Judgement Kickstarter was 126% funded with 14 heroes unlocked!

Judgement Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

The Judgement Kickstarter was a resounding success, the $45,000 goal reached with 3 days to go in the campaign. A late surge saw both the free Shadow Hound (Gloom) neutral monster, and Piper, the Elf Illusionist/Thief become unlocked with a final funding total of $57,123!

Included in our backers were 6 retailers, 4 in Australia, 1 in the USA and another in Wales. We are very excited and honoured that Judgement will be stores, on the shelves at the same time the Kickstarter ships! So cool.

Here is the retailer honour roll:

Firestorm Games (Cardiff, Wales)
Good Games (Newcastle, Australia)
Little Wars (Louisiana, USA)
Irresistible Force (Brisbane, Australia)
Jolt Games (Canberra, Australia)
Hall of Heroes (Sydney, Australia)

Huge shoutout to all the retailers for their tremendous support of Judgement.

Gloom, the Shadow Hound Unlocked!

The highlight of the campaign, besides reaching our funding goal of course, was the unlocking of Gloom! Every backer of the Warband pledge or higher will receive a free Gloom model as part of their rewards package. A beautiful sculpt by James Cain. 

 Gloom, the Shadow HoundGloom is one of Judgement's neutral monsters and appears on many of the 1st wave maps. A natural denizen of In-Between, the Shadow Plane where the battles of Judgement are fought. Gloom has an interest set of rules including Invisibility which makes it particularly difficult to take her down without putting yourself in harms way.

Gloom, the Shadow Hound

Very excited to get the first run of Gloom models, with the 3d render already complete she will be one of the first to hit the Judgement studios. So look out for some Gloom pics and feature videos soon!

Piper, the Elf Illusionist/Thief Unlocked!

The other cool story to emerge from the Kickstarter campaign was the unlocking of Piper. Originally the elusive elf was way down the pecking order, slated to be one of the last to be unlocked. However with the campaign in its last hours we decided to throw it out to the floor and let the backers decide which hero would be unlocked. Piper absolutely won the vote on a landslide, out scoring his nearest opponent (Haksa the Orc Shaman) by almost 2 to 1. So Piper it is!

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Thief

Piper has a very interesting illustration, done by Sarah Bates. And his in-game kit is one of the most diverse and fun in the game. It is a great combination which was reflected in the voting. It looks at this early stage that Piper will be the first hero sculpted and we have a lot of ideas that will push the boundaries of miniature sculpting so definitely can't wait for him to hit the desk... :)

It is such an amazing journey, writing a game from scratch, ploughing through months of trials and tribulations and then rolling the dice on Kickstarter. We have come out the other side in fantastic shape, a remit to create the game we love and the faith of over 170 backers, however in reality the hard work has really just begun. At least it is hard work knowing that Judgement is going to be a thing, a real game being played by gamers around the world. Amazing. :)

The Judgement Team

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