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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

State of the Nation - Roadmap Update

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State of the Nation - Roadmap Update
The start of 2020 is, without doubt, the busiest time for Gunmeister Games since when we kicked things off four years ago. Judgement enjoyed rapid growth in 2019 and has huge events on the horizon at Adepticon and Warfaire Weekend. Our ninth patch has solidified the game's rules and set us up for success over the next 12 to 18 months.
Sharpening our focus to the next 3 to 6 months and we see some of the most exciting releases that Gunmiester Games have ever produced. In today's blog post, we are going to spell out everything we currently have in the pipeline and their release dates. This blog post provides an update from our previous roadmap post from August last year

January 2020 - CanCon

Bale & Sarna


The loveable brother & sister duo is the second goblin hero to join the Judgement universe and our first hero unit. They have generated huge hype since first revealed, and their release is just weeks away. Bale & Sarna will be available for pre-order within 24 hours of this post and will ship worldwide on or after the 25th of January.


March 2020 - Adepticon

Souls, Effigies and Shrines

Effigies & Shrines

Ever since the game launched, we have had enquiries about producing official effigy, shrine and soul models. Up until this point, resources constraints have meant we were unable to do so. However, we were pleased to announce we engaged an illustrator and sculptor to produce these models. The Effigy and Shrine models continue our fine tradition of innovative sculpts by incorporating a modular system which reduces manufacturing costs and more importantly allows us to reduce the retail price of the models. 

The Soul, Effigy and Shrine models will be launched at Adepticon.



Isabel's production remains on track for launch at Adepticon. Isabel is the 2nd model, after Skoll Bonestorm, to have two talent trees to choose from when levelling up. A feature that immediately makes here one of the most sought after heroes in the game. The ability to adapt her skills based on the composition of the enemy Warband can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Judgement design team pride themselves on designing heroes that "feel" like the class they represent on the battlefield. Isabel is arguably the best exponent of this. She epitomises the fantasy paladin perfectly, including her ability to choose the retribution or holy talent trees.

Prestige Judgement Dice

Prestige Dice

Another frequent request is for high-quality Judgement dice, and once again, we are very excited to announce we are producing a limited run of prestige dice. The dice will have the Judgement symbols etched into the surface. They will also include the vintage "J". We are producing the prestige dice in the following colours:

Velvet Black with Red
Marble Ivory
Scarab Scarlet with Gold
Scarab Jade with Gold
Scarab Royal Blue

We are only producing an initial run of 10 packs of each colour, and they will be available at Adepticon 2020.


Zhim Render Updated Zhim'gigrak sculpt. Still a work in progress.

We recently revealed the Zhim'gigrak sculpt; however, after receiving feedback and careful consideration, we decided to resculpt large portions of the model. We are hopeful the resculpt will not delay manufacturing too much. However, there is the possibility that Zhim will not be ready in time for Adepticon. We will keep everyone informed, but at this stage, we are still aiming to have him released at the con.

June 2020



Cradol first appeared in the origins story featuring Doenrakkar, "The Devouring Tide". She is, in fact, his daughter. Cradol's death in the story was yet the beginning since her willpower enabled her to join the legion of undead. Adding a female minotaur undead hero to our range is a highlight for us and something we are very proud of. 

Cradol's rules are currently in v0.2, however, while we foresee changes to her over the next few months, the flavour of her shadow hunter kit will remain intact. We were fortunate to secure the services of Tom Lishman for her sculpt, so Cradol promises to be one of the best models in our range.

Cradol Card



Once the soul, effigy and shrine models are released, Terra will remain as the only element of the game that does not have a model. We are keen to remedy this so have commissioned a sculptor to produce the Terra model. With what promises to be a wonderful sculpt, we will be releasing other ways that Terra can be used in the game other than the Shrine of Eldir.

And Beyond...

Let us just leave these here for the time being.

  • Narrative Campaign
  • Goblin Soulgazer
  • 5v5 Neoprene map
  • 3v3 Neoprene map
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Elementalist 
  • Samurai


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  • Feb 12, 2020

    I would love to see and undead gunfighter with dual revolvers! That’s my dream model. A samurai will be epic!

    — Glen

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