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JNAC 2020 Finals - Double Elimination

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JNAC 2020 Finals - Double Elimination

The 2020 Judgement North American Championship finals are here! Due to COVID restrictions, we transitioned from table-top tournaments to online and included players outside of North America. 

We are excited to announce that the finals will be a 16 player, double elimination tournament with a seeded first round. Here is a list of participants.

  1. Shane York
  2. Illustrious
  3. Wankekong
  4. Willwar
  5. TheConstantWay
  6. Brandon Amick
  7. Pook
  8. TheGuardDog
  9. Coylote
  10. Try Hard Dan
  11. Alex Najdek
  12. Soulburner
  13. Bartlow
  14. Eterenal
  15. Spiral
  16. MissingTasks

Double elimination means everyone gets a second chance and to reward the undefeated player in the final, he will automatically win the first-dice roll-off.

Here is the draw.

View the complete draw here.

Warbands are due on the 8th November and we are set for a 9th November start!

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