Inferno Sculpt Released

Andrew Galea

Posted on February 24 2018

Inferno Sculpt Released

Inferno made a huge impact when he was released during early play testing. A real risk/reward opportunity for either player, and a monster that cannot be ignored, since he has a powerful ranged attack. We actually provided some background for Inferno in an earlier blog post. Fire elementals are a classic monster in many fantasy games, including of course, the ancestor of them all, Dungeons & Dragons. Gloom and Ashtooth were the first 2 monsters developed since they are traditional natural inhabitants of the Shadow Plane, however once we looked to expand the monster range further, the fire elemental was at the forefront of our minds. There are various interpretations of the fire elemental, from a pure flame being, with little solid form, to a molten rock body, all fire and brimstone. The Judgement rendition is more towards the latter. Helge C Balzer capture the essence of Inferno magnificently in the illustration, however it left a tough task for James W Cain to represent that in 3D form. After a lot of work collaborating with the Judgement team, we are over the moon with the final sculpt, and here it is.

James painstakingly sculpted the numerous plates all over Inferno's body to truly capture the molten rock look we were aiming for. More than any other model in the range, we believe that Inferno will be transformed once he is painted. Rivers of yellow/orange lava running between the outer plates of his body are going to make this model pop, and he is going to look amazing on the battle fields of Between. Despite being a beast of raw power, the sculpt has captured the grace and beauty of a being at one with its environment. We are incredibly excited to release Inferno, and are pumped to include him as a free add-on for high level backers of our wave 2 Kickstarter.


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