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Discussion of Patch #4 Play Test Rules

Discussion of Patch #4 Play Test Rules

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, as I tend to be pretty busy streaming and publishing other content, however today I wanted to discuss the rules changes we are currently play testing since there has been a lot of interest after our stream last night. Let's dive right in and take a look at what we have in store for the errata that becomes official on the 1st October. Note that these things are subject to change since we are still in the play test phase.



Curse has always been the poor cousin compared to the other conditions. Fire, Knocked Down, Poison and even Stun all have a bigger effect on battles than Curse. The truth was, unless your opponent was completely Fate starved, they would always be able to spend a Fate to shake the effect for any models they wanted to harvest a Soul, and ignore it otherwise. The other conditions, except for Stun, all had secondary effects that debuted a hero outside of their activation. Keeping this in mind, we thought long and hard about how we could add something to Curse that was in theme and improved its effectiveness.

Current rules for Curse:

A cursed model is unable to harvest Souls, either by attempting a Soul harvest or by killing an enemy model. If a cursed model does kill an enemy model, then that hero’s Soul does not spawn at all; the model is simply removed.

Additional rules for Curse:

A cursed model is unable to contest Shrines or un-harvested Souls. 

This essentially means the cursed model cannot add +1 to a friendly Soul Harvest attempt by being within 2" of it. Similarly they do not apply a -1 to the Soul Harvest of an enemy model.

These changes really ramp up the effectiveness of the condition with the ability to produce an immediate benefit in the form of enabling you to control a Shrine by stopping an enemy hero from being able to contest it. It is also an inherent buff for any models that have Curse in their kit. 



We actually published the errata for Nephenee a little while back. Safe to say that our laser wielding space-elf chick is getting a buff!

  • Immune to Parting Blows
  • Laser Storm - range increased to 4”
  • Jet Pack - can ignore impassable terrain models such as Effigies and Shrines

Nephenee was always meant to be a "dive comp" hero, being able to get to the squishy heroes in your enemy's backline, and now she can definitely do that.



Just as space-elf chick is getting a buff, the big scary man that is Kogan is currently facing a nerf. The Blunderbuss was always meant to be a situational weapon that under the right circumstances could wreak havoc, however it has become too dominant and is his signature play. At this stage we are don't want to change the way the weapon works other than reduce the times where you can use it to its optimum capacity. The health reduction is to bring him in line with other mid-range heroes, with the standard increase for being a minotaur.

  • Blunderbuss Range reduced from 6" to 4"
  • Health reduced from 18/20/23 to 16/18/21

Magical Artefacts

We always intended to increase the magical artefact pool, and since we announced going digital it is very easy for us to electronically release new artefact cards. These are the ones we are currently play testing.


Hunter’s Knife (1F): +2 damage vs Monsters.

Potion of Ogre Strength (1F): +1 damage vs Hero models for current activation. One use only. Once used this item is removed from play.

Tome of Experience (2F): Gain a level, then Tome of Experience is removed from play.


Ring of Teleportation (1F): port back to Effigy costs 1A.

Boots of Stability (1F): Knocked Down Combat Manoeuvres require an addition “J” to knock down this model.

Null Stone (1F): Models do not going statistical bonuses from magical artefacts while resolving attacks against this model. While this model resolves an attack against an enemy model, the enemy model does not gain statistical bonuses from magical artefacts. The bearer of Null Stone cannot be equipped with any other magical artefacts.

Ring of Invisibility (2F): Bearer gains the Active Ability: "Invisibility (1A): Bearer gains Invisibility".

Not Official Just Yet

I would like to re-iterate that these changes are not official, and won't be until we release the patch notes #4 on the 1st October 2018. In the meantime we wanted to share them with the community to let them know what is in store and give you all a chance to try them out and let us know what you think.

Until next time, take care and be Judged! :)



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