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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Patch Notes #8

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Patch Notes #8

Note: the video broadcast does not include the entire patch notes.

Herein lies the eighth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning, we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, to stay true to its MOBA origins, and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of October 2019.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and core rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website or purchased from Both our Android and iOS apps will also be updated to reflect changes from this patch.

If you want to discuss the patch notes, or anything at all about Judgement, please join our Discord channel or visit our forums!


Clarifications are provided for rules that are normally played a certain way, however, the rules as written do not necessarily support that. Clarifications can also be quality of life changes that do not necessarily change rules. 

Parting Blow (p19)

We now specifically mention models that Effigy Recall are susceptible to Parting Blows. 

Monsters with Dual Wield (p23)

There has been some confusion about monsters with dual wield and at what times they attack once or twice. 

A monster with dual wield only attacks twice during the Communion Phase. In every other circumstance, it attacks once.

Suicide Rule (p25)

We felt a need to clarify who the Soul gets bound to when a hero dies to a condition or effect placed by an enemy model during its owner's turn. 

If a hero dies during its owning player’s turn, the hero that owned the condition or effect that caused the death will harvest the dead hero’s Soul if they are eligible. Otherwise, the nearest eligible enemy hero, to the hero that died, will harvest the Soul.

Knocked Down (p31)

Added that monsters automatically stand up at the start of their activation to the Knocked Down section.

Monster models automatically stand up at the start of their activation during the Communion Phase without cost.


Frost Condition (p31)


A model suffering the frost condition suffers the following effects:

  • AGI capped at 3.
  • MOV capped at 3.
  • Basic attacks damage reduced by 1.

Heroes Gaining Levels (p12)

A minor change that rewards players that destroy an opponent's Effigy in tournament play.

Heroes gain a level when they inflict the final damage point on the enemy Effigy to win the game.

Hero Units (p12)

We have included rules for Hero Units in the core rules in preparation for Bale & Sarna.

Natural Sprinter (p32)

A model with natural sprinter gains +1 MOV during the 1st turn of the game.

Hero & Monster Updates

As the game continues to grow, adding heroes, different maps, magical artefacts and monsters, creates many options for players. We continually revisit various elements to ensure they are balanced and players are faced with legitimate and interesting challenges when designing their Warbands. All changes are carefully measured and, as is always the case, we will continue to monitor things over the next three months as we march towards the next patch.

Hero & Monster Errata 


After further playtests we have decided to reduce the strength of Siphon Magic.

  • Siphon Magic can only steal items that cost 1 Fate or less.


We really like the monster slayer rule and is Judgement's take on jungle heroes from the MOBAs. It made sense to extend it beyond just monsters and also provide a bit more counter as we increase the number of summoners in the game.
  • Monster Slayer now affects Summoned models.


What started out as a clarification for Redirection turned into a bit of significant change that warranted discussion. We think this is a buff to the big man.

  • Redirection now means combat manoeuvres are also applied to Doenrakkar as well.


We love this big guy, however, being such a powerful being from the Abyss, he no longer wants to concern himself with petty skirmishes. :)

  • Dor'gokaan can no longer be summoned on 3v3 maps.


Similar to Brok, Jaegar gets a boost to his Monster Slayer ability.

  • Monster Slayer now affects Summoned models.


While Kruul was in a decent place, he did not quite play the way we originally intended. With this change, he can really fill that bruiser role to a tee.

  • Bewitched replaced by Soul Enhanced: "If this model has 1 or more Souls bound to it, it gains +1 damage on is Cudgel attack and +1 RES.


We felt that Marcus was not getting enough purchase from his level 2 ability. We hope with this change it will make it more worthwhile and worth remembering.

  • Winter's Bite now affects models with Pathfinder.


There has been a lot of debate about the Warrior and Mystic heads. It is something we have been tracking for a while and we decided to do something about the imbalance. A buff for our favourite two-headed friend.

  • Combo Strike is no only 1S to produce the Knockout.


We love Thrommel's unique kit and the fact he feels like a dwarf, however, there were some map setups where his 3" MOV made him sub-par for the 1st turn. We feel this is a good change that keeps with his dwarf spirit.

  • Thrommel gains Natural Sprinter (+1 MOV for the 1st turn of the game).


Xyvera is still getting tweaked as her latest version number can attest to. She has a wonderful kit and plays the blood magic role very well, we just felt her Unholy Harvest needed a tweak in the positive direction. She is now the 2nd Soulgazer, along with Svetlana, who can harvest 2 Souls in the 1 activation.

  • Unholy Harvest changed to: "Target friendly model within 8" suffers 1/3 their max health (rounded down) in True Damage. This model can immediately attempt to Soul Harvest a Soul, within 2" and LoS of the friendly model for no additional cost.


We feel Zaron is getting left behind a little bit compared to his Soulgazing buddies. We wanted to up his usefulness when you are Fate starved.

  • Zaron's Eldritch Blast attack range raised to 8" from 6".


This is another great buff and characterful change for Zaron. We love that our Soulgazers have power synergies with Souls, it just works yo!

  • While the Summoner (Zaron) has a Soul bound to him/her, the Skeleton can be summoned for 1A.


Hero & Monster Clarifications


  • Removed reference to magic melee attacks from his card.


  • Remove knockdown clarification from Calming Waters on his 4th card.
  • Remove his name from his Planes Walker ability and replace with “this model”. 


  • Added, "roll separately for each model" to Pestilence.


  • Updated Invisibility to the correct text.


  • Added, "Equilibrium cannot do more damage, or heal for more than the target enemy model's current health".


  • Added, "Roll separately for each model" to Conflagration.


  • Reworded Spring Loaded so it reads as was intended.


  • Added, "Roll separately for each model" to Laster Storm.


  • Added, "Expires at the start of this model's next activation." to Invisibility.


  • Changed the name of her Warhammer to “Stormforged”.
  • Change Hammer Smash so it specifically mentions Stormforged.


  • 4th card updated with a better explanation for Heroic Stand.


  • 4th card updated so that it specifies "nearest eligible" hero gets the Soul under Souls heading.


  • Man Catcher updated so it specifies you only attack if the model is within 2" after the push.


  • "difficult terrain" replaced with "rough or treacherous terrain" in Aquatic.


  • Added "Roll separately for each model." to Death Toll.

Magical Artefact Errata

Magical artefacts remain a core part of the game and we are always working on ways to make them all viable under different circumstances. We had a long hard look at some of the least used ones and have made some sensible and big changes to make them more viable. Note that artefacts that are Free still can only be purchased like standard artefacts and will still take up the defensive/offensive slot.

Astral Stasis

  • Changed the cost to Free and changed its usage from 0A to 1F.

Bracers of Disruption

  • Changed the cost to Free.

Gift of the Gods

  • Changed the cost to Free.
  • Added a 6" range to it.
  • Increased it uses to include the dice pool of an attack, ability or Soul Harvest attempt.

Ring of Invisibility

  • Changed its usage to either 1A or 1F to provide more flexibility.

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