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JNAC 2019 Winners and Stats Analysis

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JNAC 2019 Winners and Stats Analysis

The inaugural Judgement North American Championship has been run and won. In what proved to be a watershed moment for the game in North America, we saw 20 players battle it out to become the 1st champion of North America. In today's blog post, we take a look at some of the best performing Warbands, discuss some of the weekend's highlights and look at some hero statistics.

Hero Statistics from JNAC

The four initial rounds of the JNAC utilised the 5v5 - Pick & Ban format with games played on both the Scorched Earth and Cobblestone mats which meant that players had to bring seven models that could thrive in a variety of conditions and cater for various challenges.  

Below are the counts for the most popular heroes.

  1. Kruul 11
  2. Thorgar 10
  3. Sharn 9
  4. Allandir 7
  5. Kvarto 7
  6. Rakkir 7
  7. Skoll Bonestorm 7

Kruul got a decent buff in the lead up to the convention in patch #8, and there was a lot of hype around him. Thorgar is the goto melee aggressor for many players since he is arguably the most fate efficient, consistent damage dealer in the game. Sharn is another that was still riding the hype train following her recent release. All 31 heroes were represented in player's Warbands which is a testament to the state of the game after patch 8. The two least-used heroes were Gendris and Svetlana who are both unfashionable heroes in the current meta.

Here is a look at Shane and Alex's Warbands, the two undefeated players after the first four rounds.

Shane's Warband

Doenrakkar, Sir Marcus, Svetlana Oaklost, Kruul, Thorgar, Zhonyja, Bastian Oriel

Interesting that Shane was the only player to field Svetlana and went on to make the final. He also had only two of the most popular heroes in his Warband; they just happened to be the top two. :) If we assign a number to each hero based on the number of players that include them in their Warbands, Shane's Warband had a popularity total of 44.

Alex's Warband

Zaffen Ironhelm, Thrommel Ironbeard, Kvarto, Loribela Runeflask, Skoll Bonestorm, Brok, Kruul

Alex had 3 of the most popular heroes in his Warband, Skoll, Kruul and Kvarto. His Warband popularity total was 41.

Round 5 - A 31 Hero Draft

After four tightly contested rounds, Shane York and Alex Najdek remained undefeated, which saw them progress to a 31 hero draft to decide the championship winner. The battle was played out as a solo match so the rest of the field could watch them duke it out. You can watch a replay of the final game in the video below.


After a solid draft, both players ended up with very competitive Warbands. 

Shane's Warband

Haksa, Nephenee, Zhonyja, Marcus, Svetlana

Shane ended up with a very balanced Warband with two top tier melee aggressors in Zhonyja and Nephenee and perhaps the most versatile defender in Marcus. Those three provide a solid core and are ably backed up by Haksa and Svetlana to give a surprisingly tanky Warband, particularly when you combine those last two with Marcus' Defensive Stance ability.

Alex's Warband

Zaffen, Brok, Sharn, Rakkir, Zaron 

It is interesting to see that Alex ended up with a very similar composition for his Warband. Two great melee aggressors in Rakkir and Brok backed up by a versatile defender in Sharn. Alex also had a single soulgazer, Zaron. The only deviation was he had a ranged aggressor with Zaffen as opposed to Shane's Haksa (supporter). 

So, damage-wise, Alex would be slightly ahead with Shane having more versatility. They were both running fate-hungry Warbands which is another interesting observation. 

 JNAC Final

Shane (left) and Alex fight it out in the final.

JNAC Trophies

The amazing custom JNAC trophies.

The finalists. Shane York is crowned the inaugural Judgement North American Champion.

The finalists! Shane (right) is crowned the inaugural Judgement North American Championship winner.

 Full results of the JNAC can be found here.

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