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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

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Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

The MOBA fans among you will know that one of the best things about the genre is the sheer variety of heroes. With the completion of the wave 2 Kickstarter, the Judgement hero pool currently sits at 28. This provides a decent amount of variety for our players and has begun to introduce serious list building for competitive events, however we have said for some time we intend on releasing 3-4 new heroes a year and we simply cannot wait to get started.

Jeff and I agonised over which hero we would release 1st and in the end we decided to throw caution to the wind and go with one that introduced both a new race and a new hero type. Itchynads, the Goblin Hunter, is a mounted model that brings yet another completely new dimension to the game. You will see that we have kept the mounted rules simple while still managing to capture the flavour of how a mounted model would function within the Judgement ruleset.

Let's take a look at Itchy's card and talk through the main points.

Itchynads, Goblin Hunter

Mounted Rules

Let's kick things off by taking a look at the new rules for mounted models, which are a combination of the overt Momentous Charge and subtle changes to the hero's vital statistics.

Momentous Charge

When a mounted model charges an enemy model, they receive these bonuses for their current charge attack:

  • Add an extra dice to their attack pool, after all other modifiers
  • +1 damage

The two bonuses represent the extra impetus a mount would confer to the riding hero in an elegant fashion that does not slow down the combat process at all. Momentous Charge increases a model's chance of greater damage via an extra attack dice and then affords them an extra damage point on top of that, the latter representing damage the mount itself would do.

Vital Statistics

Fitting for a small, nimble race, Goblins have AGI 5 and SPD 5, however you will notice that, in Itchy's case, his mount provides a bonus SPD taking it to a remarkable 6. As an aside, Goblin heroes are normally on 40mm bases, however all mounts are on the standard 50mm bases which bumps up the base size for Itchy. Attack wise, Itchy has both melee and ranged weapons however his RNG 7 crossbow attack is his main. Finally Itchynad's health is slightly higher than standard Goblins, once again due to the fact he is a mounted model.

Level 1

Itchy's is the second Monster Slayer hero, after Brok. A powerful ability that provides solid insurance trying to get that 1st turn monster kill. Strip Soul means Itchy is the 1st hero in the game with the ability to strip a bound Soul via a Combat Manoeuvre, from 7" range no less. 

Retarius is another powerful ability and one of the best de-buffs in the game, something that can currently only be removed by Styx's Nullify ability. And finally we have Adapt, a Fate powered Active Ability that sends Itchy's damage consistency through the roof.

Level 2 & 3

Disruption places Itchy at the top of the de-buff hit list with an extremely powerful aura that stops enemy models shaking effects. Think of fireknocked down and poison and you get the gist of how strong this is.

Finally, at level 3, our favourite little guy learns the Marksman ability, allowing him to aim even if he performs an advance action during his activation. On top of that, he also gains the Amour Shredder ability of ignoring 1 RES.


It is extremely satisfying, for a design team, when a hero perfectly captures the original intentions, in both illustration and rules. We can categorically say that Itchy does that, and we are very happy to add heroes from the Goblin race to the Judgement universe. Itchy's card will be available for download from our print and play section shortly, as will his paper doll.

We can also announce that James W Cain has been commissioned to do the sculpt and the great news is that James will be starting in the next week or so. We will post pics of the sculpt as they come to hand.  We hope you are as excited about Itchynads as we are and look forward to hearing your feedback after you have the chance to try him out in a few games. :)


Comments on this post (2)

  • Dec 17, 2018

    We are super excited as well Georg! Still hanging to have a game with you on the table-top! :)

    — Andrew Galea

  • Dec 17, 2018

    Super excited about this character! Fills a lot of holes in my various warbands! Stoked to hear that goblins will become a full faction, they have so much character.

    2019 is going to be a fantastic year for Judgement all over the globe!

    — Georg “M4gnetic” Buscha

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