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Bale & Sarna available for purchase! Bale & Sarna available for purchase!
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    This is Judgement

    The MOBA inspired 54mm scale table-top miniatures game.

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    True Balance

    No factions. Pick & ban and draft modes.

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    Latest News

    • February 25, 2020 Kruul's Plan Hatches
      Kruul's Plan Hatches Kruul had always been eager for power, so it was no surprise that he'd begun drinking from the effigy the moment he'd first seen it. The darkness had come into his soul with it, and he'd never been able to muster the will to drive it back out. That power had instead driven him, up through Orc society relentlessly, dragging his followers with him out of hiding, back into the prominence the witch doctors had fallen from so long ago. The darkness had singled him out among his kin and made him an odd blend of outcast and leader.
    • February 19, 2020 Kruul's Spell Preparations
      Kruul's Spell Preparations Only a handful of markings were typical across the orc race, often called up by orcs young and old. Almost all of them were related to significant events in the history of Athien or their race. For Kruul's plan to work, he needed the majority of orcs to want his marking. More so, it needed to still be relevant in a thousand cycles time.
    • February 12, 2020 Kruul's Machinations
      Kruul's Machinations Kruul's Machinations is the 2nd tale in the Kruul story arc, where we find out more about the ambitious Witch Doctor's plans to elevate his people to their rightful place above the other races of Athien.
    • January 25, 2020 Gendris and the Death Knight
      Gendris and the Death Knight The nightmare trampled towards her, gaining speed with every moment, as its rider swung its sword in circular motions above its head, preparing for the kill. The sound of the hooves was deafening, but the stench of decay was worse, and Gendris found her grip slipping from her staff, sweat mingling with blood making it impossible to hold firmly. 



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