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Loribela Runeflask, Dwarf Alchemist

Loribela Runeflask

With the rhythm of a pendulum the hammer cracked against the hot metal, each with precisely the same force as the one before. Thubror’s forearms bulged, muscles straining from the effort. It was late in the day, he had been at it since dawn, however he knew better than anyone how important this stage in the armour working process was. At the 20th strike he paused briefly to let the metal cool, affording himself a few seconds to glance over at his daughter who worked alongside him with just as much precision and skill. Whilst she was quite adept at metal working herself, Lori's prowess with chemical compounds and metallurgy was legendary. 

Thubror had always enjoyed a deep love for his child, like any father would, however his admiration for Loribela had grown over time. A deep respect reserved for someone who possessed complete mastery over their work. Unperturbed by the setback of losing one of her limbs to an experiment gone wrong at a young age, Lori persevered with her quest for knowledge of alchemy until she was the foremost expert on the subject throughout all of Onathien. Another trait that made her father swell with pride.

Thubror turned back to his work. The stage where he would imbue the armour with the magical element created by Lori drew near and he had to be at his best to ensure both of their work was not wasted. Minotaur breast plates consumed a lot of their resources amplifying the cost of failure ten fold, not to mention the complication of upsetting an 8' hulking half-beast who wanted his armour. He smiled to himself. Lori had done wonders for relations between the minotaurs and dwarfs. A fact that was not lost on the king, yes, his daughter was a special one indeed.

Apparently the breast plate they currently worked on was for a leader of a great herd that roamed the plains east of Bhurnborrihm. Doenrakkar was his name, a mighty shaman of his people, one who seemed keen to strengthen ties between the minotaurs and dwarfs. To be fair the two races had always enjoyed good relations however it had definitely strengthened in recent times. The growing sense of trouble brewing had spread across the lands, talk of warring gods, fierce storms and shadow beasts coming out of the north.  Stuff of which Thubror knew little and cared even less about. Nevertheless he took some comfort in the knowledge the roaming herds of minotaurs were friends of his kin as well as the small part he played in that strengthening bond.

A sudden smash of glass broke Thubror from his reverie. Turning he saw his daughter on all fours breathing heavily gasping in pain. She rolled onto her side as he rushed to her loosening her tunic to make it easier to breath. "Father, I am fine and will be back shortly", she spoke through gritted teeth. His attention was drawn to the left side of her chest where he noticed a symbol of some sort glowing through her flesh. Lori clutched his hand tight and smiled. Then before his very eyes she began to fade until all that was left were wisps of black smoke, shadow like, where Lori lay only moments before.

Thubror was left alone with his thoughts. Now this would explain the recent absences. He returned to his work safe in the knowledge Lori would return and with it the answers to a myriad of questions formulating in his mind. 

Loribela is a hero with a difference, one of several in the Judgement range that breaks the traditional hero mould. She has a lot of character, an interesting back story and will be a 54mm miniature that will be a challenging and extremely rewarding experience for the hobbyists out there. In game she packs quite a punch sitting nicely within the Supporter class with a few interesting race specific synergies.

Loribela Runeflask

Lori possesses the base Movement 3, Agility 3 and Resilience 1 statistics typical for all dwarfs although beyond that she enjoys a powerful and diverse kit that makes her extremely useful in any Warband. Head-butt, her signature basic attack, contains a 1S Combat Manoeuvre that applies the useful Stun effect and Fiery Flask, her secondary basic attack, provides amazing utility being able to set opponents on fire.

Both of Loribela's Fate cost Special Actions alter the movement and placement of enemy models which is considered one of the most influential effects in the game. Combined with her dwarf/minotaur synergy she opens up several interesting Warband builds involving those two races.

 Loribela Runeflask

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