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Inferno and the Mistress of the Flame

Ragnis felt a tugging on his mind, stirring him from slumber and causing his body to roll on its axis within the warm embrace of the magma chamber he slept in. Moments later he felt it again, the call of his master manifesting, as a tug on the fringes of his mind. Forin, the god of his domain, was summoning him forth once again. It was happening with greater frequency of late, since the mortals had been appearing on the Shadow plane, disrupting the flow of Souls from the mortal realm.

There was one in particular, a she-elf, that Ragnis’ master was most interested in. Ragnis did not understand the fascination, she had an unusually strong mastery over fire but she was a mortal, weak-minded fool, just like the rest of them. Dozens of little fools doing the bidding of the usurpers who had carved out small domains in the plane of Shadow. A crowd of miserable scavengers, stealing Souls and meddling in things they did not understand. Threatening their own existence in their folly.

Ragnis roared in pain as his master’s patience grew thin and the tugging became violent, dragging him inexorably through the veil to Between. He heard his masters voice in his mind, taunting him by calling him by the name the mortals used. “Inferno”. Ragnis didn’t know the name’s meaning, but he sensed the mockery. The fact he was unable to resist Forin’s beckoning, irritated Ragnis and drove him towards a killing rage. At least he would shortly get the chance to expend that rage on someone. They called themselves the summoned, but that summoning was easily and satisfyingly shattered. Though few of them could challenge his powers, some at least provided an entertaining diversion. The she-elf, Istariel was her name, was in Between right now and his master’s intrigue drove him to seek her out. This was another opportunity for Ragnis to capture more shards of her Soul and further his master’s plan to drag her soul to the elemental plane of fire.

Inferno, Fire Elemental

Inferno is the 3rd and most dangerous of the wave 1 neutral monsters. A beast from the elemental plane of fire, Inferno possesses both melee and ranged fire based attacks, and enjoys several special abilities involving that element. He is immune to fire, gains +1 damage vs enemies that are suffering the fire condition, and reduces their RES by 1 via heat conductor. Oh, and he sets opponents on fire as well. :)

Inferno appears in maps 4, 5 and 6 of the 5v5 battle fields maps, and on map 4 of the 3v3 maps. He is a powerful adversary that can dish out serious damage if left unchecked, however the reward for killing him is 2 Fate, in addition to the standard level up all monsters provide. Getting 2 Fate is a huge bonus, as is the ability to spend that Fate on magical artefacts in the middle of the battlefield. Inferno's damage output is high, however with AGI 3, 12 wounds and no RES, he is not that difficult to take down.

Inferno, Fire Elemental

Inferno adds a new dimension to any battlefield he appears in, providing an excellent focal point which players will duel over, exchanging high risk for high reward. Unfortunately, we don't have a physical sculpt of Inferno in our wave 1 release, however we hope to include one in our wave 2 Kickstarter early 2018.

Narrative by Andrew "Guns" Galea
Edited by Colin "Bobliness" Hill
Illustration by Helge C. Balzer

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