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    This is Judgement

    The MOBA inspired 54mm scale table-top miniatures game.

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    True Balance

    No factions. Pick & ban and draft modes.

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    We are actively involved in the awesome communities we help to build.

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    Latest News

    • May 17, 2020 Judgement Retail Price Adjustment
      Judgement Retail Price Adjustment We have announced a significant drop in our retail prices. This article provides the context, reasons behind the decision and the new retail price list.
    • May 12, 2020 Judgement Survey #1 Analysis
      Judgement Survey #1 Analysis We recently published our first-ever player survey, which provided a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable feedback for what we have been doing and input on the roadmap of Judgement. In all, we had 126 responses, which we were very happy about.  In this article, we present the survey results along with our thoughts and insights on what it means for the game.
    • May 08, 2020 Regional JNAC Auto-Qualifiers
      Regional JNAC Auto-Qualifiers We are running online JNAC auto-qualifiers for both Europe and Australia. Register today.
    • April 22, 2020 Kruul Story Arc Part VI: A Stitch In Time
      Kruul Story Arc Part VI: A Stitch In Time An explosive chapter in the Kruul saga where we learn more of his sinister plans that have so far brought the orc race to its knees.



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