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Cradol, Shadow Hunter

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Cradol, Shadow Hunter

The Judgement design team intertwine the creation of heroes & monsters with the evolving narrative that brings the Judgement universe to life. Recently, we featured Doenrakkar's daughter, Cradol, in a story describing the experience of the constantly migrating Minotaur herds. In The Devouring Tide, Cradol was described as a mighty warrior who had become a leader of her people and a strong influence to turn away from the minotaur traditions. Her desire to forge a new path for the herd had driven a wedge between Cradol and her father, however, as the story unfolds, Cradol learns the folly of her ways, albeit too late to save her Soul.

As we recently found out in the story introducing Fazeal, Lone Rider, occasionally, exceptionally powerful mortals could hold onto a fragment of their Souls when they died. Cradol, being in her prime and one of the most powerful warriors alive, did just that, and so as she died at the and of the Atric, she transformed into a Shadow Hunter on the shadow plane. Today, we present the draft rules and sculpt for Cradol, an undead female minotaur. 



Cradol's Rules

Today, we present the 0.9 version of Cradol's rules. We have spent a lot of play-testing hours getting her right and while these rules are not tournament legal until patch #11 (i.e. 1st July), they are in a good enough state for your games. With Cradol, we introduce the Shadow Mist concept, a new in-game mechanic unique to her that provides a lot of flexibility and depth into her play. Cradol is also the 3rd hero, after Rakkir and Zaron, that uses Shadow Orbs. Being undead, as well, means she has a lot going on, however, with practice and including complimentary heroes in her Warbands, she can be a powerful piece.

We were keen to highlight her Shadow Hunter tag, so as well as having Shadow Orbs and the Shadow Mist mechanic, we have given her Mark Target, an ability previously associated with Allandir. Mark Target really gives her a feel of hunting down her prey and can make her a menace against the one she hunts. While Cradol's single target damage can reach high levels, particularly against her marked target, she provides a lot of utility with her healing and token/condition removal and nicely in the Supporter class.

We encourage everyone to give her a go. Cradol is already available on both the Wartable and Vassal Judgement modules. Please, send through any feedback you may have for her!

Cradol Rules

Cradol Illustration





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  • Apr 12, 2020

    Agreed! We purposefully deviated from the artwork to get a more dynamic pose. Glad to hear you liked it. :)

    — Andrew Galea

  • Apr 12, 2020

    I don’t think the card art does this gorgeous fig justice! I want one!

    — Erik

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