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Full Game Commentary Video

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Full Game Commentary Video

As we get closer to the Kickstarter launch we will be releasing more of the rules, game play and tactics of Judgement. Today we published a full length video of a play test battle using all the features of the game. In this particular battle both Jeff and I thought we would have some fun and play test race flavoured Warbands, him Elves and myself Orcs. 

One of the things I love about Judgement is the depth of tactical options available. Beyond choosing the 5 heroes for your Warband, you have to also consider your in-game magical artefact strategy and the levelling up priority of your heroes. And of course the last 2 plans can and will change and adapt to what your opponent does. The in-game strategies are so rich and really sets Judgement apart from other table-top miniature games on the market.

The Full Game Commentary video demonstrates a lot of the challenges that can be thrown up during the course of a game. Alternate activations result in a constantly swirling battlefield forcing each player to consistently refresh their strategy. Coupled with heroes unlocking new abilities and enhancing their powers with magical artefacts the ruleset makes for very dynamic gameplay.

An area of the game that will really allow us to stretch our wings is the creation of more interesting and challenging maps including a diverse range of monsters. Neutral monsters are another a unique aspect of Judgement and one area we are very excited about expanding upon once we successfully launch the Kickstarter. The rewards for killing them are great however they do soak up a lot of your Warband's resources to bring them down. Simply ignoring them will work for a time however their movement towards the nearest model each turn makes them a ticking time bomb that must be dealt with at some stage.

Despite the Judgement development team and early play testers having played hundreds of games so far we are yet to see any dominant tactic or Warband. We are still at that exciting stage of trying out combinations and in-games strategies. I can't wait to unleash the game onto the masses to see what amazing things the community comes up with, particularly once we launch the tournament packs for competitive play.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing more battle reports using lots of different heroes and combinations for you guys to get your teeth into. So stay tuned! :)

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