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Regional JNAC Auto-Qualifiers

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Regional JNAC Auto-Qualifiers

Our recent decision to allow online JNAC qualifiers has proved popular and a huge success. We remain hopeful that Warfaire Weekend goes ahead. However, losing the Adepticon auto-qualifiers and being restricted to online tournaments for the foreseeable future means we are looking at our options to spice things up for the 2020 Judgement North American Championship.

Our vision for the JNAC has always been to attract international players, and playing online events makes that more accessible than ever before. Today, we are happy to announce regional online auto-qualifiers for both Europe and Australia. Each event will award a seat at the championship finals to the winner. 

  • The Judgement team are TOs for both events.
  • Games can be played either in person, on Vassal or War Table, or any combination of the 3. 
  • will be used to track and execute results.
  • A minimum of 8 players is required. All 8 players must complete all rounds.
  • The winner will win an auto-qualifying spot in the JNAC final.
  • The format will be 5v5 with Pick & Ban. 
  • If the final round results in two players fighting for 1st place, the game will use the 34 hero draft format to determine the tournament winner.
  • After each game, players have the following responsibility:
    • Screenshot the final state of the game and send it to the tournament organiser.
    • Enter the result into the Judgement statistics app.
    • The tournament organiser enters the results into
  • At the end of each round, the tournament organiser will generate the next round's matches and socialise it with the players.
  • The tournament as a whole must complete within 3 weeks. 
  • The first tie-breaker is the number of Souls held at the end of the game, and then levels gained.
  • All players must join the Judgement Discord channel.

Registrations for both events are now open. Please contact Jeff or me on Discord or via to register your interest.


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  • May 11, 2020

    This is so exciting, the best news since March!

    — Tobias Ford

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