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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Creature Caster Collaboration for Judgement: Version 2.0

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Creature Caster Collaboration for Judgement: Version 2.0

Five years ago, Jeff and I started a journey without a clear path or end goal. It was our love of miniature gaming, and a creative itch, that fueled us to begin designing our own game. Even after we had decided to pledge our game to the Kickstarter gods, we did not dare dream of Judgement establishing itself alongside the games we had played and loved for many years.

Two successful Kickstarters later, and we were suddenly running our own gaming company and selling our miniatures worldwide. Despite our experience running companies and businesses in other industries, manufacturing products in 3 different continents (none of which were the continent we lived in) has undoubtedly been a challenge. The sheer magnitude of our learning is challenging to quantify, however, our success in turning a simple idea into a profitable gaming company is something that we will be proud of for the remainder of our days.

Despite all that we have achieved, there are limits to how far two brothers from Australia can take Judgement. Our passion for the game has not diminished; on the contrary, our drive to see the game reach its potential remains as strong as ever. It is that drive that leads us to today's announcement.

We have had offers over the years to sell the game, form partnerships, or receive financial backing. However, none would enable us to take Judgement to the next level without compromising the pledge we published on our About Us page many years ago. The offers were not the right fit. It was not until we met the Creature Caster crew that we first seriously considered partnering with another company in the industry.

We have long admired the Creature Caster range and the way they do business. Three years ago, at Adepticon, a discussion with Peter sparked a professional relationship that grew over time until we felt enough confidence in each other to take this giant leap forward. Decisions like these always contain an element of doubt. However, the energy and excitement generated between the two teams over the last few months have dispelled any reservations.

Today, we are happy to announce the collaboration between Gunmeister Games and Creature Caster on Judgement: Version 2.0. Judgement is now in the hands of a highly talented and experienced team that will enable the game to evolve beyond our wildest dreams. It is a beautiful thing, and we cannot wait for the journey to enter the next stage.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you are an existing Judgement player, strap yourself in for more beautiful models, amazing heroes, more races, the 2nd edition of the game, and a much larger player-base. If you have never played Judgement, there is never going to be a better time to dive in! The new edition will be fresh, innovative, and jam-packed with unique, stunning miniatures. Furthermore, many existing Creature Caster models will be immediately playable within the 2nd edition of the Judgement universe, with plans for further integration and growth.

The Scale is Changing For the Better

Cradol, 32mm and 54mm versions

Cradol, Shadow Hunter in both 32mm and 54mm scale

That's right, we are changing the scale of the game from 54mm to 32mm. The move to 32mm scale simultaneously solves several challenges we have faced since day one and opens up a bunch of cool options for the game. Practically speaking, the cost of each model drops and it is a lot easier to cart your Warbands around. This means that you, as a player, can own more of the models you love and have greater options when putting together Warbands!

Ironically, the move to a smaller scale also allowed us to include bigger models in the game. It is not practical to have things like dragons, greater demons or griffon riders when the standard size of a human is 54mm tall. But now, we can include those models and more, opening up an exciting future for Judgement. With that in mind, it is easy to see why we chose to pursue a partnership with Creature Caster, one of the highest quality resin “miniature” manufacturers in the world.

The decision to move to 32mm scale was not taken lightly, however, the fact that all existing models are 100% compatible with the new version and tournament legal indefinitely made the decision easier. We will forever be indebted to the existing players that have supported us over the years, so, this was important to us.

Stepping Into Hex-Based Movement

The switch to hex-based movement will, perhaps, be the most surprising change for current Judgement fans. However, it is, without doubt, the most exciting change we are making for version 2 of the game. Miniature game purists may say the free-form measured movement is the fine line between table-top miniatures games and board games, but we have seen that line become increasingly blurred for a number of years now; Judgement is once again forging its own path.

Free-form measurement is often the thing that new players and traditional board game enthusiasts struggle with most when trying out miniatures games. It is also the element which causes the most problems during competitive play. It took a single serious play-test session for the Judgement team to realise that moving to the hex-based system was a no-brainer, and could very well be the single thing that sends the game into the stratosphere.

Removing the ability to fudge movement and ensuring that model placement is absolutely consistent throughout a game and a tournament means that we can run a serious competitive scene – and we intend to do just that. A tiered system will provide a clear path for players: from competing in events at their local store to entering international prize-money events, and everything in between.

The combination of Creature Caster and Gunmeister Games presents limitless opportunities that we are so excited to share with you! It will all begin with the collaborative release of our new undead minotaur, Cradol the Shadow Hunter. Stay tuned for more details to come in the following weeks.

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