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King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report

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King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report


The King of the Grove series is in its second year and is starting to gain momentum with local (Australian) players. Today we ran heat 2 and 10 players converged on the Rebel Outpost hobby store on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The format was 3 rounds of 3v3 pick & ban on the Cobblestone map, and once the dust had settled, Steve "Fury" Drury emerged victorious with 3 flawless victories. New kid on the block, Harry James, took out 2nd and veteran Byron te Velde, who is competing in the Adepticon tournament in Chicago in 2 weeks, sailed into 3rd place.

Top 3

The top 3 from left to right. Harry James (2nd), Steve "Fury" Drury (1st), a Jaegar cosplay by Jeff Galea and Byron te Velde (3rd).

You can view the full results of the tournament here.

Rebel Outpost is a fantastic tournament venue with plenty of room and a great atmosphere for the players and we will definitely return in the future for more Judgement action.

Tourney pic 1

 Tourney pic 2

Hero & Warband Statistics

There were several interesting Warbands with a definite skew against Soulgazers in this tournament. In fact, there were only 6 Soulgazers, across the 50 heroes which made up the 10 Warbands. As to be expected, Aggressors were the dominant class with Defenders and Supporters/Hybrids also well represented.

Class breakdown


We had an impressive 22 of the 28 eligible heroes used in the tournament with the mighty Thorgar the most popular with 5 of the 10 players fielding him. Interestingly the class breakdown of the top 5 most used heroes were 2 Aggressors and 1 Supporter, Defender and Hybrid.

  1. Thorgar (5)
  2. Bastian (4)
  3. Thrommel (4)
  4. Rakkir (4)
  5. Kvarto (3)
  6. Brok (3)
  7. Nephenee (3)
  8. Kogan (2)
  9. Saiyin (2)
  10. Marcus (2)
  11. Skye (2)
  12. Zhonyja (2)
  13. Skoll (2)
  14. Kruul (2)
  15. Haksa
  16. Barnascus
  17. Loribela
  18. Svetlana
  19. Piper
  20. Istariel
  21. Zaron 
  22. Styx

The heroes that were not picked in any of the 10 Warbands were:

  1. Gendris
  2. Xyvera
  3. Viktor
  4. Doenrakkar
  5. Allandir
  6. Zaffen

Current Standings for the King of the Grove Invitational

Top 8 players in the King of the Grove leaderboard, at the end of the year, will be invited to compete in the invitational final. The current top 8 are:

10pts - Tobias "Desert Spiral" Ford (auto-qualified)
10pts - Steve "Fury" Drury
9pts - Byron te Velde
9pts - Harry James
9pts - "Loud" Chris Davis
8pts - Lloyd Mirto
7pts - Anthony "Tort" Tortorici
6pts - "King" Kyle Elbourne

The full leaderboard and rules for the series can be found here.

Our next event in the series is being held at The Hall of Heroes store in Campbelltown in Sydney's South West on the 27th April. Details for the event will be posted shortly.


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