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Maps Announced for JNAC Finals

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Maps Announced for JNAC Finals

Following our announcement of running the double elimination format for the JNAC finals, we have set the maps that will be played for each round. Double elimination is prevalent in many sports and e-sports around the world, however, it has never really found its way into table-top tournament play. For standard tournaments, the swiss-chess format works well, however, for invitational events of 16 players, the double elimination is something we prefer and will be exploring once we get back to the convention scene.

Double elimination does not strictly follow a sequential round system between the winners and losers brackets, so, announcing the maps for the entire tournament beforehand will allow players to play their games as soon as their opponent it known.

The Maps

Below are the maps to be played for each round of the tournament. 

Winners Bracket

  • Round 1: Cobblestone 1
  • Round 2: Scorched Earth 4
  • Round 3: Cobblestone 6
  • Round 4: Scorched Earth 1

Losers Bracket

  • Round 1 Scorched Earth 2
  • Round 2 Cobblestone 4
  • Round 3 Scorched Earth 3
  • Round 4 Cobblestone 3
  • Round 5 Scorched Earth 6
  • Round 6 Cobblestone 5

The Final

For the final, the player who has made it through via the winner's bracket will be given the following advantages:

  • Pick the map to be used
  • Automatically win the 1st dice roll-off




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