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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Rogue - the 14th and Final Wave 1 Sculpt

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Piper, Elf Illusionist/Rogue - the 14th and Final Wave 1 Sculpt

A significant milestone today, with the completion of the 14th and final hero sculpt for our wave 1 Kickstarter. Piper the elf illusionist/rogue has been highly anticipated for a few reasons. Firstly, because he was the hero voted for by our backers to fill the unlocked stretch goal slot during our Kickstarter, and secondly because ever since the illustration by Shane L Cook, everyone has been waiting to see how we could translate the double illusion theme to sculpt form.

Well after working a number of weeks with James W Cain, we are proud to present Piper in all his glory. A wonderful addition to our range and an exquisite sculpt that pushes the boundaries of the genre to new heights.

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Rogue

Piper is a tricksy, cunning elf, who combines magic, stealth, and a vicious streak, to bring down larger and more powerful foes. Piper operates within backwater areas of large cities, concealing his identity, and covering his tracks, via his mastery of illusion. We kept this narrative in the back of our minds throughout the entire process, ensuring that we maintained that theme across the two figures, and the stonework, that comprises the sculpt.

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Rogue

The sculpt captures the moment that Piper is casting his signature Duplicate Self ability. You can see his illusionary image still having remnants of the stonework appearing on his skin as the illusion nears completion. The beauty, and power, of Duplicate Self, is that Piper can actually physically switch between the two making it impossible to know which is the real him. The hourglass depicts the material component of the spell, that essentially lets Piper warp time across small instances. 

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Rogue

The magic of the sculpt does not end with the two Piper figures. James continues to build on the narrative, and mystique, of the piece, with detailed and exquisite work on the stone wall and cobble stone street. We have managed to create a figure that is equally appealing from any angle, a true 360 degree diorama that will look equally amazing in a glass display cabinet, as it will on the battlefields of Between.

As I said at the start of the blog post, Piper marks the 14th and final sculpt in our wave 1 Kickstarter series. It has been an amazing journey so far, but really, one that has only just begun for the Judgement team and our growing band of players. We cannot wait to share our future adventures with you.

Andrew "Guns" Galea

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