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Introducing the Shrine of Eldir - Elemental Earth Character Shrine

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Introducing the Shrine of Eldir - Elemental Earth Character Shrine

The announcement of the new 5v5 neoprene mat has generated a lot of excitement, not only because there will be another beautifully illustrated shadow plane themed map, but with a new map comes new monsters, character shrines and cool rules. Today we are happy to reveal the rules and illustration for a new character shrine, the Shrine of Eldir. Astute readers of our Origins material will know that Eldir is one of the old gods, the god of elemental earth, and many of you will be familiar with two previously released character shrines in the Shrine of Arden (elemental air) and the Shrine of Wellin (elemental water).

New 5v5 Neoprene Mat

The new 5v5 neoprene mat has been generating a lot of excitement. Another wonderful illustration by Shane L Cook, the new mat depicts the juncture between the Shadow plane and the elemental planes of Earth and Fire.

The shrines of Arden and Wellin provide powerful buffs and abilities for the Warband that manages to control them. They are meant to be potent concentrations of energy on the shadow plane since the power is generated directly from the old gods themselves. With the Shrine of Eldir we have moved into an intriguing new direction, one that is still powerful but very different from the previous two. Essentially the Shrine of Eldir is an inactive earth elemental sitting on a stone throne, known in his home plane as Terra. Once controlled however, Eldir empowers Terra to come to life and join the Warband for a period of time.

 Shrine of Eldir

The unique rules of Eldir mean that when controlled it is actually removed from the board and replaced with a raging Earth Elemental called Terra! The shrine will then respawn during any Communion Phase where Terra is not alive.

Having an Earth Elemental join your Warband is nothing to be sneezed at, particularly when it packs the punch that Terra does. He is a tank that can hurt both in melee and from range albeit, being a lesser being, with only 2 actions per activation. In addition, the owner has the ability to keep Terra alive between turns by paying Eldir the tribute of 1 Fate each time, so theoretically, if the owning player has the Fate and the opponent does not kill him, Terra can be part of a Warband he joins for the rest of the game. We are so excited about the rules for the Shrine of Eldir, not only because we get to create two cool models for it down the track, but mainly the fact the rules add a huge layer of dynamism to any game where it becomes active, and a sharp focal point for players to fight over when not.

Terra, Earth Elemental

The rules for Terra are still version 0.9, however they will be official (v1.0) with patch #6, which comes out on April 1st. 

 We look forward to revealing the illustrations and rules for the Shrine of Forin (elemental Fire), and a brand new monster, in the coming weeks, as well as using these new models on stream during this time. Let us know what you think of the Shrine of Eldir and the mighty Terra, are you as excited as us? :)

Shrine of Eldir

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