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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Patch Notes #10

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Patch Notes #10

Herein lies the tenth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning, we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, to stay true to its MOBA origins, and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of April 2020.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and core rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website or purchased from Both our Android and iOS apps will also be updated to reflect changes from this patch.

If you want to discuss the patch notes or anything at all about Judgement, please join our Discord channel or visit our forums!


Clarifications are provided for rules that are normally played a certain way, however, the rules as written do not necessarily support that. Clarifications can also be quality of life changes that do not necessarily change rules.

Base Health (p7)

With the increase in temporary health opportunities, we felt it was a prudent time to clearly define Base Health.

Base health is denoted by the health circles on a model’s statistics card. A hero’s health will rise and fall at they take damage and heal throughout a battle. Base health is increased when a hero gains levels.

Basic Attack (p7)

We added clarification around how extra damage and bonus attacks that originate from Basic Attacks work.

A model’s attacks are listed on card 1, below their illustration. No other attacks are considered basic attacks. Similarly, damage or an attack caused via a Combat Manoeuvre triggered from a basic attack is not considered a basic attack.

Temporary Health (p9)

Similarly, we thought it was time to clearly define what Temporary Health means in the game and how it works across the board.

Models can gain temporary health from various items and abilities. Temporary health is a pool of health points a model has in addition to their base health. Temporary health possesses the following attributes:

  • Damage dealt to the model is marked against temporary health first.
  • Temporary Health cannot be healed by any means.
  • A model can still heal their base health when they are benefitting from temporary health.
  • For instances when a model gains temporary health from multiple sources, the owning player must track them separately. When a model with multiple temporary health pools suffers damage, the owning player can apply the damage to any pool they choose. In this instance, damage can be spread across multiple pools as desired. Note, the multiple temporary health pools will expire independently of each other.

Combat Manoeuvres (p17)

Cleaned up loose wording around "attack action" by replacing all instances of it with "basic attack". As written it meant that heroes with dual wield were unable to execute combat manoeuvres via their second attack. The intention was always that they could and now since we reference Basic Attacks, they can.

Monsters Attacking Heroes (p24)

Clearing up an instance where Ashtooth roled triple J. He must choose Knocked Down before poison.

If a monster rolls triple “J” in their attack role, they must choose the knocked down combat manoeuvre over all others.


Hit (p8)

We decided to add a formal definition of what a model getting Hit means. This will enable us to clarify a few grey areas with hero abilities that would be easier to define with a formal definition of Hit.

A model is considered to have been Hit when any attack dice roll, targeting that model, chosen by the attacking player, results in any symbol (Manoeuvre, Hit or J) appearing on the dice. If an attack roll results in all dice being blanks, the target model has not been Hit and therefore does not trigger effects that require a model to have been Hit.

Monsters Attacking Heroes (p24)

We have improved the monster AI by allowing them to choose another combat maneuvere should they roll triple J against an already knocked down opponent.

If a monster rolls triple “J” in their attack role, they must choose the knocked down combat manoeuvre over all others unless the model they just attacked is already knocked down, in which case they will choose another combat manoeuvre on their card if one is available.

Buy/Sell/Trade Magical Artefacts (p27)

Magical Artefacts remain one of the coolest parts of Judgement. The ability to tailor your Warband while in the heat of battle is a fantastic strategic element. As a design team, we are constantly trying to weave them further into the game. We also felt a small attempt to soften the blow when a hero is killed was warranted. This change provides an opportunity for heroes to be more useful the turn they revive.

  • By buying one or more of them while in base-to-base with their Effigy. This normally costs 1 action plus the Fate cost listed on the magical artefact card(s), however, a hero does not have to pay the action cost on the turn they respawn.

Unit Cohesion (p13)

Hero units continue to be a very exciting direction for the game. One that opens up a myriad of possibilities in the future. Bale & Sarna's introduction has gone pretty smoothly, however, we are constantly monitoring their performance and the feedback we receive. The one area we are addressing in this patch is Unit Cohesion, in particular around models in the unit contributing to their own Soul Harvest attempts. 

  • Contribute (+1) to friendly Soul Harvest skill check attempts (maximum +2 regardless of the number of models). Note, models in a hero unit do not contribute to their own Soul Harvest attempts.

Souls (p25)

Small quality of life change that makes sense from a fluff perspective. Unbound Souls no longer move towards hero models that are suffering the Curse condition.

  • Unbound Souls move D3” directly towards the nearest hero model, not suffering the curse condition, during the Communion Phase.

Curse (p31)

  • Also, unbound Souls do not move towards heroes suffering the curse condition in the Communion Phase.

Magical Artefacts

The design team constantly discuss magical artefacts, their usefulness and their usage. Our remit has been to consolidate and improve our existing artefacts to ensure genuine choices across the spectrum of hero roles, before expanding the artefact deck. This patch sees the boldest set of changes we have ever made to artefacts since the creation of the game. We believe these changes provide competing choices across the board.

Boost of Elvenkind

  • Combined Boots of Elvenkind and Boots of Speed
  • Removed Boots of Speed from the deck

Boots of Stability

  • Boots of Stability combined with Minotaur Essence
  • Minotaur Essence removed from the deck 

 Bracers of Disruption

  • Combined Bracers of Disruption with Astral Stasis Potion
  • Removed Astral Stasis Potion from the artefact deck

Demon Blade

  • Adding this to the deck for those that use cards during their games. We will work with the app devs to add it to Warband Commander

Gift of the Gods

  • Reduced the range from 6" to 4"

Hunter's Knife

  • Hunter's Knife combined with Potion of Ogre Strength
  • Potion of Ogre Strength removed from the deck
  • It now includes Summoned models bringing it in line with Brok and Jaegar's Monster Hunter rule


    Some of our latest heroes have abilities that scale with levels. This is a mechanic that we wish to extend to earlier heroes where it maintains balance and makes sense. 


    • Repair now scales with levels


    • Prayer of Health scales with levels
    • Enhance Magic is now an aura


    • Savagery changed so it expires at the end of his next activation


    • Included updated text for Shadow Mist tokens
    • Reduced her Consume Soul healing from 5 to 4


    • Hyper Regeneration (level 2 ability) scales with levels

    Lord Fazeal

    • AGI increased from 3 to 4


    • Moved Lightning Leap to level 1
    • Moved Hold Person to level 2
    • Added +1 MOV to Find the Path
    • Dropped Root
    • Added Elemental Command to level 3


    • Elixir scales with levels


    • Change Duplicate Self so it now specific Piper must be Hit by the attack to get rid of it.


    • Aura of Light scales with levels
    • Enhanced Aura (old level 2 ability) replaced with Sleep


    • Re-worded Hammer Smash
    • Replaced Intimidate with Pavise Adept


    • Reworded Diversion with the following highlights:
      • Skye can choose when to trigger it, no longer the first trigger each turn.
      • The original target suffers the full damage first.
      • The damage is then spread across eligible targets as True Damage.
      • The original target heals back the health it initially suffered.


    • Simple change adding Frost to the exemptions of Nullify on the 4th card


    • Soul Keeper moves from level 2 to level 1
    • Stun combat manoeuvre removed
    • Beast Master moves from level 3 to level 2
    • Gains Elemental Command at level 3


    We have added summonable versions of Terra and Inferno for the re-worked Gendris and Svetlana. And, we also decided to raise the power of the monster Inferno to be more in-line with our original intentions and his bounty.


    Inferno Summoned


    • MEL increased from 7 to 8
    • AGI increased from 3 to 4
    • Heat Conductor is for all basic attacks, not just flaming fist (i.e. Fireball gets it)
    • Dual Wield removed from summoned version
    • Fireball attack changed from RNG to MAG


    • Clarified that Dor'gokaan is not included in random monster spawn camps 

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