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King of the Grove Goes National

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King of the Grove Goes National

Expansion and Auto-Qualifiers

The inaugural King of the Grove tournament series was setup to bring together the  Judgement early adopters in the Sydney area. Heats were held throughout the year, with players accumulating points and the top 8 meeting for the finals in November. Now that Judgement wave 2 has hit the scene, and the game is in a completed "version 1" state, we are looking to expand the series to allow more players, from various meta, to take part. We hope that in the future there will be KotG series held in various countries, however for now, due to Jeff and I living in Australia, we will have to concentrate on getting it established as a national event down under.

In 2019 we are expanding the King of the Grove tournament series to include heats in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We are also introducing auto-qualifier spots for the winners of certain heats to provide adequate qualifying opportunity for players outside of Sydney, where most heats will be run. 

The 2019 Series

Initial details for the 2019 KotG Series have been posted and will be fleshed out as we progress through the year. For now, we are pleased to announce that CanCon is the 1st KotG heat for the year and is also an auto-qualifier providing a seat at the final for the winner. This year we will be shifting our focus to run as many heats as we can in retail stores. This will allow us to give something back to the stores that support us by stocking Judgement, as well as showcasing the game to potential new players who are in the stores when we run heats. Supporting retailers is something we are passionate about and it the best way for us to grow this great game.

Despite the competitive nature of the KotG series, as we did in 2018, all heats will be run in a friendly manner and be encouraging to new players that want to tip their toes in the Judgement waters. Jeff and I are really looking forward to the 2nd KotG series and cannot wait to observe the evolving meta as we build up to the full 30 hero draft finals! 

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  • Dec 22, 2018

    Yeah Tobias, it will be great to start getting some regular tourneys in Brisbane. :)

    — Andrew Galea

  • Dec 22, 2018

    In Qld too…
    So exciting!!!

    — Tobias

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