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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Svetlana Oaklost Sculpt Reveal

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Svetlana Oaklost Sculpt Reveal

Judgement has become synonymous with beautiful miniatures and it has been the cornerstone of our vision from day 1. However miniatures as good as ours are not possible without very talented sculptors, and today we are very happy to announce Stan Kolev as the 4th sculptor to work on our range. 

Stan's first Judgement sculpt is Svetlana Oaklost, the dwarf druid. This was interesting because Svetlana signals a change of pace for us after bringing out dynamic sculpts like Zhonyja, Haksa, Styx and Nephenee. Svetlana is a tribute, of sorts, to the endless nights of us playing Dungeons & Dragons and getting lost in the traditional fantasy realms. Helge, who illustrated Svetlana, captured the essence of traditional fantasy wonderfully and Stan took it one step further with an exquisite sculpt.

Svetlana Oaklost, Dwarf Druid

There are many details in the sculpt that all contribute to the story of the miniature. A dwarf druid patrolling her forest at night looking to root out evil lurking in the shadows. Armed with a lantern, her trusty sickle and a forest creature ally.

Svetlana Oaklost, Dwarf Druid

Svetlana maintains our find tradition of awesome scenic bases, this time with a solid oak tree wrapped in a thick vine and playing host to an owl!

Svetlana Oaklost, Dwarf Druid

Svetlana's weapon is an beautiful take on the traditional druidic sickle.

Finally we present the in-game rules card and illustration of Svetlana who is the 9th completed sculpt in our wave 2 range.

Svetlana Oaklost in-game rules card

Svetlana Oaklost illustration

The next sculpts in the works are Gendris the minotaur druid and Viktor the halfling warlock so stay tuned for more 54mm goodness.

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