game mode.


  • Range of Bow dropped from 10" to 9"


Skye has been an interesting addition to the defender ranks, being a AGI based defender. We just wanted to tweak his kit slightly.


  • Heroic Stand cost changed from 1F to 1A+1F
  • Heroic Stand can only be cast on hero models


Simple change to his Cyber Repair ability to reflect the global change to Leech.


  • Leech can only be triggered once per attack action


Removed a loop hole for her Soul Link.


  •  Soul Link cannot be cast on Effigies. Just hero models only.

Zaffen Ironhelm

With no RNG heroes making the cut from wave 1, it had been a long time since the RNG heroes had been heavily play tested. Once they were thrown in to the mix we felt that 10" range on their weapons was pretty strong, particularly in light of the fact that 3v3 is now a legitimate long term game mode.

Zaffen Ironhelm

  • Range of Bow dropped from 10" to 9"

Magical Artefacts

One area of the game we have always been keen on expanding is Magical Artefacts. However before we look to introduce new artefacts we wanted to make sure the initial artefact deck was balanced and all were viable options in the game. In light of that we decided to buff two rarely used items.

Blood Sucker

  • Leech increased from 1 to 2
  • Includes text about the global change to Leech only triggering once per attack action

Minotaur Essence

  • Regeneration increased from 1 to 2
  • No longer stacks with other Regeneration
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