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Dor'gokaan sculpt revealed! Dor'gokaan sculpt revealed!

1st Vassal League Champion has been Crowned

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1st Vassal League Champion has been Crowned


In an effort to help connect our players from various communities, and to have some fun, we decided to run a Vassal league. Anthony Tortorici has done fantastic work creating the Judgement Vassal module so that it is a joy to use and very easy for players to get a game of Judgement whenever they want. 12 players, from 4 different countries, signed up for the league and they were separated into 3 pools, loosely based on geographical location to alleviate time zone issues.

For the pool round, each player played 3 games incorporating the various game formats, including 3v3 (swamp & cobblestone) pick & ban and 5v5 pick & ban. The winner of each pool advanced to the play-offs which featured Justin Shearer (Aus), Anthony Tortorici (Aus) and Marc-Antoine Leclerc (Can). In the play-offs, the three of them played each other in the 5v5 with 28 hero draft format. You can view the entire league rules and results here.

The league proved to be a huge success so a big shout out to all the players for taking part and playing their games. Congratulations to Justin Shearer who claimed the inaugural title by going through the entire league undefeated!

We will look to running another Vassal League in the new year. 

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