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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

More Reveals and Merry Xmas

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More Reveals and Merry Xmas

It has been almost three months since we announced our merger with Creature Caster and things have been hurtling along at breakneck speed ever since. The creative team are busy working through the resculpt of the entire Judgement range. The marketing team focuses on the public launch of Judgement version 2, while a group of 30-odd Judgement enthusiasts are busy shaping the new ruleset as part of the closed beta.

The buzz around the new ruleset is such that even after five years of continually playing Judgement, Jeff and I enter every game like it is our first. The changes are inspiring. We are pushing miniature gaming into uncharted waters and taking Judgement to the next level. I cannot wait to share with you all, in good time.

For today, I am pleased to reveal another glimpse into Judgement's future with a new sculpt render and an artwork.

Ever since two mates from Queensland chipped in to back the top tier of our first Kickstarter, Skoll Bonestorm has held legendary status. The version 2 Skoll sprue includes a set of alternate heads which tie ettins with their orc brethren. Rest assured, the original "Queenslander" heads will remain an option on the sprue. However, today I wanted to share the 32mm scale orc version of Skoll Bonestorm.

Skoll Bonestorm

Skoll Bonestorm with the Orc variant heads

One of the many benefits our partnership with Creature Caster brings to the game is access to far greater creative resources. I have always loved fantasy artwork, and it has been a dream to flesh out the Judgement universe in all its glory. Here is a brand new piece that depicts the effigy of Krognar, one of the gods of the Between. Judgement v2 will include effigy and shrine models for the first time, something fans of the game have been asking for years.


Official artwork of the Krognar effigy

Finally, Jeff and I would like to wish everyone a fantastic Xmas and an even better new year. We have missed catching up with the game's players at conventions in 2020 and hope we can share some face-to-face time with you in 2021. Cherish this time with your family and friends and see you next year.

Andrew "Guns" Galea



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