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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Patch Notes #7

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Patch Notes #7

Herein lies the seventh clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, to stay true to its MOBA origins, and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of July 2019.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and core rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website. Both our Android and iOS apps will also be updated to reflect changes from this patch.

If you want to discuss the patch notes, or anything at all about Judgement, please join our Discord channel or visit our forums!


Clarifications are provided for rules that are normally played a certain way, however the rules as written do not necessarily support that. Clarifications can also be  quality of life changes that do not necessarily change rules. 

Base-to-Base (p7)

There was some confusion around whether a model could overlap a token, such as Rakkir's Shadow Orb, or a teleportation circle on the Scorched Earth map, and still be considered base to base. Well the short answer is yes.

  • A model is considered to be Base-to-Base with another model, terrain feature or token, when that model’s base is touching another model’s base, terrain feature or token. If a model’s base is overlapping a non impassable terrain feature or token, it is also considered to be in Base-to-Base with that terrain feature or token.

Killed/Destroyed (p8)

We want to clarify what happens when a hero dies and re-spawns. 

  • Death: Trigger any abilities or effects that rely on a hero dying. Remove all conditions, tokens, bound Souls and affects from the model.

Killing Blow (p8)

Broadened the definition to include all enemy models, not just heroes.

  • The model that inflicts the last damage point, resulting in the death of an enemy model, is considered to have dealt the killing blow.

Aiming Bonus (p17)

  • Removed "However they can use symbols to push themselves via the combat manoeuvre mechanic." from the Aiming Bonus paragraph. It is no longer relevant since we removed the ability to make melee attacks when claiming the Aiming Bonus.

Bounty (p21)

We clarified that only the hero that collects a Fate bounty can buy, trade or sell magical artefacts.

  • The hero that is eligible to collect a Fate bounty can immediately buy, trade, or sell magical artefacts as if it were standing base-to-base with its effigy (see Magical Artefacts, p.25). 

Curse (p29)

  • Clarified that a cursed model cannot contest or control shrines. Previously it just said contest.

Fly (p30)

With Dor'gokaan having the same ability as Nephenee, we decided to make Fly a core rulebook Auxiliary Function.

  • A model with fly ignores the charge target, and all intervening models, when moving as part of a charge. Its final placing, after the charge move, must not overlap any other model’s base and must ensure the charge target is within the charging model’s melee range. Note that the charging model still requires Line of Sight to its charge target before the charge move. 

Invisibility (p30)

Way back in patch #1, we actually changed Invisibility to include active abilities, however it somehow dropped off the radar and never made it into the rule book or Rakkir's card. We have reinstated it into both, so Invisibility is now the following.

  • A model with invisibility cannot be targeted by an enemy model's active abilities or RNG/MAG basic attacks while the enemy model is more than 3” away from the model. 

Point Blank (p31)

We have been toying with the idea of a point blank rule for some time, and the changes to Saiyin gave us a reason to take the plunge.

  • A model with the point blank ability can use its RNG or MAG attack when engaged by enemy models. Firing into melee penalties apply as per normal.

Stacking Terrain (p32)

Added a new section to clarify what happens when terrain pieces stack on one another, such as Marcus' Wall being placed within a forest or smoke.

  • The movement penalties from Rough Ground and Treacherous Ground do not stack. Similarly, the attack dice penalties for Soft Cover and Hard Cover do not stack. In both cases the highest penalty will be applied.


Errata are changes to the rules that we believe improve the player experience, close loop holes or are simply kick-ass changes that make Judgement even better.

Magic Attacks in Melee (p15)

This section was only relevant for Saiyin, and produced a lot more questions and confusion than it was worth. It has been removed from the game.

  • Magic Attacks in Melee removed from the game.

Knocked Down (p30)

Added the following:

  • A model suffering the knocked down condition has to spend an action, or a Fate, to stand up, at the start of its activation.

Hero Updates

As the game continues to grow, adding heroes, different maps, magical artefacts and monsters, creates many options for players. We continually revisit various elements to ensure they are balanced and players are faced with legitimate and interesting challenges when designing their Warbands. All changes are carefully measured and, as is always the case, we will continue to monitor things over the next three months  as we march towards the next patch.


Qualify of life clarification for Allandir around the wording of his Explosive Shot. 

  • Re-worded Explosive Shot. Previously it could be interpreted that once it was triggered, the affects lasted for all subsequent Bow attacks. This is not the intention. 


Barnascus has been in an awkward place for some time and we have spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the best way to buff him. A model that can do so many different things can easily become OP, so we have chosen two areas to improve his kit. Promoting him to a mounted model was an obvious thing to do and continues to build on his flavour as a dwarf riding a tank platform. The 2nd change is another one that make sense. He pays an action to advance his MOV stat and a Fate to do some damage. This also means if you have Fate you can negate the poor situation where you are engaged by an enemy, but not engaging them. We feel these two changes give "Barney" a decent buff that should place him towards the top end of town.

  • Barnascus is now a mounted model
  • Grind has had the following added to it:- "Advance this model up to its current MOV in inches."

Bastian Oriel, Lore Keeper

Bastian has held his position at, or near the top of the supporters role, pretty much from day 1. We have said, on several occasions, the fact a hero that does so little damage can be one of the most powerful is testament to the game's rule set and we are proud of that. With the game maturing, and the player base increasing rapidly, we want to normalise the abilities that can produce such wild swings in fortunes and his Prayer of Health is one such ability. This is not a trivial nerf to Bastian however one we feel is warranted, and one that still makes his healing ability  a powerful one. The Plane Walker reduction is a small adjustment we have wanted to make for some time.

  • Prayer of Health reduced from D6+3 to D3+3
  • Reduced Plane Walker range from 12" to 10"


For completeness sake, we have included the official V1.0 card for Lord Fazeal. 


Haksa is in a solid place and fits the role of supporting Shaman perfectly. Keeping in line with our desire to reduce the large swings in dice we changed the way Equilibrium works. 3-5 instead of 1-6 is arguably more a buff than a nerf, however it serves the purpose of reducing a massive swing opportunity. The range reduction, to 4", brings him in line with most other offensive abilities. Haksa will continue to be a solid choice with these changes.

  • Equilibrium reduced to D3+2 from D6
  • Equilibrium range reduced to 4" from 6" for both enemy and friendly model 


This simply makes sense to us from an origins stand point and a flavour view. She is the Mistress of the Flame after all.

  • Istariel is now immune to the Fire Condition 


The ability to strip multiple souls in a single activation had the potential to cause a negative play experience and give a losing player a path back into the game that was a little too easy. 

  • Strip Soul can only execute once per activation


We are very happy with Kogan's kit, his model, his theme, pretty much everything about him. We feel he is just under the curve with regards to other aggressors however we understand, from past experience, that he is a delicate one to balance. We have made 3 minor changes to him that we feel nudges him into comparable territory with other aggressors in the game, while maintaining his niche.

  • Blunderbuss range increased to 5" from 4"
  • Starting health increased from 16 to 17
  • Battle Cry now enables 1 Sustained Attack re-roll


  • Updated her card to include the Fly innate ability.
  • Removed her Jet Pack ability since it was replaced with Fly.


Way back in patch #1, we updated the definition of Invisibility to include active abilities, not just RNG & MAG attacks, however it somehow never made it onto Rakkir's card. We have finally updated it to reflect the intended Invisibility rules.

  • Invisibility updated to include immunity from active abilities that originate from enemy models more than 3" away


Saiyin's magic attack in melee caused more confusion and questions that it was worth. We thought long and hard about what to do with her attack. We did not want her to become another ranged magic elf, and we wanted to keep her ability to wield magic in combat. We believe we have done that perfectly, and at the same time given her a combat oriented buff. Just think of her now as a magic wielding hero with a short range attack that can still be cast when she is in combat.

  • Wither Soul range increased to 3"
  • Gained Point Blank innate ability
  • Magic Attacks in Melee has been removed from the rule book


For completeness sake, we have included the official V1.0 card for Sharn.


Skoll's Primal Scream was causing a lot of issues around unforeseen interactions with other hero's innate abilities. We considered a few options here however all were a lot of re-work so instead we decided to change the definition of Primal Scream and move it to his level 2 Mystic head slot. This meant that Mesmerising Gaze was moved to level 3, and we also decided to upgrade its cost.

  • Primal Scream given new definition. Moved to level 2 and cost changed from 1F to 1A
  • Mesmerising Gaze moved to level 3 and cost changed from 1A to 1F


Styx is in a very good place, however we felt the ranges on his abilities meant he could play a little too safe while dominating a battle. We love his kit, and love what he brings to the table, however everyone's favourite cyborg needed to be pegged back just a touch.

  • Ethereal Passage range reduced from 6" to 4"
  • Astral Split range reduced from 8" to 6"


Svetlana is another hero that brings something unique to the table, particularly in the Soulgazer class. We are very happy with her kit, however there was a general feeling she was reaching her strong point too early, especially when you consider how easy it is for her to reach level 2. We are much happier after tweaking her kit a little bit.

  • Swapped Beast Master and Soul Keeper around, so Beast Master is at level 3
  • Reworded Soul Keeper so that she always keeps 1 Soul when she dies.
  • Reduced range of Beast Command from 5" to 4"


Thorgar has remained untouched for a while as he sits in a solid position within the hotly contested melee aggressor slot. In saying that, we do feel that in the hands of a top tier player, the ability to abuse Enraged Slam was just a little too good, particularly once the big man hit level 3. We decided to tone that down just a touch. He also had too much of an advantage, health wise, compared to his peers.

  • Start health dropped from 18 to 17
  • Level 3 health gain reduced from 3 to 2 (max health now 21 instead of 23)
  • Enraged Slam damage reduced from 5 to 4
  • Enraged Slam distance changed from 7" to his current MOV+3"


The ability for heroes to summon other models is a very interesting and fun aspect of the game we want to promote. Balancing heroes that can summon is always going to be a challenge and we thought it was time to revisit this little guy, particularly when you consider the introduction of Dor'gokaan.

Soul Call was an ability that began innocuously before becoming the single dominant ability in Viktor's kit. The Scorched Earth map reinforced this even more. It was never our intention to make Soul Call his main ability so we simply removed it from his kit.

The introduction of Banishment is a two-edged sword, as it means Viktor cannot automatically dispel previously summoned demons by summoning a new one. It now means he is a fantastic counter to himself, as well as making Dor'gokaan far more manageable on the maps where he is a neutral monster.

  • Demon Gate changed to 0A as each demon's summoning cost has been moved to their cards
  • Replaced Soul Call with Banishment
  • Demon Gate changed so that summoning a demon does not auto banish the previous demon, Viktor has to actually cast Banishment on an existing demon before summoning the new one.
  • Updated Viktor's summoning rules to reference "Demon - Warlock Familiar" as the model type


No material changes to Zaron's rules. We have simply made his summoning ability more generic to bring him in line with Viktor and prepare for future undead models that Zaron will be able to summon!

  • From Below cost changed to 0A, with the cost moved to the Skeleton monster
  • Unholy Vessel removed and moved to the Skeleton monster. The ability to harvest Souls is a feature of the skeleton and other undead monsters, that Zaron summons, will not necessarily have that feature
  • Bone Shards changed to be more generic as all undead models, that Zaron summons in the future, will also gain this ability


We felt Zhonyja was a little too reliable at level 1. These changes will mean she will have a little more difficulty killing that monster at top of turn 1.

  • Furious Charge removed
  • +1 MEL added to Relentless Charge ability

Monster Updates

Monsters have always been an integral part of Judgement, and as the game matures we find ourselves introducing more challenging and interesting monsters into the mix. We strive to ensure the monster rules are just as balanced as the heroes.


Al'garath remains a powerful choice for Viktor, even with the changes to Taunt and the introduction of Dor'gokaan. We have also introduced the summoning cost to his card like all summoned models.

  • Summoning cost added to his card
  • Taunt changed so the taunted model requires LOS to him to be taunted
  • Eldritch Discharge moved from Viktor's card to his card


Dor'gokaan has been spoiled with the release of the Scorched Earth map however this is the 1st official V1.0 of his card.

Dor'gokaan the Summoned


Similarly for the summoned version of Dor'gokaan. This is the 1st official release of his card. Balancing the summoned version was a challenge however there were several restrictions we added that, we believe, puts him in a good place. Below we highlight the differences between the monster and summoned version of Dor'gokaan.

  • Loses Dual Wield
  • Costs 1A+2F to summon
  • Eldritch Discharge is D3+2
  • Demonic Favour: Enemies gain a level and a Fate when they kill him
  • Demonic Restraint: Viktor loses an action whenever he starts an activation with a summoned Dor'gokaan in play.


Summoned undead have been revamped to be inline with summoned demons. So Zaron's Child has been renamed to Skeleton and its model type is now the generic "Undead - Necromancer Familiar". This is to cater for future undead releases that will be summonable by Zaron and other necromancers. 

  • Name changed from Zaron's Child to Skeleton
  • Model type changed from "Skeleton - Necromancer Familiar" to "Undead - Necromancer Familiar"
  • Summon Cost added to reflect new summoned model format
  • Unholy Vessel moved from Zaron's card to this card as it is a feature of this particular undead model
  • Skeleton Horde added as, once again, the ability to have 3 in play at any given time is a feature of this particular undead model


Terra was a bold step in a new direction for character shrines. Adding a model to a Warband takes careful design to ensure it is not overbearing or dominating battles. We have spent a few iterations balancing the pros and cons and feel he is now in a good place.

  • Eldir's Blessing: Terra now gives 2 Fate to the enemy Warband if they are within 2" when he is slain
  • Health reduced from 12 to 10

Magical Artefact Updates

Null Stone

The Null Stone needed a boost to make it more competitive in the highly prized defensive artefact slot. We gave it one.

  • Now operates just like Kruul's Null Magic ability, rendering magical artefacts useless within 4" of the bearer.

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