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Svetlana Oaklost, a tribute to fantasy traditions

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Svetlana Oaklost, a tribute to fantasy traditions

While we all love dynamic heroes that jump out at you, at times the design team like to get back to their Dungeons & Dragons playing roots. Staying up with a bunch of mates battling it out against mighty dragons in the early hours of the morning. Svetlana Oaklost is a tribute to the real traditional fantasy days. A female dwarf druid, full of adventure and life, who could slot into any D&D party with ease. It was a pleasure working with Helge on Svetlana, taking care to get the details right and create a hero that once again is unique within our range. We wanted her to be wearing a traditional leather jerkin, and holding a sickle, which she is just as adept with when gather herbs or in the midst of combat. Extra details like the leather sling at her waist, and a basket of saplings attached to her belt. Svetlana is a beautiful illustration that adds some class and quality to the Judgement range, and is one of our favourites.

In game, Svetlana is quite a strong Soulgazer, with several abilities that stand her above all else as a master of beasts. Also, Svetlana is the only hero in the game that can harvest 2 souls in the one activation. A soulgazer with a decent amount of versatility, Svetlana is a fine addition to the already strong soulgazer class.

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