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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Ashtooth, Werewolf - Denizen of Between

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Ashtooth, Werewolf - Denizen of Between

An important part of the Judgement game universe are the random monsters that appear on the battlefields of the shadow plane of Between. In the first wave release of the game there were 3 monsters that featured on certain maps, they are Gloom the Shadow Hound, Ashtooth the Werewolf and Inferno the Fire Elemental. 

Gloom was unlocked as a free stretch goal in our 1st wave Kickstarter and has been brought to life via a finely detailed 54mm scale resin miniature. Despite not being unlocked as a miniature just yet, we have gone ahead and created an amazing illustration for Ashtooth. The highly talented Helge C Balzer, who is a recent addition to the Judgement team, has done a magnificent job capturing the essence of Ashtooth in the full colour illustration below.

Ashtooth the Werewolf


Similar to Gloom, you can see the runic symbols carved into Ashtooth's skin, typical of all creatures who are natives of the shadow plane of Between. Ashtooth prowls the shadow plane battlefields to seek out prey and protect his kin from the alien intruders, who seem to be appearing with more regularity. 

Ashtooth is a very powerful melee monster doing a massive 7 damage on a critical hit. Despite his average AGI of 3, his RES 1 and 12 health results in him being is quite difficult to take down. Ashtooth also has Regeneration(2) which means he can be quite resilient and a total menace if he gets into the backline of a Warband.

Ashtooth the Werewolf

We hope to bring Ashtooth to life as a full 54mm scale model in our range in the new year, until then we will have to admire his illustration in 2D form.

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