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Lord Fazeal & Dor'gokaan pre-orders available! Lord Fazeal & Dor'gokaan pre-orders available!
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    This is Judgement

    The MOBA inspired 54mm scale table-top miniatures game.

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    True Balance

    No factions. Pick & ban and draft modes.

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    Latest News

    • October 08, 2019 Judgement Statistics App - Open Beta
      For the last few months, we have been running a closed beta of an app that collects various hero statistics from games of Judgement. The statistics app is the beginning of a journey which in the future will provide hard data on the pick/ban/drop rates of heroes, as well as their win/loss percentages. We have opened up the beta test to the general public so play some Judgement games and submit your results!
    • September 27, 2019 Great Judgement Deals at PAX AUS
      Great Judgement Deals at PAX AUS For the third year in a row, the Judgement team will be at PAX AUS, a convention that has become our spiritual home in Australia. Since we switched our web store to USD based, currency fluctuations have inadvertently raised the online price for our Australian based players. We are looking to remedy that at PAX AUS with some great deals, so this is the perfect time to jump into the game or expand your collection.
    • September 22, 2019 Patch Notes #8
      Patch Notes #8 Herein lies the eighth clarification and errata document for Judgement. From the very beginning, we socialised the fact Judgement would be a regularly "patched" game, to stay true to its MOBA origins, and to ensure the game's rules are kept in an optimal state. Our patch schedule is quarterly, with the changes becoming official on the 1st day of the start of the next quarter. Therefore the official date for this patch is the 1st of October 2019.
    • September 05, 2019 Lich Dance - Prelude 1
      Lich Dance - Prelude 1 In today's origins piece, we revisit the Lich Dance series with a prelude story. This is the first of many origins pieces we will be publishing in the lead up to the Elves vs Undead narrative campaign being launched in January 2020.



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