Judgement Kickstarter was 126% funded with 14 heroes unlocked!

1st Judgement models roll off the production line!

The journey from concept to Kickstarter is dotted along the way with milestones and wins. Today we hit a major one with our first miniatures rolling off the production line. So much time, effort and collaboration goes into getting a miniature from concept to physical form and I can say now from first hand experience what a great feeling it is to have the final product!

Rakkir the Orc Rogue was the hero that came to my head right at the beginning when Judgement was still forming in my head. The game is inspired by the MOBA genre however those who have played Dungeons & Dragons over the years will recognise a large influence from the role playing genre as well. Orcs are often depicted as huge warriors devoid of subtly and brutal in nature. I always preferred the settings where orcs mingled with common folk, sure they were still dark in nature and hung out in the seedy part of town however they could offered another angle to the stereotypical orc. That is Rakkir!

Once I had the vision for Rakkir in my head the next step was getting that on paper and that is where Sarah, the Judgement illustrator comes into the frame. She is great to collaborate with and really captured the essence of what Rakkir is about in her illustrations.

Rakkir initial illustrations

Initially she did a concept art of Rakkir simply standing to get a better feel for his look, his clothes and frame. We then started to think about his pose and what the miniature would actually look like, the result of which is below.

Rakkir sculpt illustration

In this image we have both front and back views enabling the sculptor to get a 3d view of the model and we also including a close up of his face for details. Finally we get a side view so the sculptor can get a better handle on the detail of his shoulder pad and the side of his face.

Rakkir side view

As you can see it is quite a detailed process to get to the stage where the model is ready to cast however with all this information the sculptor is able to do a 3d render of Rakkir which is then sent off to the manufacturer to produce a run of miniatures. The 3d render is below.

Rakkir sculpt render

Rakkir will be getting the treatment from our resident studio artist, Gavin Clarke, in the coming weeks so I will showcase that once it is ready to go. Exciting times ahead! :)

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