Judgement Patch Notes #4

Andrew Galea

Posted on September 24 2018

Judgement Patch Notes #4

Herein lies the fourth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, in keeping with its MOBA origins and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of October 2018.

Remember that all hero, monster, magical artefact and rules can be downloaded from the Print & Play section of this website.


New Auxiliary Functions

Invisibility (p29)

Invisibility appeared as the level 3 ability for Rakkir. With the release of the Ring of Invisibility magical artefact, we decided to add it as an Auxiliary Function in the core rules.

A model with invisibility cannot be targeted by Ranged or Magic attacks while the attacker is more than 3" away from the model.

Nimble (p29)

We decided to plan ahead with the "immune to parting blows" ability and name it as Nimble. This appears as a new Auxiliary Function in the core rules.

A model with nimble is immune to parting blows.

Steady (p29)

Knocked down is arguably the most powerful condition in the game with many players designing their Warbands around having multiple ways to execute it. With the introduction of the Boots of Stability magical artefact (see below) we once again wanted to future proof the core rules so included Steady as a new auxiliary function.

The first time each turn a model with steady is knocked down it ignores it and is not knocked down.

Effigy Recall (p13)

Clarification was required around whether Effigy Recall was an Active Ability, primarily to see whether a knocked down model could execute it. The following text was added to the Effigy Recall entry in the rulebook. 

An Effigy recall is not an active ability so can be executed while a model is knocked down.

Forests & Line of Sight

While the rulebook did talk about forests and line of sight for models that are within the forest, it did not clearly state that a forest does actually block line to models that are not within it. The following text was added to Forests & Line of Sight entry on page 31 of the rulebook.

Forests do block line of sight between two models if neither is within the forest and a line cannot be drawn between any points of their bases that does not cut through the forest.

Monsters and Summoned Models

There were some interactions between monsters and summoned models that were confusing and/or were open to interpretation. The following section was added to the Monsters section on page 22 of the rulebook.

Monsters treat Summoned models exactly like hero models under all circumstances with one exception. Monsters will ignore Summoned models when executing the Hunter rule.



The Curse condition was not having the desired impact on a game, especially when compared to the other conditions. One of the main issues was that it did not de-buff the recipient before they had a chance to shake the effect. Curse has been updated to the following, on page 28 of the rulebook.

A cursed model suffers the following effects while suffering the curse condition:

  • Unable to harvest Souls, either by attempting a Soul harvest or by killing an enemy model. If a cursed model does kill an enemy model, then that hero’s Soul does not spawn at all; the model is simply removed.
  • Unable to contest shrines.
  • Unable to assist friend models, or hinder enemy models, that attempt a Soul Harvest.


The Stun condition suffered in a similar fashion to Curse, and as such has been given a buff. Stun has been updated to the following, on page 29 of the rulebook.

A hero suffering the stun condition has 1 less action during their activation and is unable to perform parting blows while stunned.


The main design goal of Nephenee was to emulate a dive comp, allowing you to get her into the enemy's backline and wreak havoc on their "squishes". This unique play style, coupled with her dual wield ability, has resulted in her being difficult to balance. After several overpowering early play-test rule sets for her, the design team erred on the side of caution which left her in a slightly underwhelming place. After playing a lot of games testing her in different scenarios we feel we have finally settled on a kit that will allow her to do what she was meant to do.


  • Gains Nimble - Immune to Parting Blows
  • Laser Storm - Range increased to 4"
  • Jet Pack - can ignore impassable terrain models such as Effigies and Shrines


Kogan is meant to be a mid-field bruiser who has a devastating short ranged attack via his Blunderbuss. Unfortunately his Blunderbuss was commanding too much influence and was relegating his chainsaw attack to an after-thought. He was also able to absorb a lot more damage than we were comfortable with. By reducing his Blunderbuss range from 6" to 4" and shaving 2 health off each of his levels, we believe there is a lot more opportunity for counter-play against Kogan and also make him a more interesting and challenging hero to play.


  • Blunderbuss range dropped from 6" to 4"
  • Health dropped from 18/20/23 to 16/18/21


The launch of Vujasha introduced a quirk with Kvarto's Hold Monster ability, in that it did not stop her from moving when a Soul was harvested. We have closed that loop hole by removing the Communion Phase trigger from the ability. There was some confusion around who gains a Soul in the event that Mind Control results in the death of an enemy hero model. This has been clarified on his 4th "rules" card.


  • Hold Monster changes so reference to Communion Phase is removed. Therefore it now stops Vujasha moving when a Soul is harvested.
  • Mind Control clarified so that Kvarto claims any Soul, level up and bounty if the attack from Mind Control kills an enemy model.


Piper often fills multiple roles on the battlefield, and has the perfect kit for it. At this stage the change to Hybrid from Support class does not have a huge impact on the game, however we want all the heroes to be correctly classified to future-proof them. 

Piper, Elf Illusionist/Thief

  • Class changed from Support to Hybrid


The wording around Lightning Shield was a little loose so we wanted to tighten it up. It is now clear that the damage is triggered whether Barnascus or an enemy model resulted in them being within 2" of each other. Barnascus also inherits the new definition of Steady for his level 2 ability.


  • Clarified Lightning Shield wording to indicate the damage was triggered whether Barnascus or an enemy model caused them to be within 2" of each other.
  • Updated Steady to the new definition.

Viktor Clerval

We are always looking for areas where we can future proof game rules. The original Viktor card referenced Al'garath by name, however we want to have the little guy able to summon other demons as we release them. Therefore his card has been changed to reference the generic "demon" term instead of Al'garath specifically.


  • Reference to Al'garath removed and replaced with generic "demon" term.

New Magical Artefacts

Increasing the size of the magical artefact deck is an important part of the game's expansion. Artefacts inherently alter the way heroes interact with each other and the battlefield environment and are an interesting and cost efficient way, for both us and our players, to introduce variety into the game on a regular basis. This is the first time we are expanding the deck and the design team are super excited with the cool things players will be able to do with the new artefacts.

Boots of Stability

Bracers of Disruption

Hunter's Knife

Null Stone

Potion of Ogre Strength

Ring of Invisibility

Ring of Teleportation

Tome of Experience

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