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Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021 Eternal Champions - Judgement Kickstarter Spring 2021

Al'garath Sculpt Reveal

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Al'garath Sculpt Reveal

Candlelight flickered across the pages of an ancient tome. A high pitched voice recited an incantation, then paused as the runes on the parchment glowed for an instant, before fading away, hence making the page safe to turn. A long, dirty finger nail, protruding from a small, gnarled hand, slowly lifted the corner of the page before carefully turning it over. Viktor adjusted the focus on his mechanical lens, his eyes were tired from some 18 hours pouring over the tome, however he was close this time, he could feel it. For 3 years he had searched the length and breadth of Athien to learn the true name of the demon that haunted his dreams, today he hoped that search would end.

Viktor's mastery of necromantic magic rivalled that of any native of Athien, however the natural weaknesses of his cursed race always held him back, something that would be more than compensated for, once he commanded a demon of the Abyss. The halfling had employed all his guile, cunning and magical prowess to thwart Bastian, and steal the book he currently read from the lore keeper's mythical tower. It would only be a matter of time before Bastian would become aware of the theft, Viktor thought, before pushing the thread out of his mind so he could concentrate on the task at hand. He turned another page, perhaps the hundredth time he had done it this session, yet still only part way through the book.

With a sharp inhale, Viktor paused, holding his breath. A cryptic message, woven into the words suddenly became clear to him, a pattern his subconscious had picked up on earlier, had now revealed itself to him fully. He exhaled slowly, scanning the page, and the next, and the one after, picking up pace as the algorithm required to decode the text became more familiar to him. Before long he was certain he had determined the true name of the demon, he stopped his natural urges to immediately begin the summoning ritual, and double checked his work. Summoning a demon, using an incorrect name, would be the end of him, without doubt.

Eventually, after checking a 3rd time, he leaned back in his chair, and slowly closed the book. The day had come when Viktor would finally be able to summon the demon, whose true name was now, and forever, burned into the halfling's brain. "Al'garath, you are now mine", the halfling whispered quietly to himself.

 Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

The Judgement team are buzzing with the release of the Al'garath sculpt today. Another masterpiece by the newest sculptor on the team, Stan Kolev. Stan, who has already done the impressive Svetlana and Viktor sculpts, has backed those up superbly with an truly amazing rendition of Al'garath. 

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Just like every model in our entire range, we have meticulously designed and sculpted a thematic scenic base for Al'garath.

Al'garath, Demon of the Abyss

Remember that Viktor and Al'garath are sold together in a box set. The image below shows them both in scale.

Viktor, the halfling warlock and Al'garath, demon of the Abyss


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