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    This is Judgement

    The MOBA inspired 54mm scale table-top miniatures game.

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    No factions. Pick & ban and draft modes.

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    Latest News

    • April 11, 2019 Re-launched as a USA web store - Free USA Shipping Re-launched as a USA web store - Free USA Shipping

      Jeff and I are immensely proud of the fact we have built Judgement, from scratch, while being based in Australia. The tyranny of distance has been a hurdle we have had to overcome every step of the way, however it has also meant we have had to work harder, and smarter, as we transition from Kickstarter to retail. A journey that continues today.

      Forging strong partnerships with like minded companies has enabled us to extend our reach to North America and Europe, and now allows us to re-launch our web store as US based. This means our products are setup in US prices and we can ship using US & EU carriers. So no more exorbitant shipping costs for our North American and European player bases. 

      To celebrate the launch of our US based store, we are offering free shipping for USA customers for a limited time. This includes everything that is currently in stock on our website. To receive free shipping on your order, simply use the "USAStoreLaunch" code during checkout.

      The free shipping offer, for USA customers, will be available for a limited time so be sure to get in quick to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.


    • April 05, 2019 Adepticon Tournament Report
      Adepticon Tournament Report

      Adepticon 2019 saw us run a tournament, outside of Australia, for the 1st time ever. With that in mind, we were very pleased to have 16 players compete for the title, 15 from the USA and 1 competitor all the way from down under. The tournament was aimed towards new players as we got permission to allow unpainted models and we ran with the popular 3v3 pick & ban format. All 4 scenarios of the cobblestone map were played across the 4 rounds and once the dust settled, local boy, Tony Reische continued is early meta dominance by taking out the title. 

      Final Standings

      Another Chicago local, Chad Kaufman, faced off against Tony in the final which proved to be a tightly contested battle. A level 3 Skoll, combined with a rampaging Thorgar, enabled Tony to get the upper hand which he relentlessly took advantage of to secure the win and 1st place in the tournament. The lone Aussie in the field, Byron te Velde, lost his 1st round match however cleaned up the backfield to go 3/1 and secure 2nd place courtesy of his fully painted Warband. Jordan Kaase was another strong player who lost to Tony in the 3rd round however his strong play across the 4 rounds saw him amass 14 souls and 14 levels.

      In keeping with our vision of beautifully painted models gracing the plane of shadow, we set the number of painted models as the 1st tiebreaker, followed by number of souls and finally the number of levels gained.


      The medal winners: Sean Stevens (Best Painted), Tony Reische (1st Place), Byron te Velde (2nd Place)


      The official Adepticon medals are amazing!

      The Final

      Chad and Tony face off for the final.

      One of the coolest things about Judgement is the fact we can accumulate statistics about heroes similar to MOBAs so we thought we would dive in and have a look at some of the stats from the tournament.

      Class breakdown

      The class breakdown is pretty much in-line with other tournaments we have run with Aggressors taking around 45% of the Warband slots and Defenders/Supporters sitting around the 20% mark. It is a healthy looking class split and what you would expect from a 3v3 tournament.

      Hero Breakdown

      24 of the 28 heroes were included in the event, which is fantastic to see, including a solid spread across each of the classes. Interestingly, Marcus was the most selected hero with 7 out of 16 players including him in their Warband. Zhonyja (6) and Bastian (6) were the next two most selected heroes which meant we had 3 different classes fill the 3 most popular picks. Watching the games, it was obvious that Zhonyja and Thorgar were causing a number of headaches for many of the players and they slowly became priority ban targets. One of the remarkable things about the final was that Chad and Tony had 10 different heroes across their Warbands, and there were 11 different heroes out of the 15 that made up the top 3 player's Warbands.

      Judgement is certainly exploding in the USA write now and we look forward to growing the game across various cities. Next year we are planning on running two events, a 3v3 and a 5v5 across 2 days, and we hope to have much bigger fields contest both tournaments. 

      1st place medal


    • March 25, 2019 Judgement @ Adepticon
      Judgement @ Adepticon

      Adepticon 2019 is almost upon us as Judgement's Andrew "Guns" Galea prepares himself for the long haul flight from Sydney to Chicago. Just like 2018, we are guests in the MuseOnMinis stall and look forward to introducing a bunch of new gamers to 54mm battles on the shadow plane! We are running a Judgement tournament for the first time this year, a 3v3 pick & ban event on the Saturday, and will be looking to provide as many demo and pick up games as we can.

      Stall 201 (MuseOnMinis)

      Adepticon Map

      You will find us, alongside the other exhibitors, in the Discovery Hall. We are sharing stall 201 with MuseOnMinis where we will have the entire Judgement range for sale, including all our accessories. 

      You will also be able to have a close up at the prototype of Jaegar the Goblin Hunter!

      Jaegar, Goblin Hunter, prototype

      Check out the Jaegar prototype at the MuseOnMinis stall!

      3v3 Pick & Ban Tournament

      The Judgement tournament is being run on the Saturday and is a 4 round, 3v3 pick & ban event with all games played on the Cobblestone map. We had 17 players registered once ticket sales were closed so we do have up to 7 spots available for those that want to enter at the convention itself. The tournament is being run in the Utopia room kicking off at 9am and it promises to be an awesome day of gaming on the shadow plane. Judgement creator, Andrew Galea, will be running the event and will be on-hand to help out any new players that want to learn the game in a relaxed environment. 

      Full details of the event have been published on Facebook.

      Demos and Pick Up Games

      Outside of the tournament, you will be able to dive into demos and/or pick up games in the Utopia room foyer or at the MuseOnMinis stall. Get into contact with Andrew via Twitter (@JMTAndrewG or @PlayJudgement) if you are unable to find him and want to have a Judgement demo!

      New Plastic Token Sets

      We have been working with the Muse guys for a while now and are very happy to announce the release of a complete set of plastic tokens for the game. The tokens are broken into sets of "Core", "Wave 1" and "Wave 2" that include everything you need to play the game. In addition to the token sets, you will also be able to pick up the illustrated plastic measuring widgets.

      Core Token Set

      The Core Token Set

      Wave 1 Set

      The Wave 1 Token Set

      Wave 2 Set

      The Wave 2 Token Set

      Illustrated Token Set

      The illustrated plastic widget set

      Track Down Guns!

      Keen for a demo? Have a bunch of questions or just want to say hello? Then you can track down Andrew (Guns) across the weekend via social media:

      Andrew will also be posting stuff consistently across the 4 days of the convention on the social media channels above. We are really looking forward to spending time with all our North American Judgement players and can't wait to introduce a whole lot more of you to this awesome game. See you in Chicago! :)


    • March 16, 2019 King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report
      King of the Grove 2019 - Heat 2 - Tournament Report


      The King of the Grove series is in its second year and is starting to gain momentum with local (Australian) players. Today we ran heat 2 and 10 players converged on the Rebel Outpost hobby store on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The format was 3 rounds of 3v3 pick & ban on the Cobblestone map, and once the dust had settled, Steve "Fury" Drury emerged victorious with 3 flawless victories. New kid on the block, Harry James, took out 2nd and veteran Byron te Velde, who is competing in the Adepticon tournament in Chicago in 2 weeks, sailed into 3rd place.

      Top 3

      The top 3 from left to right. Harry James (2nd), Steve "Fury" Drury (1st), a Jaegar cosplay by Jeff Galea and Byron te Velde (3rd).

      You can view the full results of the tournament here.

      Rebel Outpost is a fantastic tournament venue with plenty of room and a great atmosphere for the players and we will definitely return in the future for more Judgement action.

      Tourney pic 1

       Tourney pic 2

      Hero & Warband Statistics

      There were several interesting Warbands with a definite skew against Soulgazers in this tournament. In fact, there were only 6 Soulgazers, across the 50 heroes which made up the 10 Warbands. As to be expected, Aggressors were the dominant class with Defenders and Supporters/Hybrids also well represented.

      Class breakdown


      We had an impressive 22 of the 28 eligible heroes used in the tournament with the mighty Thorgar the most popular with 5 of the 10 players fielding him. Interestingly the class breakdown of the top 5 most used heroes were 2 Aggressors and 1 Supporter, Defender and Hybrid.

      1. Thorgar (5)
      2. Bastian (4)
      3. Thrommel (4)
      4. Rakkir (4)
      5. Kvarto (3)
      6. Brok (3)
      7. Nephenee (3)
      8. Kogan (2)
      9. Saiyin (2)
      10. Marcus (2)
      11. Skye (2)
      12. Zhonyja (2)
      13. Skoll (2)
      14. Kruul (2)
      15. Haksa
      16. Barnascus
      17. Loribela
      18. Svetlana
      19. Piper
      20. Istariel
      21. Zaron 
      22. Styx

      The heroes that were not picked in any of the 10 Warbands were:

      1. Gendris
      2. Xyvera
      3. Viktor
      4. Doenrakkar
      5. Allandir
      6. Zaffen

      Current Standings for the King of the Grove Invitational

      Top 8 players in the King of the Grove leaderboard, at the end of the year, will be invited to compete in the invitational final. The current top 8 are:

      10pts - Tobias "Desert Spiral" Ford (auto-qualified)
      10pts - Steve "Fury" Drury
      9pts - Byron te Velde
      9pts - Harry James
      9pts - "Loud" Chris Davis
      8pts - Lloyd Mirto
      7pts - Anthony "Tort" Tortorici
      6pts - "King" Kyle Elbourne

      The full leaderboard and rules for the series can be found here.

      Our next event in the series is being held at The Hall of Heroes store in Campbelltown in Sydney's South West on the 27th April. Details for the event will be posted shortly.




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