Judgement Patch Notes #5

Andrew Galea

Posted on December 05 2018

Judgement Patch Notes #5

Herein lies the fifth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of January 2019.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website. Both our Android and iOS apps will also be updated to reflect changes from this patch.

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"Enter" Definition Added

After observing, and playing, countless games, it became apparent that we needed an official definition for a model entering an area. This new definition is available in version 1.5 of the Judgement rule book.


To advance, be pushed, placed or thrown to within a specified area.

"Running Out of Time" Recommendation Updated

Deathclock has pretty much become the universally accepted way to play competitive games in table-top tournaments. Many games have come up with ways to avoid the dreaded scenario where both players are simultaneously running out of time. It creates stress, promotes sloppy play and often leads to neither player walking away from the game feeling good about things. This is not an experience we want to associate with Judgement. With that in mind, we have introduced a new way to resolve the situation where one, or both, players run out of time on their death clocks in a tournament. This new method has been included in version 1.2 of the Judgement Tournament Pack.

Running Out of Time

If a player runs out of time, the following occurs:

  • play is suspended immediately.
  • the player sets a timer for 1 minute and has that minute to complete their current activation.
  • at the end of the current activation, or 1 minute, the player’s opponent gains a Soul bound to their Effigy and then has their turn, as per usual.
  • from this point forward, the player whose time has run out will continue to get 1 minute to complete each activation. Their opponent will gain a Soul bound to their Effigy at the end of each of the timed out persons activation or at the end of each minute, and will continue to play their turn as per usual.

Multiple Monster Activations

A quick clarification around what to do if there are 2 or more monsters on the battle field. This has been added to page 21 of the rule book under the Hunter section.

When 2 or more monsters are on the battlefield during the Communion Phase, randomise the order in which they activate.


Treacherous Ground Updated

The 2 damage a model would suffer as a result of interacting with Treacherous Ground was often dominating battles whenever it came into play. Heroes with the ability to do multiple attacks, such as Brok, Skoll or Nephenee, had the potential to do over-the-top damage by moving an enemy in and out of Treacherous Ground each time they rolled a manoeuvre symbol on their attack role. We never had the intention for Treacherous Ground to have such an impact and whenever it did it detracted from the enjoyment and realism of the game. We have altered the way Treacherous Ground works so that it still has an impact but not one that can decide the outcome of battles. These changes are an inadvertent nerf for Gendris however we felt it was necessary to maintain integrity of our rules.

Treacherous Ground

If a model’s base is within treacherous ground at any time during an advance or charge action, it suffers a -2” MOV penalty for that action and 1 damage, that ignores 1 RES, immediately.

Any model whose base moves within treacherous ground as a result of a push, place or throw, suffers 1 damage, that ignores 1 RES, immediately. 

The Suicide Rule

A tactic that was fast becoming prevalent within the competitive scene was the act of a player killing one of their own heroes by purposefully ending their activation within melee of a monster or traversing through Treacherous Ground. This provided a negative experience for their opponent, as well as prolonging games by denying Souls. It was intentional that a hero could suicide however it was not our intention to have it become a major tactic. We have therefore modified the Soul Harvesting section of the rule book to change what happens when a hero dies this way. Note that if a hero dies to a monster during the Communion Phase, then nothing changes. This errata is just to change what happens when a hero dies during their owner's turn. Rules for Soul Harvesting can be found on page 24 of the rule book.

Excerpt from Soul Harvesting Section of Rule Book

Killing a hero creates a Soul. The hero that inflicted the final wound, that results in the death of a hero, automatically and immediately harvests the dead hero’s Soul unless they are dead at the time. If a hero dies from a monster or treacherous ground, it does not generate a Soul from that death, unless the hero died during its owning player’s turn.

If a hero dies during its owning player’s turn, from any means, then the nearest enemy hero model will automatically harvest its Soul.

Smoke Terrain Feature

We have decided to add the Smoke terrain feature to the rule book. Smoke behaves exactly like a forest, in terms of soft cover and line of site, except that it is not Rough Ground. Rules for Smoke can be found on page 31 of the rule book.

Hero Updates

While we have updated cards for 9 heroes, only 3 of them have had actual balance changes. The other 6 are clarifications and quality of life changes.


Allandir, elf ranger

We felt that Allandir struggled to compete in the competitive ranged aggressor class, in particular direct comparisons with Istariel. Allandir lacks the manoeuvrability of Istariel and Viktor, however he also lost out in the damage stakes. We have buffed in a few areas to give him that extra bite and put him on par with his contemporaries.

  • Bow Crit damage increased to 5 from 4.
  • Mark Target now gives an extra attack dice instead of +1 damage.
  • Explosive Shot inflicts 1 True Damage on top of the Fire condition.
  • Camouflage now works while Allandir is within Smoke.


Barnascus, Dwarf Pyromaniac

Barnascus was a little too good at everything. We have toned down his potential damage output via Hot Fire and Hull Smash, as well as dropping the effectiveness of his Flame Thrower. We feel these changes bring Barnascus back in line with the rest of the range while still keeping him effective in his niche all-arounder slot.

  • Flame Thrower incurs a -1 dice penalty when attacking 2 models in the one attack action. 
  • Hot Fire now requires a J in its 2S to inflict the 1 extra True Damage.
  • Hull Smash now requires a J in its 2S to inflict the 1 extra True Damage.
  • Lightning Shield can only inflict damage once per hero activation and now specifies the new enter rule. This means that enemy models will not suffer the damage from Lightning Shield if Barnascus is moved in any way to "catch" a model within it's range.


Doenrakkar, Minotaur Shaman

We have decided to clarify that all defender abilities that protect friendly models, such as Doenrakkar's Redirection, are only triggered from enemy basic attacks. Previously, there was some confusion whether Redirection could be used to divert the damage from something like Rakkir's Toxin, which was never the intention of these kinds of defender abilities.

  • Redirection now specifies it only triggers from Basic Attacks.


Gendris, Minotaur Druid

Clean up task of updating Gendris' card with the change to Treacherous Ground.

  • The 4th card updated with updated Treacherous Ground rules.


Kruul, Orc Witchdoctor

Transference, in its original form, allowed the Kruul player to bind one of his Souls to non-hero models which was not the original intention.

  • Transference only lets the Kruul player bind one of his Souls to a friendly hero model instead of any friendly model. This means a Soul bound to Kruul can no longer be bound to Kruul's Effigy upon his death. 


Nephenee, Elf Warrior

Nephenee is in minor tweak mode now as we feel she is in a very good place. We have decided to up her Laser Storm damage to make it that little bit more reliable.

  • Laser Storm damage increased to d6+1 from d6.


Skye, Elf Monk

Similar to Doenrakkar, we have updated Skye's Diversion so it only triggers from enemy basic attacks.

  • Diversion changed so its trigger is enemy basic attacks.


Styx, Human Cyborg

The wording for Nullify was causing a lot of confusion around what exactly our favourite cyborg could remove with it. We have updated Nullify, and the explanation on card 4, to help remove any ambiguity.

  • Nullify updated to clarify what tokens, templates, and effects that can be removed by it.
  • The 4th card provides further clarification. 


Thrommel Ironbeard, Dwarf Warrior

Another defender that has had an update to his defensive innate ability, this time it is Thrommel's Bodyguard.

  • Bodyguard updated so that it only triggers from enemy basic attacks.

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