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Judgement Survey #1 Analysis

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Judgement Survey #1 Analysis

We recently published our first-ever player survey, which provided a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable feedback for what we have been doing and input on the roadmap of Judgement. In all, we had 126 responses, which we were very happy about.  In this article, we present the survey results along with our thoughts and insights on what it means for the game.

Question 1

This is a pretty clear vindication of our release schedule. Balancing the desire to keep the game fresh and interesting against flooding the meta with too many new heroes has been a challenge from the start. However, we have always felt 3-4 heroes a year is a decent release schedule. Glad to hear the vast majority of you agree! Question 2

Question 3

Regularly patching the game was one of the core tenets we set out at the beginning of our Judgement journey. Not only is patching a feature of the digital MOBA, but the lack of consistent, frequent patching has also been a major frustration for us playing other game systems in the past. It felt incredible to reach the milestone of patch #10 last month, and this survey result vindicates the effort involved in maintaining the game's rules on a quarterly basis.

Question 4

The background material for the Judgement universe, and its varied characters, is pretty much a labour of love. It involves a lot of work and creativity, however, it provides no direct financial benefit to the company. We have said multiple times on stream and social media that it all started for Jeff and me with Dungeons & Dragons in the 1980s, so writing deep origins material was a non-negotiable for us. It is encouraging to think that 72.2% of players get something out of it.

 Question 5

This was always going to be an interesting one. We have always maintained a healthy focus on both the 3v3 and 5v5 game, so, it was good to see the player base like both formats and we have support to continue working on the 3v3 and 5v5 game moving forward.

Question 6 5v5 Swamp it is!

 Question 7

Along with the origins material, the comic book initiative is not a money-making exercise. It is just something we would love to do. We commissioned our main illustrator, Shane, to do 3 pages of the final stage of the Zaron storyline, however, it is too cost inhibitive for us to produce these on our own. The above results were encouraging enough with just over 50% of respondents selecting 6 or above. Bottom line is the only way full comic books are going to be produced is via some form of crowdfunding. I will revisit this soon to see our options are. We would love to make this happen. I guess, if it gets crowd-funded we do it, if not then we don't! 

Question 8

This was one of the big ones and we left the question as vague as possible for a reason. Introducing larger formats for Judgement provides a lot of potential benefits, including some of the most interesting rules and gameplay scenarios we have ever worked on.

  • Attract new players that prefer larger games
  • Produce bigger, epic, models
  • Introduce the concept of small skirmishers units
  • Exploit hero synergies and promote combination tactics with back-back activations
  • Multiplayer FFA and team-based competitions

With all this in mind and the nature of humans to be resistant to change, we actually found it encouraging that 26% of our existing players said they were interested, and the other 14% said they would be under certain conditions, most of which are covered in the above points. The key is for us to market the message correctly to contain the following:

  • The existing 3v3 and 5v5 formats are going nowhere 
  •  There are no new entry points to playing the larger game so all existing players, assuming they have enough models, can play it
  • The larger format has the potential to open up more commercial opportunities for Gunmeister Games which will ensure we not only just hang around, but that we thrive and grow the player base

We believe if we do proceed with this project, and we present it the correct way to existing players, that ~40% interested bloc will rise. Watch out for more in this space!

General Feedback

The free text feedback boxes provided fantastic insights into what our players are thinking. A few things that we saw again and again:

  • Change nothing <- thanks! :)
  • Want more players to play the game
  • Models are too expensive <- watch this space
  • Models are too brittle
  • The rulebook is difficult to use <- complete re-write incoming
  • Bonuses for playing all the one race

Jeff and I are working through these points one at a time and will do what we can to address them.

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone that completed the survey. We are blessed with such a wonderful community and look forward to continuing working with you to make Judgement reach its potential.

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