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Isabel and Zhim'gigrak Beta Rules Update

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Isabel and Zhim'gigrak Beta Rules Update

We recently previewed the beta rules for Isabel, the human paladin and Zhim'gigrak, the undead necromancer. Both are still in the play-test phase with their official release slated for patch #9 on the 1st of January 2020. Today we announce tweaks for both heroes which are considered live for play-test immediately.

Isabel, Human Paladin


Isabel is the 2nd of our heroes, after Skoll Bonestorm, to have two level-up trees. She is a true all-rounder with a typical bruiser toolbox at level 1. For levels two and three, Isabel has access to a variety of abilities that will be clutch in the right situation. However, today's tweak has nothing to do with her level-up trees but reduces her healing effectiveness at level 1. The design team believe she is in a good place; however, we just felt her Lay on Hands needed a haircut.

  • Lay on Hands - range reduced from 4" to 1."

Zhim'gigrak - Undead Necromancer


Zhim'gigrak has generated more hype and discussion than any hero that has come before him. His predecessor, Lord Fazeal, introduced the undead race to the game and their unique racial traits were always going to be interesting as we moved towards the ranged aggressor class. Zhim'gigrak also introduced a brand new condition, Frost, the first condition to be added to the game since Judgement was launched. The design team have spent a huge amount of time on Zhim and we believe he walks the fine line between risk and reward. The one area where we felt he may cross that line was his ability to apply the Frost condition to multiple targets with his level one Ice Storm spell. Rather than change the spell itself, we decided to add an action to its cost. This change presents a valid decision for the Zhim player as to whether Ice Storm is worth casting, particularly in the late game, where the abundance of Fate often made casting this a no-brainer.

  • Ice Storm - cost changed from 1F to 1A+1F.

The design team will continue to test these two heroes, and monitor community feedback before we finalise their v1.0 rules in patch #9.



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