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KotG Final - 1st Rd Draw & Rules Update

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KotG Final - 1st Rd Draw & Rules Update

The inaugural King of the Grove tournament series final is being held on Saturday the 17th of November at the Judgement studios (i.e. game creator Andrew Galea's house!). The 8 qualified players will play 3 rounds of 5v5 using a 28 hero draft to determine the winner with games streamed via Twitch all day.

The 1st round draw is as follows:

  • Steve Fury vs Maggie
  • Andrew "Guns" Galea vs Ben "Chunky" Hayes
  • Anthony "Tort" Tortorici vs King Kyle Elbourne
  • Byron "Salty" te Velde vs Colin "Bobliness" Hill

Rounds 2 and 3 will be determined using the Swiss chess system.

Rules Changes for the Final

We have decided to bring forward 2 rules changes that will feature in the January 1 errata for the KotG final. Note that these are not official until January 1 2019 however players are free use them in their games if both players agree.

The Suicide Rule

In high level play, there are been a propensity for player to kill their own heroes voluntarily to deny their opponent an impending Soul. This was normally achieved by ending an activation within melee range of a monster or even moving through treacherous terrain. This caused a negative experience in the game as well as contributing to game length, two things we, as game designers, are keen to curb. With that in mind the following rule will be in play for the KotG final, with a view to making it official in the January 1st errata.

"When a hero dies, during its owner’s turn, by damage suffered from a monster or treacherous ground, the closest eligible enemy hero will harvest the dead hero's Soul."

Death Clock Amendment

Standard death clock rules dictate that when a player runs out of time they automatically lose the game. This works fine until such time when both players are running very low on time which introduces a scenario where each player feverishly works through their activation hitting the clock over to their opponent. It is messy, stressful and not fun for anyone involved, 3 terms you don't want to associate with a game. :)

After a lot of discussion with our players and deliberation on several options the following Death Clock rule will be incorporated into competitive play.

When a player runs out of time on their death clock:

  • play is suspended immediately and the player then has 1 minute to complete their current activation (use a phone or similar to set the 1 minute timer)
  • at the end of the current activation, the player's opponent gains a Soul bound to their Effigy
  • from this point forward the player whose time has run out will continue to get 1 minute to complete each activation, and their opponent will get a Soul bound to their Effigy at the end of each activation

We are confident this is the fairest way to end a game when 1, or both, players have run out of time and should alleviate the issues with the current system.

Bring It On!

Jeff and I are really looking forward to celebrating what has been a fantastic year for the game with some of our early adopters. We are keen to grow the King of the Grove series in future years both nationally and internationally and more importantly crown the inaugural champion. 


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